Chapter 5:

Who Made the Student Council the Last Boss?

Club Recruit if you can't Go Home

So, the Student Council president is the last boss, huh? I mean, I should’ve expected it, but it still feels a bit anticlimactic. Of course, I wasn’t discounting her strength in the slightest. There was no way I could make it past her; she would undoubtedly send me flying. The obvious move was to stay still and see what happens next.

Not everyone was that smart though.

“Huh? Who’s this little brat? Sorry, but I have no time to deal with you.” A lanky looking man attempted to walk towards the president. Judging by his legs, he would have no trouble staying ahead of the Track and Field team, but that was all he had. I was a bit surprised at how ignorant he was. It was impossible not to know who the Student Council president was unless you slept through the opening ceremony. However, with the strength she projected, that was exceedingly difficult. I was impressed if he could do that, but it was more likely that he didn’t recognize her. Oh, and his massive ego.


The lanky man fell backward onto his back before he finished his step. A pencil lodged itself halfway into the concrete path just shy of his foot. The president must’ve thrown the pencil where he was about to step. The resulting shockwave knocked him off his feet. That had to be what happened.

But I couldn’t see any of it.

The Student Council president was still holding her head, pen in hand. It didn’t look like she moved at all. And yet, she somehow managed to throw a pencil, which came from who knows where. It might be some kind of wind magic, but that seemed wrong. She was strong, sure, but manipulating only the air around the pencil without blowing anything else required a level of skill almost impossible for a student.

Which means…

The president sighed, lifting her head from the makeshift desk. “You’re too weak to be this close to the gate. Go play with the athletics clubs. And while you’re at it, tell them to stop destroying the grounds! It’s giving me way too much paperwork to deal with!!” The president pointed a finger upwards, and the lanky man’s body obeyed. He moved upwards for a moment, then backwards until he reached the entrance of the school. As soon as the president put away her finger, the man fell into the ensuing chaos.

Yep, that confirms it. She’s using some kind of telekinesis-based magic. No idea what specifically, but at least I know what to expect now.

As I continued pondering my next move, more and more students attempted to rush the president; however, they were all sent back to the school’s entrance in the exact same way. You would think the other students’ plans would’ve taken that into account, but…

“Let’s all rush her at once. She shouldn’t be able to stop us all!” A good portion of the remaining students dashed towards the gates, probably thinking that the president couldn’t use her magic on more than one person at a time. That was an absolutely stupid assumption though. If anyone was even remotely paying attention, the president only made her move once one of us attempted to move towards the gates. So, as you would expect…

The president sighed once again before raising two fingers. All of the students who charged forward floated helplessly off the ground. “Seriously, what in the world are you students thinking? If I can stop one of you without needing to chant a spell, what makes you think I can’t stop more of you at once? I am the Student Council president for a reason, you know?” The president flicked her fingers forward, sending the students flying away. “None of you are even worth considering so far.”

Another person stepped forward: a woman with a semi-muscular build. Compared to the other students, her strength was much more well-rounded. Even the president arched an eyebrow as she took a step forward. The woman’s hand remained extended, opening it to reveal a mangled pencil inside. When did the president even throw that? Better yet, when did the woman catch it?

The woman walked past the president’s desk with a smirk. Another student soon followed after. Then another. The president made no effort to stop them. However, she didn’t seem to be giving up. In fact, judging by that somewhat cocky expression, she was still sure she had nothing to worry about. Not like I’m going to complain. It makes my life easier.

Eventually, the woman arrived at the gate, raising one fist in the air. Although she remained silent, the meaning was clear. The other students clapped and cheered as if they had already managed to escape. After basking in the cheering for way too long, the woman finally grabbed the gate handles and pulled.


However, the gate didn’t open.

The cheering quickly died down. The woman looked back and chuckled before focusing her attention solely on the gate. She was absolutely mad.

Increase the strength of my arms [Enhance]!” The woman pulled with all her might over and over again.

Rattle. Rattle. Rattle. But each time, the gate remained shut, barely moving from its initial position. The woman’s legs soon buckled as her exhaustion creeped in.

“You shouldn’t be so quick to assume you already won before you escape.” The president floated above us, looking down with a superior glint in her eye. “The gates have been enchanted such that they can either be moved remotely or if a person has enough strength and mana to overcome the tolerances. However, you have to be as strong as five dragons to even have the slightest chance of doing so.”

The president gracefully landed on the ground right in front of the woman. “Still, I’m impressed you were able to stop the pencil. Enhancing your eyes to keep track of the pencil while enhancing your hand strength to catch it was brilliant! Would you be interested in joining the Student Council? We can always use strong and smart people like yourself.”

“As for the rest of you…”

Remove the mana from the gate [Disenchant].”








Well, that was easy. The president was so distracted with her monologuing I was able to disenchant the gate and walk out. Though, it seemed like she managed to stop everyone else from leaving.

Oh well! Doesn’t matter to me.

I continued my walk home as the sun began to set. It looked like I was stuck in school for at least a few hours. That was such a waste of time. Why in the world would the academy enact such a crazy policy anyway? It was like they were trying to prepare us for war or something.

Whatever. It’s not like I care why anyway. I’m just glad it’s over and done with.

My house came into view. There were no cars in the driveway; mom and dad were working late, as usual. I placed my hand on the door, releasing some of my mana. With a quiet click, I pushed open the unlocked door. The sounds of the TV echoed through the house. It seemed like dad forgot to turn it off again. I sighed before walking to my room: it wasn’t my problem to deal with.

Opening the door, I plopped onto my bed, staring directly at the ceiling. My body relaxed into the familiar impressions of the mattress. Everything felt comfortable.

Yup, this is the life.

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