Chapter 17:

Mimi's first cook-off

Spice of life [Remake]

Helga gazed at the gaping hole in the building adjacent to Ryokoma. "The hell happened here!? Mimi better be alright!" Helga thought as she headed inside.

"Welcome Hylda!" Mimi smiled.

"Ugh, why was I even worried. And it's Helga not Hylda!" Helga fumed as she turned to leave.

"Um, I'm sorry about the misunderstanding. But you really are just like a copy of Hylda. WAIT! Could you be her clone!?"

"CLONE!? Ugh, who the hell is this Hylda anyway?"

"She was my friend. She was a genius inventor and skilled combatant. She also had a robotic left hand she made herself after she lost her hand in a fight."

"Oh, that's why you gazed at my hand like that. Sorry, I'm not her nor her clone."

"I'm the one that should be sorry. I keep mistaking a dear customer like you for my old friend," Mimi bowed.

"'Dear customer'!? Ugh, that bitch has corrupted you."

"Why do you hate Rika so much?"

"We just disagree on everything when it comes to cooking. Her being a better chef than me doesn't help either."

"Tch. Why are you being so friendly with the enemy!?" a voice shouted.

Mimi and Helga turned to see an angry Sundae storming towards them. "You really think you're cute shit huh? Well why don't we have ourselves a little cook-off?" Sundae glared at Mimi.

"Really? I can cook?" Mimi giddily asked.

"Why yes, just come down to my place. You too Helga," Sundae glared.

"Hmm? Where's Mimi going with those two?" Rika thought as she noticed the three heading out.

"Ugh, the pain's only gotten worse," Waki groaned as she laid in one of the booths.

"What did you even do, you idiot?" Matcha glared.

"Uh, got brainwashed and beaten back to my senses I guess."

"Mind moving? We're starting to get short on seating."

"I'm too sore."

"Ugh, Rika help me drag her to the back."

"I'll take her to a doctor. Guess this means I won't be tailing those three," Rika sighed.


"Welcome to my gourmet sweets shop," Sundae smiled as she struck a cute pose.

"Wow, I could eat the whole place," Mimi gushed as she gazed at all the sweets and ice cream displayed in Sundae's restaurant.

"Now for the cook-off. Since my place is hosting it, my house rules are in play. That means you gotta make a sweets dish, and you gotta wear roller skates for the cook-off."

"Roller skates?"

"Yeah. Don't worry, it's EASY to make sweets while wearing them. And for the punishment, loser gets their head shaved bald. As for the judges, my lovely staff Sorbet and Frosting will join Helga at the judging table," Sundae sneered as two women appeared.

Both women wore white sneakers and pink cheerleading uniforms with Sundae's restaurant logo on them. One had a green side shave, while the other had tan skin and multicolored hair.

"I'm Sorbet. I like, make cute and tasty gourmet treats," the girl with the multicolored hair stated.

"Call me Frosting. I got your skates. Lemme know if they're... not the right size," the other girl snickered as she handed Mimi a pair of white roller skates with pink laces.

"Never skated before- actually I think I did, but it was figure skating, and I was awful at it," Mimi stated.

"Well, that's too bad, but you came here for a cook-off so you gotta wear the roller skates when you cook," Sundae sneered.

"Really cool Sundae. You're going to win either way, so why force her to wear the skates?" Helga glared.

"Uh, why wouldn’t I? A cute girl like her should have no problem flawlessly maneuvering around the kitchen in skates."


Mimi struggled to maintain her balance as she flailed around the kitchen.

"Whoops! Better watch where you're going. You'll get DQ'd if you interfere with me. Oh, and you'll be paying for anything you break. Uhp! Watch out for the lit stove! We're at no liability should your clumsiness lead to injury," Sundae sneered as she turned on the stove.

"That bitch! I can barely stay upright in these things! I'm gonna have to cheat. Ugh, but she's got her eyes on me so I can't take the skates off. AHHHH! What should I do!?" Mimi agonized in her mind.

"You really are an idiot," a voice rang out.

Mimi looked around frantically, until she spotted a mini-Hylda perched on her shoulder.

"HYLDA! You shrunk-"

"No idiot, I'm a figment of your imagination! I only appeared because I needed to remind you about something," Hylda glared.


"Ugh, I'll just tell you since you're an idiot. If you can't escape the chains of order, find a loophole to slip through them."

"Huh? But What loophole is there!?"

"Ugh, I'm not giving you the answer."


"Cause I'm a FIGMENT OF YOUR IMAGINATION! I can only regurgitate what I've already told you! I'm not some free-thinking entity that can solve all your problems!"

