Chapter 1:

Meet Kaitlyn Beatrice

Dad.... Hide Your Identity!

In a rundown apartment near the squatter's area located at Spark City, a twenty five year old woman was lying on an old sofa while eating instant noodles. 
She was watching a television program named ‘Gossip in a Minute!’ The show's focus was on different famous people, varied from young actors and actresses, teen stars, and adult ones. It also featured news regarding famous local business tycoons, be it locally or internationally. 
And now, they're currently featuring the news regarding Alphonse Ricard Mendes, a famous wealthy businessman, and a bachelor at that. 
Well, he has been a widower and already had a kid, but that was a long time ago so technically, he was referred to as a bachelor. 
He has been a successful businessman even at a young age, so he got a lot of fans, and was admired by many, especially those teenage girls and single women. Alphonse Ricard was the envy of many men and teenage boys. 
But well, who could blame those girls and women? Even her, a woman who was typically weary of men was attracted to that fairy-like beauty of his and those kissable lips….
Kaitlyn suddenly snapped out of her thoughts, and knocked on her head twice. “Oh, shut up brain! I don't like that guy!”
Hmph! Why am I thinking of that guy? He's not my cup of tea, besides, we don't even know each other personally. I know of him because he's famous and has that kissable red li—
Kaitlyn angrily knocked her fist on her head again. “Stop it, you idiot!” 
After calming herself up, she picked up the noodles then continued to eat. She refocused on the news while eating. 
“–will hold the annual National Business Association Conference at Sunshine Hotel, a famous five-star hotel, located at the town center of the Spark City.” 
When will that conference happen? Why did they want to hold it here, out of all places in this big country?! 
Why, oh why? 
They shouldn't do that here in the first place! How would people here in this area be on time on their jobs? How about those elderly vendors that are selling on the streets? 
They would be all doomed! 
The security officials here will surely barricade and block the roads! And they, the people here, would have to walk from Damian street up to Liola street for them to be able to ride a bus and jeepney. And those that needed to ride the train will have to ride twice or walk further than the 2 kilometers from Damian to Liola street, if they have no enough money.

Kaitlyn banged her fist to the sofa's armrest. “This is unacceptable!” 
She was angry, not because of herself, but rather for those older people and her mother. Mama wasn't a senior yet, but she still has to carry a heavy bag that contains the product that she has to sell or deliver. It would be very difficult for her. 
Kaitlyn clenched her fist, but tried to calm herself by encouraging her own person. “ Calm down Kaitlyn Beatrice! Just help your mother then, you stupid woman!” 

She picked up her phone, pressed the answer button hurriedly, then asked “Hello? Who is this?” 
It was just a number, so Kaitlyn had to politely and calmly asked. There was no trace of being angry in her voice, unlike earlier.
“Hello? Who is this?” She asked politely and respectfully.
“Hi ma'am, is this Miss Kaitlyn Beatrice Cruz's number?” A sweet, melodious voice that still carried a professional tone spoke at the other end.
“Oh, yes! That's me. What can I do for you ma'am?”
“ I am from Mueza Group of Company. Our HR Department saw your job application, and would like to invite you for an interview.”
Kaitlyn barely contained the excitement in her voice, she almost yelled her reply. “Really?! Can I please know the details of the interview?”
 She grabbed the pen and notebook that was always near her, almost wherever she went. 
“It's on this Friday,––”
The woman on the other line told her all the details that Kaitlyn needed for her to go to her interview, while she listed it on. 
After they both had said their goodbyes, Kaitlyn can't hold her scream anymore, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” 
She hadn't noticed that her mother and brother had long risen up because of her yelling.
“Fire! Where's the fire?!? Help! There's a–”As soon as Kaitlyn realized that her mother was awakened by her shouting, she immediately covered her mom's mouth, lest she really cause a big trouble for them. Their neighbors would surely be mad at them.
“Ma! There's no fire! You shouldn't disturb our neighbors with a false alarm.” 
Her mother removed Kaitlyn's hand that was covering her mouth then pinched her while saying, “What!? You disturbed my beauty rest because of your yelling, you ugly girl! And you're telling me now that there's no fire?!”
“Ouch! Ma! It hurts!” Kaitlyn complained, then she inspected her arms.
“Look, ma! My arm is so red now! This will surely turn into a yellowish or purple tomorrow!” she complained like a spoiled child.
“Shut up! You deserve it for ruining my beauty rest!”
“What beauty rest ma? You still looked ugly, no!” Kaitlyn teased her mother. “You–!” Mrs. Cruz's face turned red from anger, so her son butted in their conversation now.
“Older sister, ma! Stop teasing each other now. You will both look like an ugly monster tomorrow if we don't all sleep now!” Rinz reminded the both of them that it was already 10 in the evening by now, so the three of them got inside their bedrooms.
The Mueza that she had applied to,was a twenty-four seven five-star restaurant, and even their office employees had a night shifting time, so it's not a scam that she was called at night-time.
She'll just tell her family tomorrow.
At four o'clock the next morning, Kaitlyn woke up. Then she started cooking breakfast after she finished washing her face.
She was humming a song when she heard her brother's greetings, “Good morning ate Kait!” 
She flinched out of surprise, turned around then scolded Kaiden. “You rascal! Why are you scaring your older sister to death!?” 
"Pfft. Ate,I didn't scare you! Y- yo- you're the one who's easily scared no!” Kaiden tried to suppress his laughter, but didn't succeed in the end. He ended up bending forward while laughing and holding his stomach.
“Rascal! I'll make you pay later, just wait and see!” Kait stomped her feet in annoyance. 
“Hey, you two, stop being so loud so early in the morning!” 
They both greeted their mother after she had reprimanded them. 
“Good morning ma!” 
“What's so good in the morning when it's the two ugly people who greet you?” Mrs. Karen Cruz fake sneered on her children.
“Ma, we're not ugly! If we are, then you and papa are both ugly too!” Kait then harrumphed on her mother. 
This was their usual morning banter. Even when her father was here, they didn't skip on such banters. They were even more livier!
“Anyway, why are you awake earlier than usual?” Karen then asked her daughter. Kaitlyn usually wakes at four thirty in the morning, but it's just only a quarter after four.
“Well…. I got a job interview at nine, you know how much traffic there is on the way to the nearest Mueza branch.” Kait explained.
“Oh, yes! There's so much traffic, especially in the morning and afternoon. Good luck to you, dear!” Karen was so happy for her daughter.
“Yes ma! Thank you!” 
Kaitlyn hugged her mother, but was pushed by Kaiden, “Hey! Why are you hogging mama?!” 

“Aww!~ Our baby boy is jealous!” 
“No, I'm not!”
Words used definitions:

Ate- pronounced as a-te (a as in Apple) meaning older sister.
Kait- pronounced as Keith, Kaitlyn's nickname.

Dad.... Hide Your Identity!