Chapter 1:

Just an ordinary day in my life

Shuvu arie no monogatari volume 1

As usual I was in my usual spot to train.

"Chikage!I brought something for you."

"I am coming master."

I am Chikage.The man with the blonde hair and red eyes,he is my master Miyabi.He knew that I went for training so he thought it was a good idea to have a pic nic.

It was delicious.

"Thank you for the food master."

"Honestly your cooking is better than mine,Chikage."

"Come on master,you are a great cook.Also you have great combat skills."

"So young Chikage I challenge you into a battle."

"Challenge accepted."

Both of us just fought only with our physical strength.I was never able to defeat him.He was too strong.I could keep up with him.Still it wasn't enough.

He was beating me.But I was able to escape.So I decided to use some of my powers but still it was incomplete.Master Miyabi took the chance and gave me a final blow.

Then he offered me his hand and I got up.So we went for shopping and went bac to our shrine.

"You are making progress Chikage."

"Still it's not enough."

"I know that you can master the gift you have."

"Thank you master."

"And call me by my name.Master makes me sound too old."

"Sorry...What ever you say,Miyabi."


An other ordinary day came to end.Little did I knew that my ordinary life wa going to change.