Chapter 0:

~ West ~

No Rest For the Wicked ~ West ~

In the great land of Oz. There was a Kingdom thrown into chaos. Surround by dessert from a catastrophe so long past no one could remember it. In the center was the marvelous land of Oz. In the center sat Emerald City, the Capitol. In this beautiful Kingdom lives witches. Witches were ether good, or bad. Never both. Though on some level capable of doing both. They weren’t like the rest of Oz. They fit neatly into one box, or the other. The people of Oz grew fearful, and unable to tell one from the other killed all of them. All, but the the Queen an only child, and descendent of a lost royal family. They were also known to have many witches in there bloodlines. The Queen herself was a good witch. The Good Queen they called her. She cast a spell, the more the wicked witches gave in, or accepted that part of them the more green they became. An obvious giveaway. But it was too late. The citizens of Oz settled under the Queens rule, and protection, but she was the last witch left alive. She grew older, and had a son though took no King, or husband. He, and his wife born to wealth ruled over the land of Oz together after the Good Queens death. They then had a daughter Locasta. Born with green hands. A wicked witch. She would drop apples off roofs to hit people on the head. She was known to bring down harsh punishments, even executions. In a fit of anger she lit a corn field of fire. All this at only sixteen. The people began to get afraid again. Afraid of what this witch would grow into. So another mob occurred in the history of Oz. Killing the Princess Locasta. Three other daughters were born, each a year apart. The Eldest Glinda the Good Witch. Kind, fair, just, and a good leader Glinda was a beloved, and popular member of the Royal family. Next came Nessarose. She was kept from the public eye as a child. A rumor was confirmed when she made her public debut at a ball, and she announced she was a wicked witch. Her skin turned green that night. Wicked, corrupt with a lust for power, harsh with punishments, and a stilled politician and strategist. The people of Oz do not favor her. Last there was Elphaba. Said to be another good witch. As a young child she was as much of a tricker as her older sister. After being reigned in by her parents, and her eldest sisters death though she became an upstanding Princess. Not sweet like Glinda. Often sassy, sarcastic, and little short tempered, but undoubtably good. She is fair, and says what needs to be said. A well liked member of the royal family. Having had four children. As tradition the Land of Oz was divided for each of them to rule a piece as Queens equally. The late Locasta the North. Glinda got the south. Nessarose the East. Elphaba the West. Under the King and Queens rule the Kingdom did not lean toward the detection of prosperity, or struggle, but with that and the death of heir to the North whispers of chaos come. Still the people of Oz wait for the day the three witches will take the thrones. 

Carra Wolf