Chapter 1:

How did I end up here...?

Stranded in the homeland

Uhh... what am I doing here...?

Stalor, the third strongest hero in Japan. Actually, of the whole world, since the hero association was located in Tokyo. Green messy hair, green eyes, but the right one is covered by his bangs. A hole in his stomach, another in his brain. He was wearing a simple shirt, even though he was fighting a very powerful being minutes ago. Also, white futuristic shoes.

Ah, right... I was fighting someone... Who was it, again? My head hurts... I have to go back...

Stalor looked down to see his body and where he was. He was pierced by a big branch on top of a tree. He used his legs to support himself in the other branches, pushing his body upwards. He managed to leave that painful position, but his sense of balance was really bad. He was trying to grab something to climb down safely, but he slipped and fell directly towards the ground.

However, he did not touch it. When he realized, he was in the sky in a sunny day, even though it was night just now. He fell through a circular portal that closed right after that. He looked everywhere to know where he was. It was somewhat familiar, but he didn't remember why. A vast sandstone desert. He was falling much quicker than usual, so he panicked a bit.

Where is this...? This isn't Earth, since the gravity is so strong...

When he was about to touch the ground, he remembered that his shoes could throw a strong wind in whatever direction he wanted. So he swinged his feet towards the ground, releasing an air current that decreased his speed. He still fell on the hard ground. He got up slowly, trying to maintain his balance. There were several people around him, looking at the show he just put on.

What is this, a fair...?

He was in the middle of a huge fair, where different people gathered to buy and sell things. He felt like he had seen that before, but not sure where or when. He finally noticed a colossal staircase that led to an even larger dark castle near him.

A castle? So this is a monarchy... I can ask help to the king, and maybe he knows how to get me back to my world...

He started walking slowly, trying not to fall due to the strong gravity. He was almost reaching the staircase, but a guard was in front of it and stopped him. 

— Stop right there. If you have business with the king, you have two options: wait here until he gives an order or defeat me.

What language is this? And how can I understand it clearly?

The guard was speaking an unknown language, but Stalor could understand it somehow. He finally realized that the guard was much bigger than him and was wearing an imposing black armor.

— Defeat you, huh...? I don't have time for that, excuse me...

Stalor pushed the guard aside and resumed walking towards the staircase. In response, the guard pushed him away brutally and landed a kick on his already damaged stomach. He was sent a few meters away and experienced a sharp pain. The world was spinning around him and he felt a vomiting urge.

Wait, I have a power... what was it again?

— Go to an infirmary immediately and never defy a royal guard again.

— I said I don't have time for that bullshit...

Stalor returned walking towards the staircase, ignoring the guard's warning. Since it was his job to defend the staircase, he was not angry or disappointed. He was just following an order and being an obedient soldier. He prepared to punch him in the stomach again to make him pass out and stop hurting himself for no reason.

I'm just doing what's necessary. I will only hurt him as much as necessary.

The guard threw a punch with immense strength, enough to make anyone pass out for at least a few days. Stalor didn't react to it. However, the armored fist was vaporized instantly.

What?! I didn't see anything!

— S-So you chose to defeat me? Alright, prepare yourself.

— How could I forget my own power? Something is wrong with me.

— So this is your power? Prepare to die.

Now, it's a matter of life and death. I'll give my all.

Stalor didn't stop walking. He was unfazed by the guard's determination. He threw a kick to his head, aiming for the hole in his brain. His leg turned into water and spilled on the ground.

What is this power?! I never saw something like that before!

— This seems like a different planet from mine, but nitrogen is still the predominant gas in the atmosphere.

What is he talking about? Is his power related to gases somehow? It doesn't matter, I can just hit him from distance.

The guard took a dagger from his waist and threw towards Stalor. It transformed into harmless bubbles.

I can't destroy everything here, the king would be furious! I'll just have to use my maximum strength at once!

The guard advanced towards Stalor with an intense leap from his only leg, about to land a headbutt. His head and body turned into the sandstone of the biome, dying instantly.

This sandstone isn't much different from Tokyo. Something's off. Does that really matter? I have to find a way back home before my adrenaline runs out.

Everyone nearby looked at him easily murdering a royal guard. A boy with green short hair and a brown cloak was more than surprised.

Stalor... Is that you?

He ran towards Stalor, who was climbing the stairs.

— Stalor? Is that really you?

He didn't pay attention to the stranger talking to him. He was bleeding too much to waste any time. The boy walked on his front and opened his arms, trying to block his path.

— Stalor! Do you remember me?

— Huh...?

Stalor looked at the boy with more attention. He did seem familiar, but not enough to be worth his time. The boy noticed the massive injuries in his body.

— Oh my god, you're dying! I'm sorry, I'll teleport you to our home, we'll heal you from there!

Can I trust him? Well, I guess I can kill anyone with my power if they try something funny...

— Please let me touch you, so I can send you there!

Stalor hesitated for a bit, since it could be a trap. But he looked away, giving permission to do so. The boy touched his chest with his palm.