Chapter 118:

Things Are Now Kristel Clear

A Terrible Evil Villain And Their Destiny

“Something has your attention?” Earl Blizwarn said as he came down the stairs noting the conversation that Bryson Coldwater was having with some girl.

“Nothing to worry about. She was just explaining to me about a family gathering I will have to attend after this.” Bryson said quickly coming up with a lie and giving Kristel a look to quiet down as he considered his options.

“Ah, just a personal meeting or related to work?”

“It’s always a mix of both.” Bryson said with a shrug as he indicated to Florence to keep Kristel to the side for now.

“I suppose so.” Blizwarn said with a chuckle, “So what is it that you wanted to talk about?”

“Well originally I was just going to ask some questions about the thefts.” Bryson said still thinking internally.

“What kind of questions?”

“Just wondering if you think that it may be the same person or people behind the thefts.”

“Huh. I didn’t think of that.” Blizwarn eyes widening, “It would make sense if they were specifically targeting me.”

“If I recall correctly, you do not have any immediate family correct?”

“No, I was born an only child and my parents have passed. I have spent most of my life by myself.”

“No other family members?” Bryson asked surprised, he himself has quite a few family members that were distantly related, well related to the family that is. He had no one here related to him by blood as he fell from the sky.

“Cousins and the like, but they tend to have ulterior motives.”

“So they aren’t very close?”

“Not at all.” Blizwarn said with a shrug.

Maybe I should take this slow. Make things easier for Kristel and this whole process. Let him be prosecuted normally, he clearly lacks the funds to be able to sweep this all under the rug. Bryson thought to himself as he thought what the best course of action would be.

“You don’t think perhaps that one of them would be behind it do you?” He asked.

Bryson in turn pretended to take a moment to ponder about that idea. Clearly, the Earl was simply trying to throw Bryson off his scent. But the question did offer Bryson an excuse to think in silence for a moment longer.

Remember Bryson, your mother gave you this job. You have to do well and figure out how to solve this case. Bryson thought before something dawned on him. Wait. Mother sent me to this job. She knew who would be involved in this. She suspected Blizwarn already. So why task me for this job? It has to be more than just helping Kristel.

“Have any of them recently mentioned or done anything suspicious?” Bryson said quickly as he came to his conclusion.

“Oh, I don’t think so.” Earl Blizwarn said before taking a quick second to pretend to think before saying, “Oh, though maybe… I don’t know, it doesn't seem right to accuse.”

“No, no. Please say whatever you think might help.” Bryson said.

“Well…” Blizwarn began as Bryson proceeded to zone him out.

So all I need to do is now get a confession to Detective Snowberry and that will be that. Though that is easier said than done. Bryson thought internally before realizing something else. That seems too by the book. There’s really no real incentive for mother to do this aside from helping the girl and she isn’t that nice to strangers. No, no this is a test for me. This is an opportunity for the family.

Bryson then quickly glanced at Kristel before looking around the room with all the expensive furniture and then back to Earl Blizwarn. He’s an earl. Bryson thought. He’s an earl in debt, but no one publicly knows about it yet with no family or real friends. Of course. Bryson’s eyes widened.

Mother sure is a monster. Ah, well you were raised by your mother Bryson. He thought as he glanced over to Kristel. Sorry about this Kristel. But I need you to sink or swim right now. Please start swimming.

“Earl Blizwarn.” Bryson spoke up cutting him off of whatever ramblings he was saying.

“Uh, yes.” Blizwarn said thrown off by Bryson’s sudden interruption. He was going to mention Bryson’s rudeness before Bryson suddenly looked up at him.

The one glare from Bryson caused Blizwarn to stop in his tracks. He gave the same commanding glare of his father’s. The look was enough to cause a chill down Blizwarn’s spine.

“Do you know why I came here?” Bryson asked his voice no longer containing any softness that he had initially greeted the earl with.

“To ask about the recent thefts.” Blizwarn said slowly suddenly very cautious of what he would say next.

“I said that was my original plan.” Bryson said. Kristel looked visually spooked by Bryson’s sudden change in attitude while Florence remained stone-faced and watched.


“Plan has changed.” Bryson said as he crossed his arms, “You're lying to me.”

“What? No! What do you mean?”

“There are no thefts.” Bryson spat.

