Chapter 1:

Ami ?


Before Christmas night at 11,

              Ah, ah , ah fuck the bleeding won't stop. Let's stop at the signal. Fuck ah, ah. Shit shit shit. Where's my tie? Oh fuck where's my TIE!!!!??. Fuck there it is. Let's just stop the bleeding with this tie. Ah ah.

                ( Signal light is blinking)  

( Pushing the seat backward and resting)

              (Pain is slowly fading away)

         (Putting his head on the steering)

Ah shit it shouldn't have to be this way. But I'm not letting my life. Oh Simon i should've warned you.

       (Flashback before a few months)

Ah I hate my life. My name is Simon. I work at 'today's news' newspaper as a photographer and writer. My news hasn't been published to the newspaper under my name. Everyone in my office uses my skills and publishes under their name. So, I'm a fool to this office and earning a few bucks from this office. My chief editor always shouts at me for not doing my work properly. But he forgot that he came to this position by me. So, yeah I'm the goat to his office. Yeah I could've moved to another office but until she moves to another one. A girl working at my office and i have a crush on her. She talks to me. She helps me a lot. In return I helped her a lot. I have another friend, named Philip. He too helps me a lot.

In the world of judging me and cursing me these two are the light in my life. They won't judge me or they won't leave me in time of need or they won't curse me. They would help me. There's a coffee shop near my office. That's the spot everyone gathers. There's a crowd every time I went to drink a cup of coffee. There's no chair to sit in. People would stand and drink their coffee. Not because coffee is good but for the ambience and gossiping, that's the exact spot to do that. I went every afternoon to drink coffee. There's still a crowd. I ordered my coffee and looked for a place to sit. And a couple of people left their table. I went and sat there. Oh i forgot to say something. When I sit on a chair and if there's a chair empty or a person is sitting there, they would get up front there or no one would sit. Because they think that I'm weird. But I don't care.

I went and sat. There was an empty chair. No one sat. I was looking out and drinking my coffee. Someone asked me if the chair is empty?. And I sat yes. For the first time someone is sitting at my table.

To be continued...