Chapter 1:

The ring part 1

Shuvu arie no monogatari volume 3


I was tasked with a mission to go on Italy.Akiza insisted to come with me.For a strange reason I couldn't say no to her.So both of us traveled to Italy.

Actually people who don't involve themselves into missions guilds mustn't know about those missions.

"So Yukio,what is your mission?"

"I need to find a legendary ring."

"What kind of powers does this ring grand you?"

"They say it grands you immortality."


When Yukio mentioned about the ring of immortality I had a headache.

"Are you ok?"

"Yukio,I think I remembered something.I was on a mission.I was looking for the ring you mentioned.It is connected with those strange dreams I have seen lately."

"I see.I want to help you find the ring,Akiza."


"Helping you is my priority."

I don't know if I ever met someone kind such as Yukio.Yukio insisted to find a hotel.After a while we stumbled on a little cottage.For a strange reason I was always wearing a key around my neck.

I used that key to open it.This is strange.Well at least we wouldn't stay in a hotel.

"This means one thing.This must be my house."

"That sounds logical."

This house was lovely.But I don't remember anything about the house or the key I was wearing around my neck.Then I saw some old photos.

That must must I didn't remember anything else.Yukio and I spend the night at my house.The next day we were going to find the ring.

But the question is how do you find a ring which makes you immortal?