Chapter 1:


Fallow the Leader

“This is a bad idea.” Emmet says for the third time.

“Any other new, and exciting revelations you’d like to voice E?” I ask starting to get annoyed. Even Stevie looks a little tired of his hesitance. He’s bringing down the mood.

“You can always go back E.” Stevie says un-judgmentally. “No one’s forcing you to come.” I watch, calculated. I don’t know if anyone’s caught on yet, but he won’t leave. He has a thing about being left behind. We are the first friends he’s managed to keep around this long. He needs us in his own way. I need him. We need each other. Still his new girlfriend, and old friend Steph links arms with him.

“Don’t worry. Well stick together.” She smiles. Trying to make him feel better. E smilies a little. The thing about Steph is she’s the opposite of E in a lot of ways. She’s an ambivert. He’s an introvert. They’re both geeks, and nerds. Steph likes video games. E likes books. The thing about Steph is she’ll go with just about anything. She’s not the sort of person to wreck a vibe. She’d do just about anything. Lastley there’s Stevie. He’s the college bad boy. Last year he managed to pull off a secret party on the campus roof. Decorations, music, food. The whole deal. Still won’t tell us in on how he did it. He’s a heart breaker. One girl after the other. Our resident delinquent. Always up for trouble. To do what your not supposed too. You don’t get anymore forbidden than this. We wander though the woods late at night. Well after our campuse’s curfew. We each wear the cloth medical masks. Mines black. Stevie’s is grey. Steph’s is dark green, with a purple spider pattern. Emmet’s is black with a cat’s nose, and mouth. His eyes shifting around nervously. Like he can see shadows moving in the dark. Like he fears we’re being watched, or worse fallowed. We each have a flash light. Three of us have bags. I carry a black and white messenger bag filled with candles. Steph a mini back pack fill with different weapons. Stevie a duffle bag. He has the body. It squirms like a bug trapped in a web trying to free itself. Well, he’s not a body yet. He will be soon though.

Carra Wolf