“No! Preposterous why on-”

“You’re in debt. The police already know and I know. You have all these expensive items that cost a fortune to maintain. A fortune you do not have. The books say so.”

“I can easily pay for everything with other ways aside from banks.” Earl Blizwarn said indignant.

For the first time all day, Bryson smiled. It was a creepy mocking smile that showed nothing but ill intent towards Blizwar, “Really?” He asked.

Bryson then leaned backwards and with a bit of help from magic amplification, he shouted out, “Frost! Get over here!”

“Coming!” A voice called out to him. A moment later a rustling could be heard on the floor above them, then footsteps. Then the bright-eyed brunette-haired girl came flying down the stairs.

“Hey Bryson! I did what you asked.” She said cheerfully.

“What the- how did you get here?” Blizwarn shouted looking aghast.

“From a window. It was unlocked.” Lottie replied.

“The second-floor windows are all locked!”

“I know, that’s why I used a third-floor one.”

“You broke into my home! Lord Bryson this is ridiculous.”

“Trust me Earl Blizwarn. Her climbing around your home is the least of your worries right now.” Bryson said dismissively, “Frost, how many staff members did you see during your search?”

“Only three.”

“Three people to manage that big of a garden? That doesn’t sound very practical now does it?” Bryson asked glaring at Blizwarn.

“Well no-”

“Forst, did you spot any guards?”


“No guards either. Considering how much of an effort you make presenting yourself it feels strange that you are understaffed.” Bryson said before pausing, “Unless of course you are struggling with being able to maintain everything due to financial problems.”

“S-so? Even if I may not be in the best financial situation, it doesn’t mean I faked any of the robberies.” Earl Blizwarn stammered out.

“Then why do you have that ring on you?”

“Pardon?” Blizwarn said while his other hand immediately coming up to cover his ring.

“You lost that ring, strange that you never reported it before. But you lost it yet it’s right there.” Bryson said plainly.

“How do you-” He began before being cut off.

“Simple, Kristel told me.” Bryson said gesturing to her. Who in response went wide eyed and stiff.

“Who is she?” Earl Blizwarn said through gritted teeth.

“You don’t recognize her? Strange. You accused her of stealing your ring that was never found again.” Bryson said before looking to Kristel, “Isn’t that right.”

“Um…” Kristel looked hesitant, and Blizwarn used this opportunity to speak.

“This is ridiculous I have no idea what you are trying to insinuate!” Blizwarn said raising his voice.

“Kristel.” Bryson said mostly ignoring the earl now, “I need you to confirm everything. You need to be able to tell the truth.” He said gently to Kristel.

Kristel looked over to Bryson and simply stared at him for a few seconds before taking a deep breath and turning to Blizwarn. Looking at the seething Blizwarn, Kristel was surprised at the lack of fear she felt.

She knew the truth and she felt safe next to Bryson. Unlike the first time she had met Earl Blizwarn, he no longer looked like the big imposing bully. Now he looked meek, desperate trying to find a way to weasel himself out of this situation he put himself in.

“My name is Kristel. I was raised in the Blizwarn orphanage until over two months ago I was kicked after people said I stole your ring.” Kristel spoke out and Earl Blizwarn looked at her in disbelief.

“That was you?” Blizwarn said face going a bit pale.

“Yes. You claimed that you never found your ring. So why do you have it?” She said her voice for the first time since Bryson met her was gaining confidence.

“S-still that-” Blizwarn began before getting interrupted again.

“The orphanage can validate your claim.” Bryson interrupted again, “I checked the insurance agents working for you, that money has been claimed by you already. Of course no report of the police about the ring. So you were free to wear it afterwards.”

Earl Blizwarn looked at Bryson face red with rage and embarrassment. How dare this brat barge in and ruin everything he was doing? He was going to ruin everything, his name, his reputation. But what could Blizwarn do?

“Don’t worry I don’t intend to have you arrested.” Bryson said with a devilish grin.

“What?” Blizwarn said quietly, not liking the implication.

As Bryson was about to make his demands, the door suddenly burst open. Everyone in the room turned in shock and saw her. Duchess Coldwater standing before the doors flanked by members of the royal guard, looking as tall and regal as always.

“Mother?” Bryson exclaimed in disbelief.

“Good job Bryson. I will take it from here.” She said sweetly.