Chapter 7:

A new look

Escape:Witch [Remake]

As Yuni walked to the police station, she noticed a crowd of people blocking the street. Curious, she squeezed through the crowd to find a mobile salon putting on a demonstration. There were two women standing adjacent to a salon chair. Both wore white sneakers along with black latex skirts, grey bra tops, and red aprons. One had luscious long brown hair tied up in a ponytail, while the other was completely bald and also lacked eyebrows and eyelashes.

"Welcome everyone! I'm Tsurutsuru-chan, here with my beautiful younger sister, Fujiko! We're the owners of the Serene sea SPA and salon. Today, we'll be doing free demonstrations. Now, are there any brave volunteers?" the bald girl asked as she held a microphone.

Fujiko smiled sadistically as she approached Yuni and grabbed her hand. "You, you look so defiant, and your hair is so beautiful, I think I'm in love!" she giggled as she dragged her to the chair.

“Oh! It looks like Madam Fujiko has found our first victim! Or is it our Master!? Or just an ordinary ole customer!? It all depends on you! We can be your masters, your servants or just your average stylist no matter the style no matter the service! Only at Serene Sea Spa and Salon located just down the block! Now then, what will it be, Miss?" Tsurutsuru-chan asked as Fujiko sat Yuni down in the chair.

“Um I need to get to school,” Yuni lied.

“Do not fret, there is still plenty of time before school starts.” She then leaned in close and whispered into Yuni’s ear, “Besides you’re not a student anyway.”

Yuni froze in fear. How did she know that? Who were these people? Before she could react, Tsurutsuru-chan continued her spiel.

“Now then what shall we do for our school idol? Shall we just do a simple wash and style? A new cut? Or maybe she’ll take the plunge and shave her head completely bald! Madam Fujiko will happily do the honors if you choose the last option! She'll even shave your eyebrows off too as a complimentary service. Why, look at the fabulous work she did on me,” Tsurutsuru-chan blushed as she smacked her bald head.

Yuni naturally declined and asked for a simple wash. Fujiko seemed a tad irked though as she put down the hair clippers and pressed a button on a small remote causing metal shackles to spring from the chair and restrain Yuni’s wrists and ankles.

“What the hell!?”

“Behold everyone! Our salon’s signature bondage chair. It can be used in normal mode and bondage mode! These metal clamps are so strong not even the strongest of bodybuilders can break free from them. You’d need someone like Harry Houdini to give these babies a run for their money. Now then, let us begin the wash!” Tsurutsuru-chan exclaimed.

Fujiko draped a clear cape over Yuni before leaning her chair back into the portable sink. Tsurutsuru-chan continued to provide commentary while Fujiko washed Yuni’s hair. The wash felt so good, Yuni’s anger and anxiety quickly faded away as a blissful smile spread over her face.

“Behold! She is in complete bliss and harmony! And you could be too if you visit our establishment!” Tsurutsuru-chan exclaimed as the crowd ooed and awed.

After finishing the wash, Fujiko sat Yuni upright before wrapping her hair up in a towel. She then heated up some shaving cream and a towel as Yuni snapped back into reality.

“Hey! Why do you have shaving cream!? I thought I said no- Mmph!”

Fujiko began lathering Yuni’s neck and face with shaving cream before she could protest. She then wrapped the hot towel around Yuni’s face causing her to moan in bliss.

“She’s done it! Madam Fujiko has our brave volunteer all buttered up. Perfect conditions for her to demonstrate her craft with the sharpest blade in the house!” Tsurutsuru-chan giddily squealed.

Yuni’s eyes widened as Fujiko threw away the towel and placed a VERY sharp against her neck, causing her to completely freeze in fear as Fujiko shaved her.

After what seemed like a torturous eternity, she was done.

