Chapter 1:

The truth behind Nanase

Shuvu arie no monogatari volume 6


Chikage explained to us that Lars,the former master was the puppet master behind the past and the current incident.

But we had no idea what are his real motives.

"The Shukenja isn't my guild anymore.So I want to make a new guild.Do you want to join me?"

Yukio,Erina,Elijah and Renata agreed to join Chikage.Chikage found a name.It was going to be called Danjonmasuta.

One week has passed.We had no dea what happened to Lars.But we knew he was alive.While I was passing by I found a woman around her fifties.She was bleeding.

I healed her.She woke up.Chikage saw her.Her name was Akiko.

"I finally found you Nanase..."

I didn't understand what she mean.

"I know Motoko died and you would need answers for your past."

I hesitated to ask.So I went outside.Chikage was there.

"Chikage,do you want to stay next to me while I am going to learn about my past?"

"Yes,I do."

We went back inside.Akiko started talking about the past.

"Your father was the Earl of Kyoto,Sunao Kyujyo.He was married with an other woman.Then he fell in love for your mother,Kanako Sakuraba.Kanako was the daughter of Baron Itsuki Sakuraba of Tokyo.

He had a divorce from his wife so he could be with her.Many people were against his decision.But for your father it was the first time he ever got the chance to decide for himself.

They moved to Shinjuku,they married  and had a peaceful life.Sakuraba family and Kyujyo family were unique.Unlike normal mages Sakuraba family don't age with the same way.

Therefore members of Sakuraba family can fall into a deep slumber for thirty years.Suddenly someone in South Korea planned to murder your mother along with you.But your father was the one who sacrificed himself to save you."

I was in shock.I didn't know what to say.

"I was a good friend of your mother.I was the one who took you at the hospital.When I talked with Motoko while you were in Paris,I told her everything about you.I knew she was going to be a good teacher.I made her a promise to tell you the truth about your past.The man at the hospital,was an assassin in reality."

Now everything made sense to me.I didn't know what to say.My hand was trembling but Chikage holded my hand.We let Akiko to rest.