Chapter 14:

Volume 2 ❀ Prologue: Under The Quiet Moon ~ Fantastic Digital Star


Inside a dark room, even the ticking of a small table clock had a relaxed feeling, as if it was a heartbeat at rest. However, at the same time, it was like a place out of time, a place to rest without consequence. The darkness in that way was a sanctuary, a place to recharge and forget the things the world said had to be done.Bookmark here

A silhouette swayed and moved in front of the only piece of furniture, or so to say, that brought some light.Bookmark here

Reaching for the bedside table where the clock was located, a hand reached what seemed to be a bag of gummi bears. Colourfully spread under the closed room, the only one that laid in complete and utter solitude were the green ones, probably meaning that the silhouette had something against apple flavoured food.Bookmark here

Clack. Clack. Clack.Bookmark here

Furious sounds could be heard coming from their fingers hitting the keyboard while some long, black hair fell and laid stranded not bothering them at all.Bookmark here

Rolling the mouse wheel, it was pretty obvious as of now that what was causing the light was a computer screen, which seemed to be high tier. Covered in white, it made a huge contrast against the gloomy atmosphere.Bookmark here

The shadowy figure moved backwards, their rolling chair reaching in a quaint manner the curtains against the window. Gracefully, sliding their fingers onto the fabric, they opened it up to reveal a starry sky. The moon observed their every action, caramel coloured eyes shining in their reflection.Bookmark here

Sighing, they went back to work. What had them so invested and on edge?Bookmark here

"I'm sick of these internet... whatchamacallit? Trolls? I dunno, but they are a bloody hell of a nuisance to deal with. I can't just delete their comments because that would mean I'm giving them what they want, but at the same time if I make a witty response it might escalate and the least I need right now is something to damage my reputation! I need to think of witty responses for these nitpicking demons."Bookmark here

Yet everything they wrote amounted to nothing.Bookmark here

"This is so frustrating, hmph!"Bookmark here

They spun on their chair, going round and round.Bookmark here

"Magical girls do exist, you dipshit!"Bookmark here

And it went on and on until they ran out of fuel.Bookmark here

Closing their eyes, they took another gummi bear that wasn't apple flavoured and munched it slowly, savouring its artificial taste.Bookmark here

"Sleeping is the best answer to all of this."Bookmark here

If they could even do so in the first place given their current state of affairs. Yet, as of now, we won't delve into them too much.Bookmark here

They constantly dreamed of the same place. They only knew that it was dark, a place where the darkness reigned. The light was slowly blossoming with the dew of the night, and nothing made sense, except when they woke up because, when they did, the coldness and loneliness enveloped them.Bookmark here

Always alone inside that cooped up world, hence why some fantasy had to be made to spice things up, don't you think?Bookmark here

They straightened up in bed, rubbing their right eye gently; then the left one. A yawn that seemed a whisper escaped their lips, stinging after finishing. The sheets felt harsh, the pure cream colour irritated their retinas no matter how much the curtains covered the quiet moon.Bookmark here

"I guess this sleepless night calls for this digital beauty to make it all sparkly."Bookmark here

And thus, the clock's hand ticked 3 AM.Bookmark here

The hour where they opened up the window without hesitation, sprinting right out of bed, and jumping from a twelve-floor building, while a peculiar glint of light emanated from their chest. However, unbeknownst to them, The Observer had finally found the last piece of a puzzle they had been pursuing for at least a month.Bookmark here

"That took quite some time, Star." They whispered under the moonlight, atop of another far-off building. "Definitely a suiting codename instead of calling you by a number."Bookmark here

"Right? Right? Wasn't it pure genius?"Bookmark here

A high pitched voice could be heard.Bookmark here

The silent moon that extends into the starry sky reflects despair dyed with crimson. Red eyes as the same blood that flows inside every human body shimmered in anticipation. Blonde hair swaying from the sudden breeze that hastily blew giving an overdramatic effect, while two symmetric strands were bright pink.Bookmark here

The Observer was examining the mysterious girl who had appeared from top to bottom, just like a newly discovered specimen. A faint laugh escaped their mouth and the Earth spun again.Bookmark here

"What brings you here tonight, Spring? I remember you openly exclaiming about not seeing this spectacle today. Well, more than boasting it was irritating yells."Bookmark here

"I was bored!" The girl jumped right next to The Observer, sitting on the border between life and a certain 10 meters fall. "Although I betcha it's gonna be the same thing today! I think the only redeeming quality of Star is the nickname I gave her!"Bookmark here

"Which is quite original."Bookmark here

"Are you making fun of me because I can never tell when you're being sarcastic." Her black dress fluttered while she stood up with both arms extended on both sides of her body, twirling. "I'm looking forward to what stupid things Star will do!"Bookmark here

A soft giggle blended into the night, a smile tinged with evil, corruptness and incapable of feeling pity towards others.Bookmark here

The Observer sighed, yet a layer of darkness took over his smile, before leaving with his usual, parting words.Bookmark here

"Looking forward to the amusing feedback of tonight's pictures on your blog, Star."Bookmark here

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