Chapter 74:

 Chapter 74 – Last Laugh

Crystal Evolution


Heartfelt laughter echoed as a cloud of dust slowly dissipated, revealing Kieran lying on the ground. The aftermath of his fierce battle with Allen had left everything around him in ruins. He bore numerous wounds, and his body ached with pain, yet a serene smile graced his face.

"I told you that when I reach the Bronze rank we'll see who laughs then," he said, seeing a white light surrounding the body of Allen, who had lost consciousness, vanishing slowly.

"He was much stronger than I thought. He is only at the late stage of the Bronze rank and can easily face those who have just reached the Silver rank."

"Only if the Silver rank opponent he's facing lacks proper techniques or training. Up until now, everyone you've encountered has had weak techniques and limited control over their crystal essence. His strength was barely average for his rank. If he hadn't relied on his artifacts and a pill to boost his power, you wouldn't have needed to expend so much of your crystal essence to defeat him," explained Runihoril.

"I wonder when I will be able to forge artifacts."

"You only started forging a short time ago. Based on your progress during these few days, it will take you about two years to reach the minimum level required to forge an artifact alone. There are two ways to forge an artifact. The first is to integrate inscriptions into an object during the forging process. If you plan to use this method, you will have to learn the inscriptions. The second method is to use forging techniques to fuse a soul crystal with a metal to form a core that will possess part of the ability of the soul crystal fused."

"What if Ryan helps me with the inscription process?" asked Kieran.

"In this case, it will depend on the level he has reached in the inscriptions as well as your level of forging. If you both reach the Silver rank and have talent in these professions, you could manage to do it," replied Runihoril.

"Then I would tell Ryan to feel free to use my money to learn the inscriptions faster. If we can craft artifacts, it will be good for both of us."

"What are you going to do now? Don't you want to go to the ancient formation array?"

"Yes, but I'm completely exhausted. I can't even move a finger. I'll try to recover quickly by cultivating and hope that there is still a place for me when I reach the ancient formation array."

"Concentrate on your recovery. I'll watch the surroundings."

Kieran managed to make a slight nod before he focused on his spiritual world. The yellow sun above its crystal trees had become tiny, barely perceptible. He started using the Heavenly Sun Body technique, and slowly the yellow sun regained its former appearance before rotating and attracting the crystal essence in the surroundings even faster.

Once he had enough strength to move his body, he retrieved a crystal essence stone from his aurora collar and a Crystal Essence Recovery Potion and continued to meditate.

Ten hours later, he arrived in front of the ancient formation array with a disappointed expression on his face. All the entrances were now closed, and ten people could be seen cultivating inside.


"It's too bad. There was nothing else that interested me in this secret realm. I better go back. Once the opening period of the scattered ruins ends, Ryan and Thomas will be sent directly to the academy. I don't need to wait for them here."

Kieran touched the protection amulet that was around his neck, and a white light surrounded his body, sending him back to the academy.

Once back in the academy, he left it quickly, walking toward the Ozryn Training Center.


"Where am I?"

Allen woke up slowly in a luxurious mansion. Memories of his defeat against Kieran resurfaced in his mind, furrowing his brows and revealing a frustrated expression on his face while a mix of anger and frustration swirled in his thoughts.

'How could I lose to this trash?'

"Are you all right, young master?" asked an old butler who was standing at the door of his room.

'Those who were with him called him Kieran...'

Allen was lost in his thought, not paying attention to the old butler as if he didn't exist.

"Call everyone and ask them to research a student named Kieran. I want to know everything about him, his background, his past, his weaknesses, his contacts, everything you can find on him," he said in a stern tone that made the old butler tremble.

The old butler bowed to him, "As you command, young master. If you wish, we can also deal with this Kieran in a more… definitive way."

Allen looked up at him with a cold, contemptuous expression, "No," he replied arrogantly, "I don't need anyone's help to solve my own problems. Focus on the information I asked you to find."

"At your command, young master."

The old butler lowered his head, not daring to look at his young master. He knew he didn't tolerate insubordination or stain on his pride. He walked away from Allen's room, following the orders given to him.

"The next time we see each other, you will be at my feet again!" Allen's voice, filled with arrogance, echoed in his room.

Determined to regain his lost pride and strength, Allen made his way through the opulent halls of the mansion toward a hidden training room known only to a select few. The room was a marvel of advanced technology, equipped with holographic simulations, gravity-altering mechanisms, and training dummies.

The doors closed behind him as he entered the training room, enclosing him in a dimly lit space. The holographic interface flickered to life, presenting him with various training scenarios. Allen's eyes gleamed with fiery resolve as he selected the most challenging setting.

As Allen's eyes blazed with fierce determination, the room around him seemed to undergo a stunning transformation. Memories of his defeat against Kieran ignited an unyielding fire within him.

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