Chapter 1:

What We Lost


In this time of endless wars, the warrior's only hope is victory and winning. Otherwise, history does not remember what happened in the past. History does not remember the good and the bad. History remembers only the winners and what happened. However, every war and victory has a hero.


-The Age Of Iron, The time period in which the great war was planned-

In this age when the world was developing, every new day was marked by war. Governments were fighting each other to the death for land and power, ignoring their internal problems. Death was no longer a value that people had to flee from, but a weapon used to end each other's rule.

In these times, the more land a Government had, the more powerful it was. The people with real power were seen as the ones who could manage death as well as instill fear. Soon, however, the leaders of the Governments, realizing that the war had caused a great loss to humanity, had to suspend the war for the future of humanity.

Although many leaders of Governments followed this rule, the leader of the powerful "Bevois" Government had a different idea in mind. The leader, who wanted to start a great war and establish great dominance over the world, had chosen a warrior known as "the invader" for this task. His insidious plan was to outmaneuver other governments by some unknown force and get as far ahead of the competition as possible.

He had specifically chosen the "invader" to remain an outsider, unknown to the other governments and unnoticed by any side in the war. He was a soldier who, quite unlike the other warriors in the Government, had never failed in any of his previous missions and had managed to retain his identity. This warrior, who had no parents, was trained by a powerful general of the Government. He had been raised emotionless and power-hungry.

So much so that even when the general, the only person the occupier knew, died, he remembered the reasons for his mission instead of feeling sad for the man who had raised him for so many years. The occupier did not shed a single tear. He did not, as the general had asked him to do, as he had done every other one of his orders. Having succeeded his general at a young age, the invader had not only earned his nickname for his accomplishments and skills, but also a great deal of respect.

Compared to the other warriors of Bevois, he was small and frail in stature. He had the appearance of a normal citizen, with brown eyes and short unkempt hair. And although he was knowledgeable and skilled with weapons, he usually carried a single sword.

He seemed like somebody who could do nothing, but carried more mysterious than many others.

The leader of the Bevois Government had chosen him for this mission, but not only because of his skill. He was filled with rage for the general he had recently lost, so that his blood would not be left in the ground. They had stamped the flame of vengeance into the invader like a stamp, sharpening him for the purpose. The invader, who could no longer control the flame burning inside him, saw no other option but to step into this path. The commander who had killed the general was serving the Aldinos Government.

Aldinos were as powerful as the Bevois Government and more innovative than them. The task of the invader was to stop and kidnap the envoy who was on his way to meet the Allied governments. It would have been dangerous to give a normal soldier the qualifications to do this, so the idea of a secret soldier in the middle was very interesting to the leader. It was a good way to gauge the invader's capabilities and potential for future battles.

The plan was put into action, and after much preparation, the day came when the envoy was to be kidnapped.

When the time came, the invader was able to move onto the battlefield without any preparation problems. In a battle between two great powers, he was able to sneak in undetected by using certain blind spots, and he soon located the ambassador and went for his weapon. Caught unprepared, he easily overpowered the guards.

But in the course of his mission, the invader was confronted with something he had not expected.

When he broke open the carriage door, there was no sign of the envoy or the guards protecting him. There was nothing in the back compartment of the beautifully decorated carriage except some cargo and a pair of empty eyes staring at him. There were no people to catch. There was a woman in a beautifully patterned, deep blue dress and eyes shining with pain, crying softly.

Her hands trembled and she looked at the invader with fear through her white hair. At first, he thought it was a trap, but it didn't take him long to realize that he had been misinformed. It was not the person, not the ambassador, who was supposed to be taken to safety in this war, it was the woman herself. Realizing that his leader had lied to him, the Invader did not know what to do. Even as he moved stealthily across the battlefield, he realized that the moment he made a move against the woman who looked at him with eyes full of fear, he would not only be breaking his own rules, but also serving a mission whose purpose he did not even know.

Even if he had the motive to complete the mission with a moment of anger, he refused to use his Occupier emotions against this person who could not match his power. Knowing that disobeying an order, no matter what the consequences, would lead him down a different path, he was unwilling to go from place to place, like a government pet dog, carrying out unfamiliar tasks. He had refused to harm the woman because he recognized and understood the lie he had been told as more than misinformation, but as being used.

But the same could not be said for the woman standing in front of her. She was a high-ranking princess, and she knew every single person who could harm her and remembered being warned about it. She was determined to keep her distance from the person in front of her, even if she could do nothing about her body trembling with fear. His trembling hands trembled nervously in front of his chest, listening to the invader's angry breaths. But contrary to her fears, not wanting to complicate the situation further, the Invader hilt his sword and slowly moved away from the princess. He had been lied to because he had thought he was not ready for the task, to know the truth because he would act wrong.

But that made him do the exact opposite even more.

His power was no longer a quality for which he was respected, but a material to be used by those with more power.

