Chapter 5:

My Lord and My Lady

Reincarnated into Two Bodies

Both of us were alone, I couldn’t just sit on my bed and wait. It was the perfect time to learn how to walk.

Seriously, I was like a newborn baby with the things I had to learn.

I stood up from my beds and tried walking as Feyt and Carine. Both of my rooms’ layouts couldn’t be more different, so it wasn’t easy.

I took things slow, one step as Carine, the next as Feyt, and another as Carine. Gradually, I traversed the room fully, but my movements were so rigid it was as if I was in a military march.

Maybe I’m overfocusing on walking?

Walking is something you do naturally, after all. If you were to focus on it, it becomes clunky. I mean, I was breathing simultaneously as Feyt and Carine just fine, right?


The moment I asked that question to myself, I started breathing manually. I shook my heads, no time for jokes.

““Okay!”” I hyped myselves up with slaps to my cheeks.

Time to focus!

Wait, no... I shouldn’t focus… it has to be natural!

But, I need to focus to move… wait... what? How does this work again?

In the upper floors of the Sareid Mansion, Leila approached her lord’s office. She knocked on the ornate wooden door painted in white.

“Come in,” a rough voice said beyond the door.

Leila opened the door to find her lord busy with paperwork. Soft morning light poured from the window behind him as he worked.

“Forgive my interruption, My Lord.”

“You didn’t interrupt anything, Leila.” Kyrat placed his papers and glasses on the table. He looked up to Leila as he asked, “How is Carine? She’s resting well, I hope?”

“Thankfully, Lady Carine’s injury doesn’t seem serious.”

“Good, good. But please make sure she is taken care of carefully. Don’t get me wrong, Leila. I know it was just a wooden sword, nothing too serious, but being cautious won’t hurt.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

“Well then, anything else you would like to report, Leila?”

“Yes, I have instructed Lady Carine to follow through with today’s schedule. In an hour, she would be attending her etiquette–”

“Are you crazy?!” A sudden boom reverberated across the room. Kyrat had slammed his fists on his table, causing several cracks to appear. Leila remained unflinched. “She injured her head and you’re sending her to train, now?! What if she had a concussion?! Let her rest for a few days! No, weeks!”

Despite saying ‘It was just a wooden sword’ moments earlier, he acted as if Carine was moments from death.

“My Lord, if I may,” Leila interrupted. “This was Lady Reina’s direct order.”

“Huh?” Kyrat’s movement stopped abruptly.

His anger dissipated as quickly as it had come. Sitting back down on his chair, he cleared his throat.

“W-well, I guess I’ll… talk to her about it later. Thank you, Leila. You may leave.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

Leila left her lord’s office with a bow. Leila didn’t waste any time as she headed down the hallway to her next destination: Lady Reina’s art room.

The hallway led to a set of white double doors carved with intricate patterns. Leila approached and knocked gently.


Leila stepped inside, there she found her lady seated at an easel, holding a brush gliding over a canvas. The room’s large windows let in natural light, bathing her lady’s countless paintings that adorned the walls.

“Forgive my interruption, Lady Reina.”

“What is it, Leila?” Reina responded, her attention still solely on the painting in front of her.

“I have just spoken with Lord Kyrat regarding Lady Carine's condition. He insisted she should rest and avoid her training schedule.”

Reina sighed, setting her brush down on a table. “Of course he did. Always overreacting.”

“He seemed rather adamant about it, Lady Reina.”

Reina stood and opened her window doors, walking to a balcony outside. Gentle gusts of wind hit Leila’s unmoving face.

“Don’t get me wrong, Leila. I too don’t want to push my daughter this hard,” Reina said. “But, she will attend the academy in just two years, her Debutante too, also in two years. We have no time to waste.”

Carine was already confirmed to have a seat in the academy due to her status. The academy itself isn’t hard to pass as it is more of a formality. Leila pondered why her lady was so adamant about Carine’s study, yet didn’t dare to ask.

“Very well. I shall inform her to prepare for her lessons as planned.”

As she turned to leave, Reina's voice stopped her in her tracks. "Wait a moment," she said, her tone hesitant. "I suppose… a short rest would be beneficial. I will cancel the plans for the history lessons, the governing class, and the sword practice. Make sure she attends the rest of the classes, but if she were to look sick or uncomfortable at any time during any of her lessons, take her to rest.”

This was a scene Leila had seen many times. Her lady has always tried her best to be harsh to Carine, to push her to the limits, but she doesn’t ever seem to be able to do so without worrying immensely.

Leila nodded, “Understood.”

Reina returned to her easel, picking up her brush. “That is all, Leila. You may leave.”

“Yes, My Lady.”

Leila left the art room and closed the door gently. In the hallway, she stood still and pondered on what to do next.

The dishes were done, the hallways were clean, and the clothes were already hung outside. It was times like these that Leila felt… uneasy.

Carine’s etiquette lesson wasn’t for another hour, she could just accompany her until then, tending to her every need. But, she sensed that Carine would want to be left alone to rest for a moment, so she refrained.

I guess… I could rest?

Leila walked to her room downstairs and entered her neatly organized room. As Carine’s personal maid, her room was located near Carine’s; almost right next to it, in fact. She sat on her bed, her hands folded neatly on her lap, but her mind couldn’t settle.

There has to be something I could do, she thought. Carine might call for me soon; it is best if I stay close, she convinced herself.

After a minute of fidgeting, Leila stood up. She straightened her already perfect bedsheets one last time before heading to Carine’s room.

She stationed herself outside the door like a gatekeeper, ready to enter the moment Carine rang the bell. She could hear Carine walking around her room, perhaps she was getting some warm-ups in.

Wasn’t she supposed to be resting?

“One! Two! One! Two—Agh! Dammit, I need to keep it natural! Why do I keep focusing on this?!”

Carine was saying… rather peculiar things. Was that enough reason to enter her room and assist her?

Surely, it was.

Unable to resist the pull of duty any longer, Leila gently knocked on Carine’s door.

“My Lady? Is everything alright?”

“My Lady? Is everything alright?” A voice asked beyond the door.

I froze mid-step. I was struggling to not focus on walking simultaneously I didn’t realize I was talking out loud as Carine.

“Y-yeah, I’m alright, Leila!”

“Are you perhaps warming up? Shall I come in and assist?”

“N-no need Leila! I think I’ll manage! Just… I need some time alone, if you don’t mind?”

“Is that so?” Leila said, pausing for a moment. “Very well, feel free to call for me if you ever need assistance, My Lady.”

“O-of course!”

I could hear Leila walking away and I breathed a sigh of relief. Thankfully, no one came to check up on Feyt so I didn’t have to juggle between conversations… yet.

I would train my speech more before the etiquette lesson so things would go more smoothly there, but if I couldn’t even walk there, what’s the point?

I slumped my heads down.

Seriously, why is walking so hard?!

Kodomo Komodo