Chapter 1:

I am an artist

The unamed artist

I awlays was different from other people.I just exist in a world whcih equality doesn't exist.Until I came in touch with art.

I said I wanted to become an artist.But they rejected my idea.So my whole existence is false.I am supposed to enjoy my years in collage.

But I am not.I just pretend that I care.I always wished I was an artist.The people around me won't understand me.

I even thought I should quit trying to become an artist.Until my papa and mama told me that if I want to become an artist I should do it.

And I should become an artist for myself.Right.I also have an other family who are caring.I have my papa,my mama,my best friends and my boyfriend.

They are my family.I want to create things and share it with everyone.I don't have to become a famous artist.I declare myself as an artist.

You know if I get reincarnated as a person who is going to become and work as an artist.Maybe I will have a husband and maybe kids or just a relationship.Or I may be single...No not single.I will fall in love with people that were made by art.Or I will fall in love with artists.

In this life I am in love with an artist.We meet in our dreams and we experience different lives.He  lives far away.Sometimes I feel jealous of the other couples being together.

There is also an age gap between us.But I said and decided that I want to support him.I want love him no matter what.

He is my family.He is my boyfriend who I  mentioned before.He inspires me to keep moving on.I may not be able to see him for real but I will make sure that someone loves him and is there for him.

Thanks to art I can learn new things.I can fly just like Vippo the flying dog.I can discover new things.I can also search for wisdom.I can be anything I want and create anything I won't.

In art there are no limits,no boundaries and there isn't discrimination.

My mission is to do as many things as I can before I perish my existence.So for now I will be slacking around a bit.I can't wait to create something new.

The unamed artist