Chapter 0:

Sasuke Leaves the Konoha

Sasuke and Naruto's life! Stay [SasuNaru] 1

Ch#1 Real BattleSasukee! I cried as I was trying to stop Sasuke from leaving Konoha. Bakaa! You a idiot himself is stopping me from not joining Ataksuki. Hahahaha! Sasuke Laughed Hardly and jumped high in the sky to land a move on me. I was so scared and couldn't move. I cried Sasuke again and again. But I was so careless and said.... Bakaa! Come back to Konoha or you will... you will. I couldn't complete my sentence. I was hoping for a miracle to happen and then....Slash! Ahhhhh! I cried out loud as Sasuke used Chidori on me.Naruto.. Naruto! Someone said in a sad Voice. He had Died maybe? Someone Else said. No! Naruto isn't like it. Someone was crying. I was trying to recognize. Who's Voice was it?Sakuraa! I don't know but I cried in a loud Voice. She looked at me and said.... Naruto??Huh! you were not crying for me?? I asked Sakura. Huh! Why would I cry for the one who made my future husband leave Konoha. Sakura yelled at me. Huh! me? I was pointing at myself looking at Sakura. Yeah! YOU IDIOT! She punched me so hard that I was flying through walls.Someone grabbed my Back and said..... Naruto don't lose yet! Huh.. I looked at his eyes they were not eyes there was a eye (Dramatic music Plays) There was love in his eyes... I mean eye!Stop Fu**ing around here! Kakashi Hatake! Old Lady Tsunede Yelled at our beautiful love. (I think She is disturbing us) I whispered in Kakashi's ears. He Nodded as he looked at me (Lovely Music Starts Playing) Slap... Old Lady Slapped the sigma guy! I cried loud. (Thank god I was not hit.) I thought.If you look for your Student (Pointing at Kakashi) and you will look for your so-called lovely friend (Pointing at me) I won't slap you anymore. Tsunede yelled at us.Naruto we will continue our love when Guy will do a dramatic entry for now boy we have some work to do. Come with me to the Sand Village Office."At the Office of the Kazekage." Meet him! He is the boy of the Sand. Kakashi said this seriously (first time serious thou) (Pointing at me) I am Gaara. It would be Nice to kill you. The Sand boy said so.Grrrrr, You know I am not a Rabbit. So, you could kill me! I angrily took hold of his shirt. and said it.....Dattebayo! (Naruto's way of thinking about the writer)So, you know this comic is about me and Sasuke being lovely. But why you shipped me with Kakashi Sensei?(My Answers)For Fun