Chapter 1:

A Fallow the Leader Story: I think my Best Friend is a Murder

I think my Best Friend is a Murder

So I’m keeping this anonymous due some reactions I’ve gotten. I’m going to start this by saying yes I am well aware my town has a bit of a history of unsolved murders, and disappearances. Though none that happened in my generation. Most people brush off what happened as ether the murder’s return, or more likely an older teen runaway. I know what happened, or at least an idea. This is how it happed. We were night hiking. A hobby of Leah’s. She has many eccentric little quirks like that. It was dark. We all brought flashlights. Leah didn’t use her flashlight. She took the lead, never tripping or running into something. Charlotte was making jokes, and keeping us talking. A new movie we’d watched, a new book I read. It kept my mind off the shadows. Suddenly Leah starts to walk backward to chat with us. I must admit, though I’d never admit it to her face; I was rather impressed. Then abruptly she stopped. Dread filled me then. Something you need to know, though I don’t care if you believe me is that I’m psychic, and just then I had a terrible vision of a clawed thing chasing after us. I blink it away quickly.

“I got a bad premonition about this place. We should go.” Charlotte, and Leah already know about me. Them believing me is one of the reasons we’re so close. Leah gets this look on her face.

“Run!” Is all she has to say, and Charlotte books it. I’m frozen in place. I raise my flash lights beam. It’s hard to explain, and half-hidden behind some brambles, but it was horrible. Claws, and sharp teeth. Too many teeth. It stalked on all fours, though there was something almost human like about the frame. That thing was definitely closer to an animal. Covered in long black fur, and eyes that shone red in the light. The worst part was its mouth. Too wide, and far too bloody. I start to run. I feel the thing run past me. I see Leah fallow. Then just like that I’m alone. I stop running. Turning my flashlight, and my body in the detection I think I saw Rachel go. I try to encourage a vision, but nothing comes. Nothing comes. It’s all blank. All darkness. Like the forest. Everything is darkness. Somehow over an hour later I manage to stumble out of the woods alone. I felt eyes on me the whole way back. You want to know were Leah was? At home. She texted me a while later asking me if I was okay? Why would I be okay? I went to the police first thing. Surprise, surprise no one there believed me. No one one I told did. I was the girl who lied to people I could see the future ‘for attention’. Weeks passed, and her missing posters showed up all over town. Search parties came back empty handed. I don’t know were she is. What happened to her. I think I can’t see her because she’s dead. There’s only one person I know who knows for sure, and I think she’s a murder. It’s been two years now. I’m going to have my questions answered. I’m going to know what she’s knows. One way or another. I just watched the news. Jonny Tonner’s now missing too… 

- The Psychic

Carra Wolf