Chapter 68:

Chapter 68 – Ozryn Academy Secret Realm

Crystal Evolution

Several days passed without any incident. Kieran did not know that his few discussions with Alexei and Anna offered him some protection within Ozryn.

During this period, he spent all his days busy traveling between the forge and the training center. He spent the little free time he found cultivating or helping Ryan and Thomas progress.

His progress in refining metals, as well as his knowledge of them, rapidly increased with Runihoril's guidance, and through this, his control over his crystal essence reached a new level.

Although Runihoril forced him to refine metals every day, Kieran never once complained. He knew that once his Master thought he was ready, he would teach him how to use these metals to forge.

The training center had become like a second home these days. Every staff member recognized him at a glance, giving him a slight nod in greeting.

He spends several hours every day battling the training dummy to improve his control over his elements as well as his double-bladed sword art, the Dance of Heaven and Earth.

He was currently sitting cross-legged in a private training room, a flame and a stone floating above each of his hands, constantly changing shape with each passing second.

He had taken the habit of training in such a way every day in order to improve his control over his elements, he did not know any technique to help him train, but this method seemed useful to him, so he did not hesitate to spare an hour each day in this position constantly changing the shape of the elements in his hands.

At about thirty meters from him, Ryan and Thomas faced a training dummy together at the late Iron rank stage.

Thomas stood in the front with his arms covered in black scales, a thin crystal essence moving slowly across his arms each time he faced the training dummy. Ryan stood a few meters behind him, using his barriers to protect him when necessary or restrict the movements of the training dummy.

Their movements, how they use their abilities, and the control of their crystal essence seemed rude as they tried to resist the training dummy, but the look in their eyes was serious. They stared at the training dummy as if it was their worst enemy, neither of them wishing to give up.

Finally, after over half an hour of fighting endlessly against the training dummy, the two collapsed on the ground, gasping for air. Their bodies had been drained of all the crystal essence it contained.

Kieran opened his eyes at this moment, looking around. He saw Ryan and Thomas lying on the floor, their body shaking slightly with their faces showing signs of exhaustion.

Ryan and Thomas both turned to face him, still panting heavily, their faces full of pain and exhaustion.

Kieran approached the pair and sat beside them, watching their breathing settle.

"Good work, you're improving."

"We still can't beat him," said Thomas, "Even though we've fought for almost an hour straight now," he added, turning his head to look at the training dummy.

"Yeah," said Ryan, raising himself up to sit, "It's taking everything I have just to keep my barriers up."

"You'll get there, don't worry," Kieran said calmly, "You just need to keep going until your barriers are stronger. You should rest here a little before we leave."

Both of them nodded tiredly and lay back down again, closing their eyes.

A smile appeared on Kieran's face when he saw the two of them.

He was happy with how they had progressed during the past few days of their training, especially considering that they had no real combat experience.

'They progress well. They continue to face the training dummy without complaining, trying to improve their movements.'

After the two of them got enough rest, the three left the training center together.

"Should I take you somewhere to eat?"

"Yes, I'm starving after getting beaten all day," replied Ryan.

"I think I remember seeing a nice place nearby. Let me show you," said Kieran.

He took the lead, walking towards the west, Ryan and Thomas trailing behind him.

As soon as the three reached the restaurant Kieran was looking for, he opened the door and led them inside, letting them choose whatever they wanted.

Ryan and Thomas looked around the room curiously. The walls were painted white, and the furniture was made of dark wood. The restaurant seemed simple yet elegant. There was only one other client in the room, a woman reading a book in a corner.

"This looks like a nice place," said Thomas.

"How did you find it?" asked Ryan.

"I found it the other day after leaving the training center late. Their dishes are really delicious. Choose what you want."

The three sat down at a table before looking at the menu to make their choice.

"I'll try the fish soup and the beef steak with potatoes," said Ryan.

"I'll have the same."

Kieran smiled and went to the counter, ordering for the three of them.

"Here is your food."

A few minutes later, the waitress brought out three plates, placing them in front of each of them.

Ryan picked up his plate and began eating immediately, while Thomas took his time to look at the rest of the menu.

He leaned against the table to read its contents, noticing the prices of the dishes.

"One hundred nova credit per dish?" he muttered, surprised by the cost.

Ryan noticed that as well and stopped eating.

"That's a high price," said Ryan.

"It's nothing, don't worry, the taste is worth it," replied Kieran.

"I guess."

Ryan looked back at his dish and then at Kieran, who continued to eat quietly with a contented expression before returning to his meal.

While they were eating, a notification suddenly appeared on their aurora collar.


Kieran stopped, putting his fork on the table. He opened his notifications.

[This is a message for all the awakened students of the Ozryn Academy. The secret realm present in the academy will soon open. Each student wishing to go inside is asked to contact his main teacher, who will inform them of all details concerning the secret realm.]

Kieran glanced over to the side and saw Ryan and Thomas doing the same thing.

"What do you think about this news?" asked Kieran.

"I hope there isn't any danger involved," said Ryan, "If it's too dangerous, I won't be able to go."

"Same," said Thomas, "I'm not even sure I could handle myself properly in a situation like that."

"Don't worry. We'll know more once the teacher tells us everything," replied Kieran.

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