He knew that if he handed the princess over to the leader, they would kill her. He knew that they would never send the Invader to a hard-to-reach person, much less a princess like this, for nothing. But if he did not complete the mission, he would lose his own life. His defiance of the order would be seen as defiance of a stronger government. Even his disappearance would cause people to run after him and search for him and put him under control once again. Not wanting either option, the invader thought it would make sense to take the princess back to the kingdom, but she did not want to go back because she did not want to marry someone she did not want. The Princess also had her shackles in life.

Not wanting to leave her in that state, the invader made a big decision and took the Princess to another region. Day after day they continued their journey away from the kingdoms. The invader's goal was to leave the princess in a safe place and then get away from her. But as time passed, they got to know each other more and more.

The invader was not someone the princess had imagined. On the contrary, he was a mercenary who had to assume the personality formed as a result of the choices he made in the past. Growing up in war, all the values he created and the path he chose revolved around occupying and bending rules for his benefit. The invader had first learned the feeling of compassion from the princess. He quickly realized that even someone who could destroy mercy itself could learn to feel it. By drawing the lines of his heart once, perhaps for the first and last time, he was able to broaden his horizons. This lesson was sacred for both of them, like the convergence of two realities that had never touched each other. Soon, both sides began to develop feelings of love for each other.

The invader had never felt anything like this throughout his life. The protective feeling he had towards her carried meaning beyond the emotions people called affection or love. Instead of living on the brink of death, it felt like he had merged with life and felt peace. He seemed to have learned the meaning of being happy and smiling in her presence, something he had never experienced before.

Similarly, the princess's compassionate heart had grown on the invader's tough heart and its walls. When they were together, her eyes saw nothing else. In a world where she had lived in fear for so long, she had introduced him, with love, to one of the only individuals who were the source of her fear and had learned that even her fear had meaning. As soon as she realized that her fear had meaning, she did not withhold her love. She didn't see the invader's stone-hearted heart as a barrier but only as another obstacle necessary to prove the reality of her love.

And this obstacle was a perfect harmony to be overcome by both.

It felt as if it would never end.

But this was also just a feeling.

Their happiness did not last very long, and a few months after getting married, the princess fell seriously ill. This incurable disease took hold of her body, consuming all the energy in her body as the days passed. Over time, the delicate body that the Invader had spent all his strength protecting, slowly lost its color like a flower entering the fading and dying phase after blooming. The Invader's greatest pain was that the cruel power he had caused and used for harm could not protect the most delicate body, which held the value of life for him. He couldn't come up with a solution, and there was no time for a brute-force resolution against life and death itself. Despite responding to the person who taught him a peaceful life with almost colossal power and love, his hands were now trembling with fear.

But the Invader did not give up.

He searched for a cure for her everywhere he could travel to. He stepped into all lands as far as his strength allowed, making his voice heard and slowly returning to his old life. Regardless of how much he did not want to walk against the dark fabric of the past, it was obligatory for the person he loved, for the meaning of his life. At this point, it didn't matter how much he regressed or sank. He was determined to try every solution he had in his hands.

He went as dark as he could, digging up the old scars of life and facing fear along the way.

But the situation was hopeless.

The Invader, embracing his wife for the last time, begins to listen carefully to the words she whispers into his ear,

"The time I spent with you was the best thing that happened to me. Never diminish the love in your heart. If you allow even a bit, take a step into the darkness, the meaning of what we experienced in the past will be lost. You don't need to sacrifice what you did for me. I lived for you already, and I know you can use what you've learned to stay away from this darkness. I know you have that power."

After her words, there was a brief silence. The Invader's heart, forged in darkness, ached for the first time, not due to fear but because, for the first time, it was a throb of love.

This former general, who spent his life in wars, had lost the only thing he loved. He verbalized the only regret he had been contemplating in his heart, trying to understand the lifeless, trembling feelings in the weak body in his hands.

"If only there was a way to save you. Believe me, if I could sacrifice my humanity, I would do it for you."

However, just before the feeling of pain could penetrate deeper into his heart, a loud thunder was heard in the sky. As the eyes of the princess, on the verge of death, flickered slightly, the world turned completely white, and the thunder shook the ground. The warmly glowing interior of the house turned into darkness and a region where light barely touched. Slow footsteps could now be heard behind the Invader, and a stranger entered through the open door. Despite his old appearance, the man moved quite swiftly, with a beard as white as a cloud, tall, and well-built.

As he stood in the middle of the darkened room, shining like a light, he began to stroke his upward-flying beard. This man, with old eyes hiding a kind of astonishment and curiosity, looked at the Invader's angry, lost, and sharp eyes. For a while, the Invader, irritated by the spark in the old man's curious eyes, without questioning who he was with anger, fixed his gaze on him.

The mysterious man, influenced by the flame in the Invader's eyes, finally began to speak.

