Chapter 76:

Chapter 76 – Secure Base

Crystal Evolution

After ending the call with Alexei, Kieran checked his spatial gems to see if everything was in order before boarding a magnetic train, crossing the entire city center to make it to the address that Alexei had sent him which was located on the other side of Ozryn.

Three hours later, Kieran arrived and saw what looked like a secured military base with high walls filled with advanced weaponry, all powered by multiple crystal cores and blue light shining along the canons of each weapon.

Each weapon had an Iron rank cultivator standing guard next to it.

As he moved towards the entrance, all weapons were aimed at him, ready to fire at any suspicious movement.

"This is a safe area belonging to the Cold Ocean guild! Please step back!"

A Bronze rank cultivator outfitted in full armor approached Kieran, raising the weapon in his hands.

"I was invited by your guild to come here today," Kieran said, raising his hands in the air.

"Your name?"

"Kieran Arvost."

"Please wait a moment while we confirm your identity."


Kieran lowered his hands, not moving from his place. He continued to inspect the security of the base.

'The Cold Ocean Guild truly deserves its reputation as Ozryn's top guild. Security is already this high, and I'm only at the entrance. Will there be a Gold rank cultivator inside to protect the place?'

A few minutes later, Kieran could see the figure of Alexei running in his direction.

"Kieran, you have arrived."

"I'm the one who should tell you that. I've been waiting here for several minutes already."

"Sorry, I had some problems to settle with the team that accompanies us. I didn't pay attention to the time. Follow me. I'll introduce you to them."

Kieran nodded and followed behind Alexei. As he passed through the entrance gates, he could see many cultivators behind the high walls as well as several spatial cannons, such as the X-521 that Kade possessed. In the distance, he could see a large building which was similary bristling with weapons.

"What I saw outside was just the tip of the iceberg..."

"Impressed?" asked Alexei.

"A little, but why use so many resources to protect this place?"

"You read the information I sent you, right? So you know we're going to a secret realm."


"You see, the Cold Ocean guild has invested an immense amount of nova credits to create this place. Thanks to a transcendent cultivator coming, especially from the capital, we have moved and consolidated all the entrances to the secret realms that our guild owns."

"I see. I understand the level of security better now."

"What you saw is nothing yet. There are ten Gold rank cultivators constantly guarding this place."

"Do you really need me with all the cultivators here?"

"The secret realm we’re going into has restrictions, only ten people can enter inside at the same time, and the cultivation level is restricted. Only those below the Silver rank can enter inside, but in return, the crystal beasts inside can only reach the early stage Silver rank. Among the Bronze ranks of Ozryn, you are surely the most powerful currently. That’s why we invited you."

"How long is it going to take us to collect the evolution materials you need?"

"It's going to depend on our luck. Anna only needs a hundred-year-old Snow Lotus, we can find one quickly, but the problem will be how to get the soul crystal I need. There are fifteen Silver rank beasts inside the secret realm that can create this soul crystal, which gives us fifteen chances, hoping not to have to kill them all before getting it."

As the two continued to talk, they quickly arrived at the entrance of the building, the guards letting them enter as soon as they spotted Alexei next to Kieran.

Once inside, Kieran could see numerous machines that were connected to pillars that seemed to contain a spatial vortex, several Silver rank guards roaming the area around them.

The entire interior of the building seemed to be filled with these machines and pillars. At a glance, Kieran could tell there were over ten spatial vortexes scattered around the room.

Alexei smiled, looking to the side at Kieran, who had a surprised face.

"These machines are connected to the pillars to control the secret realms in order to prevent their spatial disturbance from affecting others and collapsing on themselves."

Kieran nodded and continued to follow Alexei. They soon arrived in front of a small team composed of eight men and women, all equipped with combat gear.

He quickly recognized Anna, who avoided the others with the cold aura she naturally exuded.

'It's a pity that she is so cold. If she smiled from time to time she would be even more pretty,' Kieran thought for a moment before turning to the other.

Some looked at him with curious looks, while others frowned when they sensed his cultivation level.

"Guys, let me introduce you to Kieran. He'll be with us for the next few days. Kieran, this is the team."

Most gave him a slight nod, which he returned.

"Is he the double awakened?"

"It doesn't look like he's strong."

"Hey Alexei, is it true that this guy defeated a Silver rank?" suddenly asked a member of the team.

"Those are just rumors. Use your crystal sense a bit. You'll see that his level is at the early stage of Bronze rank."

"Early stage of the Bronze rank? It's impossible that he has defeated a Silver rank!"

"If he's only at the early stage of Bronze rank, why is he joining us?"

"Do we have to take care of him?"

Once one of them asked a question, they all started talking to each other, not caring about Alexei's presence.


Alexei's voice silenced them, but most of them stared at him with an expression of undisguised disgust.


'You were allowed to breakthrough to the Silver rank just because you know this guy!'

'Don't act like you're our boss!'

While some team members cursed him in their minds, Alexei continued talking, "You'll soon know if it was just rumors or not. Now get ready. We're leaving."

The team took one last look in Kieran's direction before heading for the entrance of the secret realm, leaving the two alone with Anna.

"Looks like they don't like you very much," said Kieran.

"It's normal, guild members get a lot of cultivation resources from the guild, but in return, we have to restrict our progress to protect the guild resources through the rifts. Every year only a few people are allowed to breakthrough. Anna and I were allowed to breakthrough because we know you. Most of them think we don't deserve it," replied Alexei.

"Are they going to be a problem during the journey inside the secret realm?"

"None of them will do anything that will endanger the team, but they might refuse to obey my orders or try to provoke you into fighting with them... I really hope they try that last one."

A smile appeared on Alexei's face.

"Do you want me to beat them that badly? How do you know it's not them who are going to beat me?"

"I saw a video of you fighting Aurelius, the academy did everything they could to remove it, but some people still got to see it. With what I saw, I'm not even sure that my whole team together can beat you."

'It's no wonder he seems so confident in my abilities,' Kieran thought.

"Let's go."

The three walked toward the rest of the team before crossing the entrance to the secret realm.

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