"But how can I do it? You remember how terrible I was at figure skating.

"Tell me about it. Nearly got beheaded when you flew through the air towards me. How did you even mess up that badly!? I was towards the top of the stands!"

"I thought I could control myself better in the air and so I jumped really high-THAT'S IT!"

"You can't just fly around here on a jetpack."

"I know..."

"You're pouting because you thought you could."


"Wow, you even talk to yourself. What a loon," Sundae laughed as she snapped a picture of Mimi with her phone.

"Behold! I'm a magical girl! I can fly!" Mimi pouted.

To everyone's surprise, Mimi suddenly begun dangling in the air above the ground. She had stealthily activated her invisible grappling gadget she had on her and was using the rope to support herself.

"HUH!? Wait, are you holding onto something invisible? Rules state-"

"I'm still wearing skates so it's fine," Mimi retorted.

"Tch! Well then again, guess you can't really make anything if you're using your hands to hold your invisible rope," Sundae shrugged.

"Nah, I can do this one handed. Because I'm Codename: Laks, the world's greatest sp- er chef!" Mimi proclaimed.


"Phew, I finished in time," Mimi smiled as she gazed down at her creation. It was a simple bowl of vanilla ice cream covered in red syrup and sprinkles.

"Wow, so basic. All you did was smear some syrup and sprinkles on some vanilla ice cream. That isn't beating my Super Sundae special," Sundae thought.


"A 3-0 defeat. My, seems you weren't very cute at all, and you're gonna get even less cute after your shave," Sundae snickered.

"Oh well. At least I'm free from the skates and made something instead of getting DQ'd. Well, I could go for a shave," Mimi smiled as she finished tying the laces on her sneakers.

"Well, aren't you a good sport, we'll see how long you last before you start crying."


"And done. Oh, my bad, seems I shaved your eyebrows off too," Sundae snickered as she wiped the last of the excess shaving cream of Mimi's now bald head.

"Wow, I'm bald. Hmm, feels much smoother than when I was last shaved. So how do I look, Helga?" Mimi smiled as she gazed at herself in the mirror.

"Surprised you can act like nothing happened. You look like an alien," Helga trembled.

"I mean, I ended up having to shave my head a lot for missions, so it never really bothered me much."


"Uh, they're top secret so I can't tell you. Sorry."

"Tch. Trying to act tough? Well, at least you're now hideous. Get out, baldy," Sundae sneered as shoved Mimi out the door.

"You rigged it so bad against her. She could barely even do shit," Helga glared.

"So? That's the point. And Now, Ryokoma's star idol is now an ugly hairless freak."

"That was your aim? You just wanted to ruin her looks?"

"Um, yeah. I'm the only girl that can be cute around here."

"You know, I do at least like to win my cook-offs fairly."

"Oh, yet I heard you chickened out of going bald when you lost to the heathen.

"Takeda ripped up the contract not me."

"Yet you knew he'd do that if you lost yes?"

"So? I didn't do it, so you can't call me a sore loser. I won't deny that I lost though. That damn cake actually did end up tasting better than mine and Takeda's dishes thanks to the trick that bitch pulled."


As Sundae walked down the street with Helga, the two noticed Mimi carrying shopping bags full of milk. "Hi, Hyl- Helga. Wanna see something cool?" Mimi smiled.

"Sorry, we don't interact with ugly hairless freaks like you," Sundae spat.

"What do you wanna show me," Helga groaned.

"Behold, the power of milk!" Mimi proclaimed as she pulled out a jug of milk from the bag. She then took off the cap and began chugging it. At first, nothing seemed to happen, but as she chugged more and more, Helga's and Sundae's eyes began to grow wide with shock.

"Eh? EHHHHHHH!? H- HER HAIR! I- IT'S GROWING BACK!" Sundae gasped in terror.

"That's impossible! B- but her hair is almost back to where it was before you shaved it!" Helga cried.

Mimi then wiped her lips as she finished chugging through all the milk. "Well, no need to worry about my hair, or eyebrows. I can just grow my hair back by chugging a lot of milk. Well, guess it was fun. I better get back to work," Mimi smiled as she waved goodbye and ran off.

"No, I won! I shaved all her beautiful hair off! She can't just regrow her hair like that!" Sundae fumed.

"She already fulfilled her punishment. Heh, guess she's more interesting than I thought," Helga grinned.

"She's the enemy!"

"Well in that case, how bout we have a rematch at MY place. I'll still limit the dish to sweets, but no roller-skates."

"Fine, now go grab her before she gets back to her place!"

Mario Nakano 64
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