Chapter 1:

The beginning

Bittersweet Symphony

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March 3rd-Time : 6:00 Am
''Aiden get up from bed you will be attending the first day of your school today.Your going to get late.''
I woke up and saw that my brother's wife was asking me to get up.I woke up and got ready to get my breakfast.While in the table I saw my brother reading the newspaper.I said good morning and sat down to eat breakfast.
"It's the first day of school today make sure to give your all."
"Yeah bro"
"Show some enthusiasm.It's a new start for all of us & It's not bro it's father since I adopted you because of dad's will."
Shaking my head "Yes father" god that sounds awkward.My brothers wife was laughing looking at us. Bookmark here

Time : 8:00 Am
School starts at 8:45.So I started walking to school.The road I was going through was full of old memories and the time I spent while I was here.When my dad and mother died from an accident I didn't know what to do.My mother had taught me everything except to live with out her.I was living in the states then.My mother is from Japan and my dad is from the states.So I spent my time with my dad and mother in the states I was here in Japan for about 7 years and went to the states and stayed there for about 10 years.I'm 17 now. God I'm getting old.Because of my Mother and dad were from different countries they gave me this mix Name of Aiden Kasuga.I'm sure everyone is going to laugh at my name.Bookmark here

Time 8:30 Am
Finally reached school.Take a deep breath and get in.I went to the teacher's room.Excuse me "Is Masamune sensei here ? "
"Oh ! Aiden come here"
I went to the teacher "Sensei I'm the new transfer student"
"Yes I know your brother talked to me about you transferring here.We are happy to have you here "
"I will be in your care"
"Come with me I will get you to your Classroom"
I went the the classroom of 2-B.
"This here is your classroom.Let me introduce you here to everybody"
"This is Aiden Kasuga the new transfer student.''
The class had about 23 students I bowed and said "I'm Aiden I hope we can become friends"
"Go Aiden take the sit on the right side"
I went and sat down.To be honest I would've preferred a sit beside the window. Could've been like those harem protagonists.To be honest everyone was really gloomy.They all had sad faces.Like something tragic has happened to them.Bookmark here

10:30 Am
Break in the classes.I was sitting there thinking about some unnecessary things.When I heard students talking "Have you heard Erika from 2-C has disappeared and hasn't come back.""Yes I heard it's the 6 th student now"
I was kinda not prepared to hear that.Bookmark here

12:00 Pm
The School ended.The teacher told me to meet him after class.So I went to the teachers room.The teacher asked me "It's essential to join a club.Try to find a club as soon as you can I will give you 1 week or else your getting a random one hahaha"
"Yes sensei I will try to find one"I was thinking I didn't even have a conversation with any of the student today how am I supposed to find a club"
I went to a coffee shop to get some Max coffee.While I was drinking coffee I saw a girl chatting with a loud voice.
"We need to find that murdered it's our job as the detectives club !!""But we are just a small club if the police can't find it how can we ?""I don't care we must.Where is April I thought she was told to be here today.""April is at the counselors office"
I don't know why but after hearing the name April I remembered a friend I once had.I thought it couldn't be her.I went home after that day.When I came home I took a shower when I came back I saw I was invited to a chat room.I thought it was the schools chat room so I accepted the request.Bookmark here

From this point it's the story about April at the counselor's office :
"Hey kiddo you alright ? "
"Oh ! what happened ?"
"You were talking about good times then suddenly went blank"
"Sorry about that"
"No problem that's why I'm here"
"I'm off now.I was supposed to meet Lucy"
"Sure April"
"Sensei thanks for always helping me with this stuff "
"Yeah no problem I'm always here"Bookmark here

Bittersweet Symphony

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