"I can hear you quite comfortably even if you don't say your words out loud." The old man gestures to the Invader's body and angry demeanor, "You have quite an interesting life, don't you, Invader?"

Maintaining his composure, the Invader, with angry looks, questions the mysterious man.

"Who are you? What are you doing in my house?"

Approaching the Invader a bit more, the mysterious man tries to answer his question. His curious eyes now carry a bit of seriousness, and he carefully unravels the princess lying in the Invader's arms, becoming even more bewildered.

"To some, I may be an enemy; to others, a friend. But if I have to give a name, I am Father Time."

Invader, adding his astonishment to the ongoing grief, asks the man once again.

"Father Time?"

Before the Invader could get more angry, Father Time speaks again,

"And before you harbor any resentment towards me, I must tell you that escaping from your current situation won't be the right move. I know this happened because she wanted it to end for you, the life you live. She is a very wise person when it comes to life; I can confirm that with my knowledge. However, after granting life to each other, I understand that it goes far beyond death."

Speaking more seriously, Father Time straightens up and looks at the Invader once again,

"A rupture occurred in my time. Thanks to this rupture, time itself joined forces with me, and over time, I earned this nickname. But I didn't choose it myself. When responsibilities pile up over time, you build a wall around yourself, and if you don't strive for it, the values of your life start to decay one by one." Father Time smiled, "Just like you, Invader."

The Invader could have vented his anger towards Father Time standing in front of him with any emotion in this situation. However, as he saw the life disappearing in his arms, the helplessness he created within himself increased his desire to listen to Father Time and called for a way out of this situation, no matter what. The Invader, harboring great anger towards time itself, calmly looked at Father Time's stern stance and began to ask what he needed to do.

"What do you want from me?"

Father Time responded calmly, "I have a proposal for you. If you consider my offer, I can make the person you love the most live again."

Excited by what he heard, the Invader asked Father Time once again, "Can you do that? Can you bring her back to life?"

What he heard was the Invader's only solution. Since he could no longer escape death, resisting against time was his only option.

"You can find a cure beyond time for her illness and use it through your loved one by going back in time. In the future, humans will deal with all major situations brought about by the deadly conditions created by humans and death itself. Whether out of fear or love, they have somehow found a solution in the future. However, even though I am Father Time, going against an infinite power like death, no matter how much time advances, carries danger. Understand that you need to pay a price for this and make a deal."

"In short, you are trying to protect yourself. So, why should I trust you?"

"If they kill me, it will be inevitable for them to take the power of time. Of course, you may currently see me as an enemy, but instead of trying to use you for my own reasons, I am warning you about worse and worse conclusions we both may face. More fierce enemies that may use you and let your loved one die again and again." He looked deep into Invader's eyes, "Isn't that reason enough for you to be an ally now? Or would it be more reasonable for you to slowly watch your loved one's death and be trapped in time?"

The Invader couldn't say anything against Father Time's words. Although he was an unknown entity to him, as someone losing the person he loved, he was subjected to an idea by Father Time. It could be risky, and unreliable, but regardless no way to go otherwise.

"No one would want this to happen. As I am the Father of Time, many will try to discover and decept the idea of time. I may be a stranger to you even in time itself, but my existence is pure proof that we both can not play a bet against it. I've aged to the point where I can no longer fight. That's why my request from you is to fight on my behalf against them."

The Invader slowly raised his head and, in response, with more anger in his eyes this time, asked, "You want me to travel through time and fight your enemies?"

"That's the only solution."

"Why me? There are various warriors in this world. There are probably many people more qualified than me who would do this unconditionally. Why would you choose someone struggling like me instead of selecting someone more competent?"

"But only an invader, adapting to their eras, can fight against them, and that person is you. Maybe I could match someone greedy with someone I desire, but there aren't many people capable of understanding and adapting like you. Even though I am Father Time, I still need individuals who can keep up with the times."

While Father Time was speaking, he raised his hand, and another light appeared around his glowing body, creating a contract document in the air. This paper, shining with a different light, contained a lot of writing and added seriousness to Father Time's more serious speech.

"The only way for me to ask something from someone according to the Time Agreement is to offer them a deal and shake their hand. But the thing offered must be what the other party desires the most. And if what they want is not fulfilled or violated, everything done in time will be as if it never happened."

The invader hadn't doubted stepping into the darkness for the sake of his loved one a minute ago, and now that the chance was given to him, he had some doubts. He wanted to believe once again that his love was superior. The words of his beloved before her death, that what she wanted him to do was superior to his past. It was still in his mind, to find a different approach.

But bringing her back and his determination were more dominant.

There was only one person who helped him escape the world he lived in, and only one person who could defeat the darkness with the light she shared.

So, he completely gave up now and prepared his mind to step into the darkness of the past once again.

"I ask one more time, do we have a deal, Leto?" Father Time asked again with a serious tone.

The Invader, raising his hand with fear, grabbed Father Time's hand and replied, gritting his teeth, "We have a deal."