Chapter 12:

Stage 11 - The Garsalan Battleship

Chikyu No Shugo: Gaojinizer - A super Robot Mecha Story

Gaojinizer Stage 11 -

The Garsalan Battleship

It had taken some time for the Garsalan force to arrive, but now, the wait was over, and the battle had gone into full swing. Vanguard Armors and Orbital Decimators alike, danced across the sky, attempting to shoot down their opponent's. Unsurprisingly, the Machina were among them. The Gaojinzier fired off shots from the comet pulse cannon, tearing into a rapidly approaching group of 10 enemy Vanguard Armors. It did not take long for the formation to break apart, and for other squads to come to its defense… But clearly, these ones had come somewhat more prepared. The leading Tes'Li began to speak. peak into the comms.

"Thara Tasselr esa lluurr duu suna waidh e llussa dhair rnerr, cluwailr dhaais fresa ail dhair wusrn. Aln dhara neshailar esa sasdeailrirr e saldser seira. Dardsuirr dhan, haeyirr waefulr daenr!"- These Terrans are fools to come with a force this small, knowing their place in this world. And these machines are certainly a central cause. Destroy them, heavy weapons teams!"

The larger cannons over the Garsalan’s shoulders began firing streams of ordinance, ranging from physical rounds, to missiles, and high-powered beams. It was made very clear who the garsalan were intending to get rid of. For better or for worse, they’d clearly built up a reputation. But regardless, these attempted attacks did not hit their targets. Rather, they hit shields generated by the Sanvolner, and seemingly, didn't make the machine’s defenses falter. They did not have much time to reorganize, as the Kaizenbuster rushed in, shoulder charging one of the machines, impact boosters activated. What was formerly an Orbital Decimator, was now scrap metal. His squadmate just behind him shared the same fate, not able to move away in time. Next, the Gaojinizer rushed in, bisecting one of the enemy machines with a single swipe of its scythe. One of the pilots, enraged by this development, attempted to avenge the death of his comrade. But was shortly stopped, as one of the Danzaman’s stingers shot him through the cockpit.

At this point, the leader of the force decided to cut his losses.

“Dammit! Move back. We’ll leave this to a ship.”

They did just that, reversing their paths, and beginning to go back to their mothership.

“We got 'em on the run, Let’s pursue!” Takeshi yelled over the comms.

“I don’t recall making you the leader, common-” Diederick began, cut off by a war cry as the Gaojinizer flew forth. Within his cockpit, Han smiled, as he sent half of his stingers to support the machine’s advance.

“Right, let’s do this!” He stated, with enthusiasm. The man knew very well who was possibly watching the battle, and to that end, there was no way he could sit back and let Inoue steal the show. A wing of fighters that came to halt the Gaojinizer came forth as well. Takeshi himself noted a yellow-tipped missile being carried by one, and recalled being hit by it before. Almost immediately, he rushed to destroy that one, a success. The fighter exploded in a ball of fire. And the rest were soon to follow, with shots from the Danzaman’s stingers.

While a clash between the Other earth forces began on the ground, a Firing line of tanks and Vanguard armor alike had begun to form, launching all the ordinance they had at the opposing Garsalan Ground vehicles. Which were more rounded in shape than their human counterparts. Making an appearance as well, were the Quadruped Vanguard armors that, though used less in the modern battlefield, still had their place. Moving quickly across the sand, and kicking up clouds of dust. Booms echoing as the cannons on top of the machine’s fired shells at their opponents. some of which impacted a Garsalan vehicle.

Though it was not destroyed, it at least opened up a hole in the armor, which a tank behind it took advantage of, a round slamming into the exposed parts underneath. Enough to bring the machine to heel. But this was a short-lived victory, as it was destroyed by an opposing machine not too long afterward. Though they were making progress, this was by no means an easy battle. Whatever the Garsalan were using to armor their machines, it was powerful enough to stand up to their weaponry.

In the sky above, the Blackbirds and fighter jets continued their melee with the S’Fan’s. Finding themselves shot at by the fleet’s Anti-Air, and the opposing machines. One pilot in particular had chosen a different strategy, closing in on their opponents, and Ramming it shoulder-first. Disorienting the pilot, Enough for their allies to strike them from Afar. A plan that perhaps only worked due to the Pilot’s lack of attention, and their machine’s bulk. But one that seemed to be working nonetheless. At this point, the battle was going very well, and all members of the team were ready to continue on. Until they noted multiple loud pops, that seemed to differ from the sound of the battlefield weaponry. With Blue tinted balls of light appearing in the sky behind them.

“A return signal, now?!” Takeshi slammed his fist into the dashboard. Indeed, it was a return signal. As the message was relayed to the diversionary force, they began to act in tandem, disengaging their opponents, though they continued firing as they made their way back. The leader of the fleet, Fiiras Zu Gestel looked down upon the Tasselr.

"Rillailr ail llaes, shird er I azfasdan. Chairn'r freirr... Wa'rr aln dhair hasa-"- "Running in fear, just as I expected.Child's play... We'll end this here-"

"Mirr rusn, Aludhas alanirr llussa air srurailr ail!" - "My lord, Another enemy force is closing in!"

"Whed?!" - "What?!"

It didn’t take long for the UFE’s other armies to begin closing in. The landships stayed protected at the very back, but they were not the only things they noticed, there were also the anti-ship batteries, known as the Dainslief by their forces. As soon as the batteries began firing, he sent out his order.

