Chapter 2:

Two Bodies, One Mind

Reincarnated into Two Bodies

After gazing into space for a few seconds, the people in front of me told me to rest and headed out of the room. I looked into their faces as they left and I could tell, they were my parents.

The sense of familiarity, the loving gaze of them, it felt nostalgically warm…

I looked at my surroundings, trying to get a bearing on my situation.

My visions felt like they overlapped, yet so distinct. If I had to describe how it felt, it would be as if your left eye was in a different room than your right eye. I could still see things clearly, yes, but with double vision.

In one vision, I found myself in a simple, a bit run-down room with wooden shutters, a plain door, and a homemade shelf. Though it was my first time in this room, I felt a calming sense of familiarity, as if I had been living here my whole life.

It wasn’t an ideal room, I could hear every creak for every footstep inside the house, suspiciously clearly mind you, but it was at least more spacious than the apartment room I had in my previous life.

In my other vision, it was the total opposite. An opulent room so large it felt like a house, with a glass door leading to a balcony, white walls adorned with gold accents, and a golden chandelier that was almost blinding to my eyes.

I felt at home here, as if nothing was out of the ordinary, which was weird as hell. Living in a room like this was my life’s goal, before being reincarnated at least. The fact that I felt nothing as I lay there was… disappointing.

The sheer difference in living conditions and wealth between my two visions was jarring. It was clear I was no longer in my original world.

Medieval era, huh?

Okay, so I was reincarnated… or transmigrated? I didn’t know. I should have been shocked by the fact that I was alive in the first place, yet I was confused more than anything.

Two sets of vision, two sets of hands in front of me, two senses of hearing… I couldn’t believe it…

““I have two bodies?!”” Both of us shouted.

Not wanting to catch the attention of “my” parents who just left. I quickly closed my mouths, simultaneously. Both of my bodies seemed to move in sync, which was a problem.

I set that aside, however, as another jarring problem arose within me. Memories.

Inside me, I could read, no, feel three distinct memories of the lives “I” lived. First, there was a memory of a soulless secretary working for a company with no future, AKA, my past life. I ignored that depressing part of my life and looked into my other two memories, ones belonging to this new world.

One memory, belonging to my body inside the modest wooden house, was that of a farmer’s son, Feyt. a fifteen-year-old with sun-kissed blonde hair and eyes as blue as the summer sky.

The memory came naturally to me, showing me a life where I lived a modest yet cheerful life. Tending the fields, laughing with my family, saving every copper we could.

Sounds like a relaxing, yet labor-filled, life.

The other memory, belonging to the other body nestled in luxury, was that of a duke’s daughter, Carine Sareid. Fifteen years old, the same age as Feyt, she has hair as dark as the night and sharp green jade eyes.

Unlike Feyt’s more simple life, Carine’s memories showed me a life dedicated to etiquette, courtly intrigue, and the way of the swords.

As the sole heir of the Sareid Duchy, I was trained since birth to take over the Sareid’s famous sword style as well as its vast territory and political power.

Seems like a busy life, but with amazing luxuries.

I was oversimplifying things, but that was the gist of “my” lives. These memories, reliving them felt as natural as breathing and I began to wonder…

Had I always been Feyt and Carine reincarnated and only just received my previous life’s memories?

That doesn’t explain how the two of them didn’t have any memories of ever sharing senses.

Then I was transmigrated then? But even that didn’t explain how familiar I was with everything around me.

I shook my heads, dismissing those questions. I couldn’t give a concrete answer anyway, so I moved on to my next problem, control.

When I tried turning one of my heads, both of my heads moved. When I said something, again, both of my mouths moved. I couldn’t control my bodies individually.

How could I live a normal life, let alone a double life like this? I needed a solution, fast.

Surprisingly, the answer was simple.

After several experiments, I noticed that focus played a key role. By basically ignoring Carine’s presence, loosening my focus on her, any movement I made as Feyt was barely mirrored by her. This was far from a perfect solution, but for now, it would have to do.

As I was trying more stuff to see how I would control myselves, a knock came from Carine’s door.

“Lady Carine? Are you awake?” A monotone, feminine voice sounded from beyond the white wooden door. “May I enter? I’ve brought breakfast.”

Breakfast? I didn’t notice I was starving. I was about to let the woman outside enter until I heard another knock, this time from Feyt’s side of things.

“Feyt, honey? Mommy’s coming in, alright? I brought your favorite soup for breakfast!” A cheerful voice said behind the wooden door.

““Come in!”” I said accidentally simultaneously. I immediately palmed my mouths again.

This is getting annoying.

Kodomo Komodo