Chapter 1:

Can I tell you a story part 1

Shuvu arie no monogatari volume 5


Senior Matou met Nanase.Nanase didn't accept the handshaking with senior.I thought that she was just not feeling comfortable.But it was more than that.Did I realised it?Didn't I realise it?Or I realised it but didn't want to admit it?

We had to watch over of some important people who were going to attend to a ball.Nanase suggested we could go disguisted to the ball and protect them.Senior Matou had a different opinion.Until she told me that if I had to accept Nanase's idea or not.

Since when I became the centre of attention?So I accepted Nanase's idea and we made a plan.


I don't know why but there was something in the atmosphere that made things uncomfortable.I thought that I was the only one who noticed.The meeting was over.So I called Elijah to my house to have a cup of tea.

It is quite rare to find someone who enjoys both tea and eating something sweet.


"What is it?"

"Well...Senior Matou and Nanase don't get along with.Also she looked dissatisfied when Chkage agreed with Nanase."

"We are thinking exactly the same,Erina."

"Senior Matou likes Chikage."

"Chikage and Nanase have something special and Marin Matou is envy."

Elijah is right.

"Can I tell you a story?"

"Yes please."

"I was never a part of a noble family to begin with.I was born in a regular family.I don't remember many things from my past life.One day my parents brought me to Epinay mansion.It was enormus.It was like a palace.One of the servants welcomed me and took me in the mansion.That was the last time I saw my parents.I don't even remember how they look like."

"Oh I am sorry to hear that.But please go on."


She actually wanted to listen?I thought she may feel disgusted.But no.Her aqua eyes were honest.

The servant was named Finn.He introduced me to owners.A tall handsome man with auburn brown hair and blue eyes.Next to him was his wife.She had silver hair and red eyes.The one who came closer to me was her.


She touched my cheeks with those warm hands.I got embarassed.

"Oh you are so cute.From now on you are going to be staying here with us."

"It honor..."

"You don't need to be so formal.My name is Dalian de Bois."

Then Dalian's husband approached me.

"From now on this is going to be your new home.My name is Albert Epinay.What is your name young man?"


"Luca...I have a better name.How about Elijah?" 

"Eli...jah?Sounds good." I said 

"Do you like it Albert?"

"Yes honey,I really do.From now on you are Elijah Epinay."

He patted my hand.I felt many multiple emotions.I was going to have my own room.And I was going to have a tutor to teach me about good manners.

One day I was so embaressed for breaking the vase that I punished myself for that.I was locked in my room without having dinner.

Darian realised it.She knocked on my door.

"Elijah,please open up."

I unlocked the door.Then she came in.

"I am sorry for breaking that vase.It was an accident."

" shouldn't worry about it.It was just a vase."

I was shocked.She wasn't angry.But she saw the bandage to my hand.

"I was really worried about you..."

I started crying and she saw my tears.She embraced me.

"I want to be honest with you.Your parents sold you in order to gain money."

I wasn't suprised to be honest.I thought about it.But I didn't say anything.

"Albert and I love each other a lot.But there is a problem.We can't have children.Therefore I wanted to be by his side.So I  suggested to adopt a child and he agreed."

My "parents" just traded me in exchange of money.But even though Albert and Darian had everything.Yet they couldn't have  children.Darian and Albert were full of kindness.

So we went to the dinning room.

"I am sorry father,mother for breaking the vase."

Both of them were in shock.Darian was crying from joy.To be honest the part of "father,mother" came unconsciously to me.

Father appreciated my honesty and we had dinner.


Suddenly I saw Erina in tears.


"I am sorry sometimes I can get too emotional."

I offered her a handkerchief.