Chapter 1:

Virgil's mate part 1

Gurren Shinigami:Aka moji


Milan,just like Paris it is called "city of fashion".My unlce had a cottage in Milan so we could stay here with Virgil.

"It really is lovely Reggina."

"I am glad you like it.I used to like coming to Milan when I needed to rest.But now it is going to be temporary."

It always brings me peace this little place.

"Reggina,is that you father?"

"Yes this is my dad Louis.In reality he is actually my uncle.My parents,Heather and Austin were still in high school when I was born.Louis,Heather's brother was the one who raised me.He and my father were the ones who stopped my mother from doing abortion.Also Austin rejected me too."

"Why would he reject you?"

"At twelve months as a baby I showed signs of autism.So Austin didn't want me.And papa Louis was the one who adopted me."

Virgil just embraced me.

"I am not sad.I don't miss them at all.Louis is my dad.The dad I always  wanted.And he didn't mind for calling him dad."

Virgil and I had an afternoon tea.

"I don't remember when was the last time I enjoyed such a peace."

"I know honey.It scares me that I will wake up and it will turn out it was all just a dream."

Virgil stroked my cheek and gave me a kiss.

"Do you regret it Virgil?"

"No.I want to start a new life with the remaining time I have with you.I don't have any regrets."

Just like Virgil I don't know how much time I had left.But I wanted to make a new life with Virgil.I also asked him to talk to me about Chise.

"Chise was a wolf just like Byakuya.All of us we were friends.Or this is what I thought.I always had a crush on Chise.But I was never brave enough to tell her.I remember that she said that Byakuya and her were in a relationship and they would get married.Because they were mates.

That was the reason I never thought to find a mate.I thought Chise was her.And one night Chise came to me.She had a fight with Byakuya.That night was the night I destroyed everything.

I betrayed my best friend because I slept with Chise.Both of us we were drunk so we didn't know what happened.After that night I distanced myself in order not to cause any trouble."

"How did you learn that Kamui is your son?"

"I received a letter.Chise and Byakuya tried so many times to have a child together.She realised she was pregnant after that night we shared.But she thought it was Byakuya's son.So she did a dna test.

She didn't hate me.She said she was happy about learning she would have a baby.She still felt guilty for what happened.But she thanked me.She also wished to me to find someone to love."

I guess Virgil still loved Chise.I will never be like her.Doubts were starting poisoning my mind.