Chapter 2:

The Magic Academy

The Universal Wizard

— There are Magic Academies all over the world. Of course, there's one in Tokyo too.

— Really, dad? Is it as good as the others?

— Are my ears deceiving me or did you call me "dad"? Can I hear a "daddy" too, pretty please?

— Ugh, nevermind...

— I see, I still don't have your trust. But you'll forever be my honey, honey! As for your question, yes, it's the best of Japan. There are more competitive ones like the ones from Germany and Italy, but it's still on the global scale. And, most importantly, you speak japanese. Who would have known?

— Are you mocking me? I'm sorry I don't speak other languages, dumbass! I'm not a nerd like my brother.

— I'll let him know that you called him a nerd, you know. Anyways, it was not an insult. I'm just saying that this is your best opportunity to make new friends! Studying in another country is tough for someone like you.

— Enough with the insults! I know I'm not a prodigy, dammit! Or... maybe I am?

— Of course you are, honey. This is why you won't have any difficulties in your graduation.

— It will be easy...? Am I dreaming? Will I have an easy life from now on?

She's tough on the surface, but it's so easy to please her. She's like a toy to me. In a good sense, of course.

— Yes, my honey! You'll reach the apex of your youth! Ah, speaking of apex, I forgot to mention something. You'll have to travel by air.

— What do you mean?

— Even though it's officially from Tokyo, the Magic Academy is technically not inside the city. So I will hand you my personal plane to arrive there safely!

— Really? I haven't traveled in a plane for ages!

It's been only a few months, honey. But I understand your eagerness.

— Well, now that it's decided, I'll fill the papers and send you there in a minute!

Since the year opening ceremony was a few days away, Komoe was there before she could realize it. She trained her magic powers at home, but she couldn't understand it sufficiently. Besides, if she summoned another meteor shower at her house, it wouldn't be great for anyone.

Komoe arrived at a landing strip designed for students. It was at the surface, but the Academy was above the clouds, in a mountain. The hardest workers climbed the stairs until the top. The lazier ones, like Komoe opted for the tram.

It had a very advanced technology and worked on a magnet track, even though it had a rustic appearance to make it more authentic to a magic academy. Komoe was appreciating the scenery through the invisible barrier known as window.

However, the other people behind her were staring in an uncomfortable way. Since Komoe was too tall for the average japanese citizen, she had to sit down for the whole trip to the top of the mountain, or else she wouldn't fit inside the tram.

Why are they staring at me? Don't they know it's rude to stare at strangers? It's even worse when the watched knows they are being watched...

Finally, the trip was over. Komoe left the tram while crouching. The first thing she saw was the huge campus standing before her.

"Tokyo's Magic Academy"? They ain't creative, but it's straight to the point, exactly how I like it. Wait, doesn't this place draw too much attention? It may be far from Tokyo, but it's still on a mountain. I thought they tried to hide themselves...

Komoe kept walking and feeling the intense gazes directed at her.

What the hell these people want? Oh, wait... I get it now...

Komoe looked down at herself to see her clothes.

I thought it was just my height, but it looks like they already have their uniforms. Komoe, calm down. You don't like crowds, but you didn't know about the clothes you had to use, right?



Heh, I exploded. The best first impression I could cause... But is it really my fault? I'm short-tempered. You know what? I don't care... Yeah, I don't...

Komoe entered the huge builiding that said "Tokyo's Magic Academy".

The email said freshmen should head to the auditorium... Ah, that seems to be the place.

The flow of people was directed towards a huge door with "Auditorium" written on top. The gazes didn't stop, but Komoe was more focused on finding the perfect seat.

Since these idiots don't stop looking at me, I just have to seat at the very back. Being in the middle isn't good when I have to leave, so the border is better. But what if someone has to leave before me? Ah, that's no problem, because...

Komoe realized that the seats were far from each other, so if someone had to leave, they would have more than enough space.

They didn't save a dime on it, huh. How tall is this place? 15 meters? There are even cabin seats. How haven't I heard about this place before?

A few minutes after Komoe entered, the door closed. Even though some late students were left behind, there were countless people inside. It wasn't the comfort zone for Komoe, but at least nobody would stare at her. Or almost nobody.

— Hey, are you a freshman too?

Shit, I thought I would go unnoticed.

— A-Ah, yes, I'm new here...

Komoe turned around while answering. The girl who talked was on her left, since Komoe was at the very right. She had brownish hair, a ponytail and green eyes. Wearing an uniform that Komoe clearly didn't have, she was smiling friendly.

— That's good to hear! I'm a bit lost, so I don't know many people here.

"Many people"? Even 1% of who's here is a lot! And you're lost? What am I then, a castaway?!

— Ah, it's good to meet you, hm...

— Kihara Tomoe! But you can call me Tomoe!

— Oh, what a coincidence! My name's Sakaki Komoe. But call me Komoe!

— Okay, friend!

Komoe blushed after hearing that word. She stopped talking to her friends after graduating from school and lost contact. So having a new friend this early is surprising to her. A friend that didn't mentior her height or clothes.

A noise from the microphone filled the room. Everyone stopped talking and went deaf for a second.

— Testing, testing. Goddamnit, shit inspector! This academy has so much money and you give me a microphone from 20 years ago? Do you even know who I am?

She's speaking on the mic. Did she notice or is she doing it on purpose?

— Ahem. My dearest freshmen! I am Void Master, the best college veteran you could ask for!

A veteran? I thought the opening ceremony would be done by the teachers or something...

— You may be asking why a fellow student is the first to speak, and I understand that. Having a tiny brain must be so hard!

What the hell is this, a hazing?

— Now you're thinking "is this a hazing?".

What?! It's intuition, right?

— The answer is no...

Shit! She's reading my mind!

— ...This is not a hazing!


— I mean, it's hard to believe a queen like me would be greeting you to my place. But it's the reality, I am here to receive you all!

Who is she anyway? I bet she's not that impressive.

— I'm here because this stupid academy can't show my majesty to the world, so you probably don't know me yet. I'm the strongest sorcerer of today. My magic type is Void. That's why I'm the Void Master, haha, got it?

The strongest sorcerer of today? Isn't that a bit exaggerated? I mean, this may be the best magic academy in Japan, but what about the rest of the world?

— In case you're wondering, I fought other countries in tournaments. The results don't matter, okay? I'm still stronger than them!

I swear, she's reading my mind...

— Well, that's it for today! Thank you all for your attention! Goodbye!

What?! That's it? Really? Not even instructions?

People were confused at first, but started to get up one by one. Komoe still stared at the stage in disbelief thinking about the disastrous discourse.

Well, I'll just ask my new friend about what to do now.

As Komoe was getting up from her seat and turning around to see her friend, she felt something hitting her stomach. She looked at her right and saw the Void Master standing before her.

— No healing, really? You'll die if you don't heal yourself, idiot.

What is she talking about? Why am I cold?

Komoe looked down and saw a hole where her stomach was supposed to be.

What the hell?! When did this happen? I'm losing consciousness...