Chapter 1:

The ultimate goal

Shuvu arie no monogatari volume 7


We all gathered to Chikage's house.Nanase and Chikage investgated and learned the ultimate goal of Lars.Chikage mentioned he went to Kyoto with Nanase to investigate.Before dying,one of Lar's spies,Olivier after his battle said everything for Lar's goal.

Chikage said that Lars wants the crown of the last Demon King.If the crown falls into the wrong hands,the world is doomed.

The crown is hidden inside the dungeons.We had no choice but to hurry.Time was passing fast.We need to catch up to him.

Chikage asks from both Yukio and me to talk.He talked about his past and Nanase.

"Yukio,Elijah promise me that if I don't make it when the time of Nanase's slumber will come someone of you,he will taker her to her there."

I couldn't stand it.I just punched him.

"What the hell Elijah?"

"Will you stop doubting yourself?!I know you are in pain.But for once be honest and confess your real feelings."

Chikage thought about what I said to him.Yukio tried to calm us down.

"Chikage...I am going to be the one who will take Nanase when the time comes."

We had a handshake.


This agony,the anxiety of the final battle...I can't bear it.I am scared.But we have to do this.If we don't stop Lars now,the world will stop to exist.

But why I had a feeling like something was going to happen?The girls realised how anxious I was.So they tried to calm me down.Not to mention I had my first kiss with Elijah!

How do I face him now?I am so embarrased.Even Elijah realised that I was anxious.He holded my hand.

"Don't worry.I am here."

I nodded.

"Thank you Elijah."

All of us entered the dungeon.Quite odd usually the dungeons are filled with different creatures.Everything was so quiet.

This silence was what was worrying me.Then we sensed the danger.Giant centipedes.I warned them to be aware because they are poisonus.We used our weapons.

They weren't the stongest oppoments but they are tough ones.Easy level...completed.

Normal level started.

"You guys go ahead."Yukio said

Renata also holded Yukio's hand.

"I am staying here with Yukio.Go foward."

All of us agreed and we left them behind.So this means the hardested levels start right now.