Chapter 1:

What a sweet return to home country

Shuvu arie no monogatari:Gorudenhato



Elijah and I started dating.Elijah suggested to go at Britannia and he wanted to meet my family.Elijah had a little cottage to Britannia.It wasn't far away from my house.

We arrived in my home country.Two days later I visited my mum.Mum invited me and Elijah for dinner and to dad's birthday party.

When I came back at our little cottage and I told Elijah,he accepted both of invitations.


I came back from work.Eleanor and Terry welcomed me.

"If there is tea,this means we had a visitor."

"Yes.It was Erina.She is coming for dinner and to your party.She also has a boyfriend."


Erina is daddy's girl so Tristan can be a littlle emotional.

"Please don't be rude to our guest."

"I won't."


Eleanor gave me a kiss.Eleanor made the dinner with our servants.She wanted everything to be perfect.The night came.Erina came.

I embraced her.

"Hello dad."

"My little Erina!"

After finishing embracing, Erinaa young man appeared.He had white silver hair and yellow eyes.

"Lord and Lady Wingates it is a pleasure meeting you.My name is Elijah Epinay."

"Now don't be so formal.Please call us by our first names.I am Eleanor Wingates Jones.This is my husband,Tristan."

"I am Tristan Wingates.Welcome young man."

We made a handshake.During the dinner my wife asked Eljah if he is French.And yes,he is French.

He doesn't look like a bad guy.Eleanor told me I am an protective father.I know I am.I just want to know that Erina is going to be happy with the man she loves.

Elijah was always talking and watching Erina.It was enjoyable having my daugther and her boyfriend for dinner.

The next day I called Elijah to speak in private.Elijah  told me about his past.He wasn't a biological son of the Epinay family but he really is a gentle man.

He also told me about what happened to Erina the past few months to Japan.Elijah didn't push her away.He stayed by her side while she was still grieving.

"Do you love Erina?"

"I do,with all my heart.She is everything to me.Sir I also want your permission to marry Erina."

Elijah is a serious and kind man.He treats my daughter like she is a glass.He wouldn't leave anyone to harm or break her.

His eyes and his words...He is really in love with my little Erina.I smirked.

"I am going to be happy before passing away because my daughter has a man who is going to do anything for her to be happy.

You weren't born as a noble.But you have gentle heart which many nobles lack nowadays.I know she is going to be happy because of you.You have my blessings.Welcome to our family"

We had a handshake and a hug as a father with his son.So Elijah thanked me and he left.Eleanor came after a whie.

"Tristan,please don't tell me you said something rude to Elijah."

"Contrariwise,I just gave him my blessing.Either if he marries our little princess or not he now our family.I know I can trust him."

Eleanor embraced me.

"You are unbelievable."

Eleanor and I kissed.So we went inside and had our afternoon tea.