Chapter 2:

The ring part 2

Shuvu arie no monogatari volume 3


It would be difficult to find the certain ring.Akiza and I searched everywhere but nothing.It was so exahuasting.The night fell.Still we were searching for the ring.

We were still at the fountain.The moon was beautiful.Both Akiza and I were staring at it.So we went back to Akiza's house.

Then I saw her reaserching something about the ring.Akiza found the story behind the ring.The ring was made by an duke Fylson .He gave the ring to his lover and later wife Alfreda so she could live forever with him.

Fylson grew up among humans because he wasn't a fully fledge elf since his father was a human.But his life span was longer than average human.

Unfortunately one of the councelors,Gaelin took the ring and killed her.Meanwhile he didn't kill the duke.Instead the duke took his own life.

He mentioned that immortality is a curse when you are unable to live with your loved ones when they don't share the same life span as you.

The councelor got away.Later he was killed by his commrades.They said whoever was wearing the ring was losing himself.And the ring was causing destruction and discord.

It passed through many hands until it reached Italy.The ring fell to the hands of a duke of Italy,Grevil.He heard stories about the cursed ring.

So he hid it to a place no one would think to search.It was mentioned that when the moon is half then my treasure is going to come out to the light.

Neither Akiza nor I understood the last part.Then Akiza came up with an idea.She said we had to go back.

So we went back.We were at the fountain.Akiza got inside the fountain.She was touching the bottom.Until she pressed a button.Then a metal box appeared.

Akiza got out of the fountain.I gave her my jacket and we went back to the house for her to change dry clothes.

The box was locked.The question was how we unlock...Until I came up with an idea.I used a hand mirror and the light of the moon was reflected.As result the box opened!

We found it!We found the legendary ring!