“INCREDIBLE! What a brave girl! Behold Madam Fujiko’s craft. Not one nick or scratch on her pretty face or neck! Now let’s see our fearless schoolgirl take on the next phase of this service!” Tsurutsuru-chan exclaimed as Fujiko began spreading green sticky liquid all over Yuni’s neck and face.

"Oi, what is this- Mmph!?" Yuni cried as the liquid was smeared over her mouth.

“What a brave girl! There’s no turning back now! The only way to get that wax off is to rip it all off!” Tsurutsuru-chan snickered.

“MMPH [Wax]!?”

Yuni’s eyes widened with fear as Fujiko whispered in her ear, “What a shame, I would have LOVED to do this on your whole head and then some. Oh well, I’ll happily wait for the fruit to ripen. I’ll give you our premium humiliation service on my birthday tomorrow, so you better be at the salon as soon as it opens.”

Yuni blinked in confusion as Fujiko smiled. Before she could process what she just heard, Fujiko began ripping off the wax causing her to jolt and howl in pain.

“OUCH! That looks like it hurts! We’ve had body builders scream like babies when they get waxed! Why, even I screamed in pain when Madam Fujiko waxed my head. Think you’re tough enough not to scream!? Test your will at Serene Sea!” Tsurutsuru-chan exclaimed.

Fujiko massaged Yuni’s sore neck and face with some facial cream before removing the towel from her head and wiping off the cream with it. She then rubbed some oil into her hair before styling it. Once she was done, she showed Yuni a mirror. 

Yuni was shocked at the beautiful girl she was staring at in the mirror. Her hair now glistened in the light and felt silky and smooth. At a glance, she could even be mistaken for a model.

“Wow! Never thought I’d look so much different just by letting my hair down and getting it professionally washed. Guess you’re not half bad,” Yuni shrugged.

“Did you hear her!? A satisfied customer! Now then as a special service to us and some of the members of the audience…” Tsurutsuru-chan then wedged some fliers in between Yuni’s breasts as the crowd roared. “Make sure to hand these out to all your friends, classmates, and teachers! Now off to school with you. Who’s next!? We’ll be doing two more free demonstrations before heading back to the salon.”

As Fujiko released Yuni from the chair, she leaned in and whispered into Yuni’s ear, “Remember, 8 A.M., tomorrow, Bzzzz.”

Yuni bolted. She had forgotten to reclaim her hair ties or take the fliers out of her breasts, but none of that mattered. She just wanted to get away from Fujiko and hopefully never see her again. Fujiko watched Yuni run and held her hair ties in her hand and blushed.

“You’re so cute! I can’t wait to break you! Oh, I didn’t get her name or number. I wonder if Onee-chan knows," Fujiko maliciously sneered.


Everyone stared as Yuni entered the police station. It was obvious that people would stare at her due to today being her first day back in three weeks, but her new look was what truly turned every set of eyes on her. People naturally began murmuring to themselves as a woman in a black business suit with short black hair and a face covered in pounds of makeup appeared and approached Yuni. 

The woman was the superintendent the head of Yuni’s station, Makoto Kurobane. She was a no-nonsense type woman, but tended to sigh frequently. She was also close friends with some of the higher-ups from HQ, corrupt ones at that. As such, Reika had warned Yuni and Mutsumi to always be vigilant around Kurobane.

“I see you’ve changed your hair, Detective Futagawa. I assume you are mentally able to resume work?” Kurobane asked.

“Yes ma’am," Yuni saluted.

“Good, then you’ll be on standby until a case comes in.”

“Wait, are there seriously no cases for me?”

“There are cases, but other teams are working on them. It would be erroneous to assign you to an ongoing case when you just returned. Now then, care to explain what all those fliers are?”

Yuni’s face went red as she realized she had forgotten to take the fliers out of her breasts. She quickly grabbed them and handed them to Kurobane.

Kurobane looked at the fliers and sighed. “Yumeko, you didn’t need to bully a young officer like that,” she mumbled to herself as she placed the fliers on the desk. “Anyone is welcome to take one. I expect the pile to be gone by the end of the day though," she growled as she retreated to her office.

