Chapter 4:


Shuvu arie no monogatari volume 3


Elio and I were using only our physical strength.Until I let my guard dow and he beated me withouy giving any time.

He also stabbed my hands with two wooden stakes.

"Now I am going to avenge Alya."

Alya...Now I remember.

"Alya and I found that master wanted the ring for himself.Then he used Alya as his experiment.Alya wanted me to stop her.

There was no other way.She died smiling.If killing me will satisfy you then do it."


He was ready to stab me with an other stake.I gathered the strength I needed and I was freed.I used two daggers and stabbed his legs.

I used sfera del vento (wind sphere).With only one blow,I just killed him.

"Arrivederci/Goodbye Elio."


It was so difficult.He didn't give me time to attack.

"Why are you so eager to take this ring?"

"Oh this is easy.I want to learn more about magic.Who knows maybe the ring has other abilities.I will become the greatest sorcerer of all time!"

Aldo used stemma dell'incantatore (caster's crest).I was paralyzed.Then he used quarta natura dell'incantatore (fourth nature of caster).

I was in a bad shape.So I created a thunder arrow and stabbed it to my arm where the crest was.I dodged his multiple fire balls.I used an other arrow and cut his finger which was wearing the ring.

I took the risk.Aldo used quarta natura dell'incantatore (fourth nature of caster).I was hit.But this time I took my chance.He let his guard down.

I used Kaminari no ya (thunder arrow).It caused him a lot of damage.I used Rakurai (thunderbolt).

My move pierced his heart.And he was finally dead.I saw Akiza.She just embraced me.

"Yukio...thank you."

Akiza and I burried Elio next to Alya.

"I remember everything now.Alya and Elio were my friends.Aldo was our master.But then Alya and I learned that Aldo wanted the ring for himself.

When he found out that we knew about his plans,he controlled Alya.I had no choice.She died with smile when I took her life.

Elio was in love with Alya but he never got the chance to tell her.He wanted to take revenge.When I took his life,he smiled and he said thank you."

"I see..."

"I got away but Aldo knocked me out.He thought he killed me.Last thing I remember was waking up to that basement of the department store with no memory."

"What are you going to do now?"

"I guess I will join a new guild."

"Alright.I wish you the best."

"We are going to meet again,I am sure."

I just smiled.

"Then I guess I should introduce myself from the start.I am Yukio Irie."

"It's a pleassure to meet you.My name is Renata Felinni."

I kissed her hand.

"The pleasure is all mine."

"Yukio,do you have the ring?"

"I do.Here it is.I am leaving it to you."

"But why?"

"You are the only one who is capable of destroying it."

"Why did you help me,Yukio?"

"I don't need a reason to help the others."

I gave her the ring.Both of us were a little embarassed when our hands touched.

"Fino alla prossima volta.It means till next time."

We shook hands.So my mission to Italy was done.


Yukio left. traveled to Campania.I threw the ring to the volcano of Mount Vesuvius.

Along with my power combined with the fire and magma the ring perished forever.I visited Alya and Elio.I gave them a boquet of flowers.

I decided to become a member of a new guild.

Yukio we are going to meet again.Till then I am going to become stronger.