Chapter 1:

My sister

Big brother

I always believed I wouldn't amount to much in my life.

I was just another person, hardly noticed, perhaps earning a fleeting glance from the corner of someone's eye at most. I wasn't the strongest; my arms resembled twigs that threatened to snap at the slightest touch. Speed eluded me, and even the shortest distances left me gasping for air, feeling inadequate compared to others who seemed effortlessly amazing. It felt like an impossible dream, one that visited only occasionally, leaving me hoping it would never fade away.

What could a frail boy like me possibly achieve? No one bothered to ask my name, and at times, I even questioned if I remembered it myself, were it not for my parents calling out to me when it was time to eat or complete a chore. In my own eyes, I was nothing and believed I would remain so—a constant disappointment to my family and peers.

That all changed one day when my mother's belly grew larger. As a young child, I wondered if she was simply getting fat, but I was too hesitant to ask. Then, one ordinary day, my parents called out to me as usual. Expecting another chore, I descended the stairs, only to witness something extraordinary.

There, in my mother's arms, nestled in a bundle of blankets, was a tiny girl. Her presence instantly captivated me. With small, fiery red hair atop her head and eyes as black as night, yet shining with innocence, she gazed at me and giggled, her laughter confusing yet enchanting me.

As I approached, my mother encouraged me to come closer, and as I leaned in, the sight before me sparked something profound within. For the first time in a long while, my mind was filled with thoughts other than self-doubt and insecurity. There she was, this precious little being, looking up at me with unfiltered joy and babbling incoherently. In that moment, an inexplicable bond formed.

As my mother placed her gently into my arms, ensuring I held her securely, I found myself overwhelmed with emotion. Looking down at her, I made a silent vow. From that day forward, I decided I would grow stronger—not just for myself, but for my little sister. I wanted to protect her, to keep her safe in my arms, and to be the guardian she deserved.

Big brother