Chapter 1:

The beginning


"HAAA!!! "

I sighed happily.

I finally took my fingers off my computer keyboard.

I'd just finished playing a game I'd bought not long ago.

I was really happy to have finished it.

Dragon Quest 5 was the name of the game, and I was determined to remember the name. The animation is ugly, but the story is just ma-gni-fi-que. I was so happy when the hero was finally able to slay the demon-king, but my favorite part was surely the wedding to his beloved and raising the children. I suddenly wondered what it was like to be a father, but quickly put the thought out of my mind.

I put my thoughts away for a while before turning to look at the time on the watch hanging on the wall.

"Shit ... 6:12, I've got class in an hour".

I turned off my computer before getting up to go to the bathroom.

I yawned for a long time as I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.

I looked pretty good, at least for someone who got up at 2 a.m. to finish a video game. I rinsed my face with cold water to wake me up, then took a cold shower before drying off and taking one last look in the mirror.

At least I was presentable, my blond hair in a ponytail and my green eyes gave me class.

Well, I had to be quick, I'm in the middle of my internship at Sun Hospital.

It's my last year of study and I'm finally going to be a cardiologist.

I picked up the pace and hurriedly put on a clean black shirt, brown pants with a black belt, white shoes and my doctor's coat.

How can you explain to your teacher that you're late because you've been playing games? And I'm supposed to be 29.

Sighing at the irony of my situation, I grabbed my bag and my things.

Today was going to be a long day.

I hated the idea of abandoning my sweet home to go to work, but I've got patients waiting for me at the hospital, I can't abandon them, but if I could I would.

Professional conscience is a real pain in the ass.

I got into my car and raced to work. Compared to usual, the traffic was much smoother and faster, fortunately, otherwise I'd have been in one of those shitholes.

I arrived at the hospital in no time and put my car in the parking lot.

The hospital was really beautiful and huge. A beautiful, renowned hospital where I'd had a hard time getting my internship, but also my last year of study before becoming a cardiologist, finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after years of study.

I walked slowly through the hospital garden, looking at the beautiful flowers and trees that were blooming in this mild spring.

It's my favorite part of the hospital.

I entered the hospital, a rather luxurious place I thought, perhaps I'd work there one day.

This hospital has a great reputation, which is why I wanted to do my internship here.

I walked quietly as usual, approaching the secretary who was at her desk like every morning long before me.

"Hi Léon.

she said cheerfully.

"Well, mademoiselle seems to be in a good mood.

I remarked with a smile.

"I correct you, I'll soon be madame.

she said before blushing.

"I wasn't expecting that one.

I said, rather shocked.

"Well then! Don't wait until I tell you to congratulate me!

she suddenly complained.

I was already pitying her future husband for having to live with her.

"My most sincere congratulations!

I replied with a sigh.

I looked at her one last time: she had shining blue eyes, beautiful short smooth brown hair and a lovely sweet face. She had a generous body and endless legs that men adore. Her husband was going to be spoiled for sure, I envied him a little.

"AH! I almost forgot, here's what you have to do today. It's the patient's file you have to look after!

she said, handing me a file.

I was rather skeptical; I thought I had to be accompanied by my teacher for this kind of thing.

"What's with your face? You're the valedictorian of the best medical university in the country and you've been supervised by one of the best cardiologists in the country - you should be able to manage on your own by now!

she insults me energetically.

It's mostly a job they don't want to do and are giving me I bet, real bastards I swear.

"By the way, what we're asking you to do here is provide psychological support to patients, and nothing else! You're the best at that, we know you well!

she says seriously.

I was shocked. I'm supposed to be a future cardiologist, so what's psychology got to do with it?

I took the file and listened to what she was mumbling. Why was I supposed to take care of a patient's psychological follow-up, not a psychologist? I'm supposed to be a cardiologist, she didn't smoke before giving me this, did she? I have a slight doubt about that. 

"Which room is it in? 

I asked her in a hurry. 

"43, building. 

she said before waving goodbye. 

I was rather surprised to be sent to look after someone on my own so soon, but hey, if I'm a lot more relaxed. 

I headed for building G to see "my patient".