Chapter 3:

The guild

Shuvu arie no monogatari volume 3


Both of us made it.

"Akiza,how did you know the ring was at the fountain?"

"The duke mentioned that the fountain was favorite place in Italy.He was also a lover of astrology."

"That could also explain his riddle with the box."

"How did you find out?"

"I remember those words based on the data you found."

"That was very clever."

"Oh...thank you."


Both of us found the ring.The question was what do we do now...When I went to bed then memories started appearing.

They were blurry.I woke up and I was sweating.Yukio rushed to see me.And he embraced me.

"Yukio,I am scared about my past."

"Listen to me.I promise to stay by your side."

"And what if I am a horrible person?"

"I don't believe it.No matter what kind of mistakes you did I know you had a reason.I won't judge you.I promise."

"Yukio...thank you."

The next day we walked in the city.Suddenly a guild caught my attention.Cuori di pandora...that's right!

"Yukio this is my guild."

"Oh I see."

"I think it would be a good idea to take the ring."

"Ok...So this is goodbye..."

"Thank you once again,for everything you have done Yukio."

I left in rush.I didn't Yukio to see me crying.I went inside the guild.

"Welcome my child."

"Master Aldo..."

"Your brought the ring.Good job."

"I am sorry but we must destroy the ring."

"I understand."

He got closer to me and I felt something piercing my chest.


I had a bad feeling for letting Akiza by herself.I decided to go back.Oh no!The guild was already destroyed.

I had to think fast.Akiza was in danger.I think I found the place where Akiza was.It took me three days but I made.

I went to the old mansion.

"Show yourself coward!"

"Oh we have a guest.I am suprised you found me.If you are looking for her."

Akiza was tied with chains.She had bruises.She was bleeding.


"Both of you know too much and you should die."

He attacked me.Oh great,things turned out bad.He was wearing the ring.No matter what I do it won't be enough to kill him.

But I had a little advantage.The ring doesn't heal you.Both of us used our physical strength.Both of us were a tie.


I was struggling but I found strength to break free.

"Looks like someone woke up."


He attacked me directly.Both of us fought  somewhere far.