Bianka, Serika, and a short petite woman then entered the station. As soon as she laid eyes on Yuni, Bianka immediately attempted to flirt with her.

“Whoa look at that shine! Hey babe, mind telling me your- Geh!”

Bianka recoiled in shock as she realized the beautiful women with long silky hair was Yuni. “What the Hell!? Why do you look so hot!? If you think you can seduce me to make me forgive you, you’re dead wrong. I’ll never forgive you no matter how hot you become!” she fumed as she covered her face to hide her embarrassment.

“Bianka, this is why you shouldn’t just hit on someone before you know who they are. Just be glad it was just Futagawa and not someone more dangerous. Oh, and if you could stop the skirt chasing all together that’d be nice too,” the petite woman blankly glared.

The woman stood at just 146 cm tall and wore an business suit like Kurobane. She had an aqua chin-length bob, hazel eyes, and small breasts. Her name was Mochika Myouchi, though most simply called her Mochi. Despite her appearance, she was 21-years old and an ace detective as well as an assistant commissioner and a friend of Bianka and Serika. She hardly showed any emotion, though she used to in the past before being subjected to a traumatic event.

“Sorry Mochi, but I’m the type of woman that’ll still flirt with girls even when I’ve already got a harem full of them," Bianka declared.

“Futagawa, are you here merely as an advertisement, or are you here to work? Because you’re certainly making a strong case for the former,” Mochi sighed in disappointment as she glanced at the flyers.

“Hey, Kurobane said I could work on whatever new case comes in," Yuni growled.

"Please watch your tone with me. Though I may look younger than you, I am your superior officer even though I primarily reside at HQ."

“You better not mess with our case, twintails! Thanks to you and our dumbass chief, we failed to bust Sayuri Benise, and were instead forced to rescue your ass,” Serika growled as she glanced at the fliers.

“They’re doing free live demonstrations a few blocks from here, if you’re lucky maybe you could ask them to wash your mouth with soap,” Yuni smirked.

“Maybe you should go back and get your head shaved!”

Bianka picked up a flier as Serika and Yuni growled at each other. “Serene Sea? Special services? Are the stylists hot?” she asked.

“Well, one’s a crazy bald saleswoman and the other one’s a creep,” Yuni stated.

“Wasn’t asking you, murderer.”

“Hey, I’m just trying to warn you. That girl would probably shave and wax you before you could even protest.”

Bianka’s expression suddenly darkened as she clenched the flier. “Hey Mochi, I’m gonna go out for a little SPA Day. If Kurobane gets mad, just say I’m fixing up my image like she wanted. Hey trash, where exactly was this live demonstration?”

As soon as Yuni told her the location, Bianka sped out of the station.

“If the owners file a complaint, we’re blaming this on you, Futagawa," Mochi flatly stated as she headed for Kurobane's office.

“Me!? Let that slut suffer for her own crimes," Yuni fumed.


Yuni pulled out her spare pair of hair ties from her desk and dawned her signature twin-tailed look as the phone rang. She ran over as fast as she could to answer it before anyone else.

“This is the police.”

“Police! You’ve gotta help me! My friend Rolly Polly got kidnapped!”

“Wait! Is that you Madoka!?"

“Yuni!? Oh, thank goodness it’s you!”

“What happened where are you at?”

“We were at the museum, but we got separated and she won’t pick up her phone. Plus, her smartwatch sent me a SOS so she must be in trouble.”

“I’m on my way, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

Yuni hung up the phone and began running out of the station.

“The hell are you going?” Serika growled as she and Mochi walked by.

“The museum, there’s been a kidnapping!”

Mochi stared blankly as Yuni left the vicinity of the station. “Midoriya, we need to go to the museum immediately. We can’t let that fool screw up another case again," she flatly nodded.

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