“Id raanr wa'rr heya du ira dhed ula... Saln uid dha Ascalonl!" - "It seems we'll have to use that one... Send out the Ascalon!” In comparison to the mostly outdated S’fans, the mentioned unit was not humanoid, instead bearing a certain resemblance to the machine known as the Cyd’Rozen. Though not custom made, it was not a mass production unit, rather, a limited production unit for chosen troops. It did not take long for the machine to launch from the battleship. No sooner did it begin a quick assault on the UFE’s forces. A white blur began to flash through the sky, firing off missiles that promptly tore through any of the pilot’s targets with ease. A squad of blackbirds attempted to intercept him, firing from afar with their weapons and breaking up their formation, so as to not get caught into one place. But their shots either barley damaged the armor, or were avoided entirely.

“Dammit! What now-”

The pilot’s words were cut off by a beam slamming into his cockpit. Deafening screams emanated from his comms, as he was burned alive, and destroyed within a moment. His allies did not have much time to think about him, however. As many of them were soon condemned to the same fate. While pilot remained silent as he simply went from one enemy to another, within a moment’s notice. His attention went from the small troops, to a group of Dainsleif, as one of the smaller ships in the fleet began to fall to the ground.

The pilot changed his ordinance, to an anti-ship missile, and closed in, trying to make sure his shot would not be intercepted. The machine eluded all attempts at attack, and began firing the rounds, destroying the anti-ship batteries. The surrounding operators shortly began to make a mad dash in the other direction.

“What the hell is that thing?!” One shouted.

“At this point, who knows? We can ask that question when we’re not about to die!” Another responded… The pilot continued his assault on the 2nd army, whittling down their numbers. The plan was going south, and fast. At this point, it seemed as if the momentum of the battle had been turned in the Garsalan’s favor. However, before the pilot could get much farther, he found a large burst of energy flying toward him, which he narrowly avoided. The pilot’s attention moved to the left. Rapidly approaching, was the machina team.

“It looks like we’ll have to step in after all! Let’s do this!” Takeshi shouted. No sooner did continued shots fly from the comet pulse cannon, Forcing the silent pilot to evade. He soon found himself assaulted from multiple directions. As the stingers swirled around him like a typhoon, firing forth their own attacks. For the moment, he was off- balance by his attempts at defending. And two of the pilots were the first to think of attacking him in this state, Takeshi, and Diederick. As the Gaojinizer and Valgeogant flew forth, they found themselves nearly clashing with each other, had it not been for the respective pilot’s quick actions, they likely would have.

“I suggest you watch where you’re going, Commoner…” Diederick spat.

“The same to you, Died-” His words were cut off by a surprising sight, what looked to be a squad of fighters flying out of the orbital decimator, moving toward them as if they were psychically linked. They began firing with almost no hesitation.

“What the hell?!” Takeshi said in his confusion. Watching from afar, Han, in the Danzaman, put his hand on his chin.

“They’re fast, and their movements are this in sync?” Han questioned.

“Yeah… Either we’re dealing with some really skilled guys, or we’re dealing with drones…” Andrew reasoned. To that end, Han began to make his own assault, his stingers moving to follow the enemy drones, and fire upon them. An attempt to take off any future pressure from his allies. To this end, it seemed to be a success. The Gaojinizer and Valgeogant began to close in on the machine once more. Takeshi’s attack came first, the Gaojinizer’s leg extended as he charged, pushing the thrusters to make himself faster, and faster, before he yelled out.

“Demolishing Kick!” The machine’s foot smashed through the armored plates on the head. While not doing nearly as much damage as the Kaizenbuster would have done, the Ascalon was not unscathed. But it apparently planned on keeping the Gaojinzer in place, the graspers that lay on either side of the machine took hold of the machina, as the missile firing ports opened once more. But, before this action could be finished, a fatal shot from one of the Danzaman’s stingers into that same damaged plate, Shortly following this, the drones around them had gone inert, confirming Andrew's latter theory. With the machine’s grip loosening as the machine began to fall to the ground. In his cockpit, Takeshi smirked at the results of this counter-attack, and similar expressions came to the other pilots.

In the battleship’s bridge, Fiiras’ expression was the exact opposite.

"Dennaid... Wa laan du deca sesa ull dhan, hasa eln luw!" - "Dammit... We need to take care of them, here and now!"

He’d just had his best pilot taken out?! Just how annoying were these “Machina” Machines. At the moment, he didn’t want to use his flagship’s weapons, lest the Tasselr observe more of their weaponry in action. There had to be some sort of solution to their issue… The Ascalon was destroyed, and it wasn’t as if they had any more aces with them. Most of the forces were from weaker lords who hadn’t even the skill to be put in an actual battlefield. Simply put here putting down primitive rebellions. They would not be sufficient, not for this enemy. As he was left to ponder this, the answer to their issue was soon to come. Just below him, one of the bridge’s officers received a message from a certain group. The man stood from his seat, as he turned to look up at his commander.

"Sais... I heya lawr, e nanfas ull dha Iru Fuilnedaiul her essaiyan, dhairr reain dhairr sel harf? Whed rherr wa nu?" - "Sir... I have news, a member of the Iso Foundation has arrived, they said they can help? What shall we do?"

"... I'rr erruw aid, rad hain ail." - "... I'll allow it, let him in."

He found the members of that foundation to be bad news at best, but it seemed he would have to compromise, just this once, especially with how the machina continued tearing into his forces. Hopefully, this would suffice.

To Be Continued