Chapter 14:

Stage 13 - The Conflict Continues

Chikyu No Shugo: Gaojinizer - A super Robot Mecha Story

Gaojinizer - Stage 13

The Conflict Continues

Far away from the earth, there lied another planet. Covered in a variety of Different Biomes, and dense cities, filled with millions of inhabitants. This planet was the homeworld of the human race’s most dangerous enemy, the Garsalan Empire. In the largest city on the planet, which lied on its southern continent. It was here that a grand citadel lay, which made that of Darzell Zu Meni, the Solar System’s Fi’gas, seem like a simple hut in comparison. But this fact only made sense when one considered just who owned this castle, and the members of high society it commonly contained. 5 Garsalan met within a chamber, which was ornately decorated. Much of the walls lined in an expensive metal alloy that, while useless for any military purposes, served as a status symbol, especially with the amount seen here. at the very summit of the building. Among them was the head of the Garsalan Empire, the one known as Ghokkis Zu Ezret. Who's chitin began to take a considerably darker, nearly black color, when compared to the others in the room. Showing that he was of a significantly older age.Surrounding him, were the highest forms of authority within the empire, save himself, the ones known as the four generals.

“Ciddeth Zu Meis… Some troubling reports have reached my ears. The primitives in your domain, the Terrans. They have begun to put up a fight, and more than that… They have even forced the garrison into retreat.” This much was met by a scoff from one of the room’s other inhabitants.

“To primitives like that? The ones who hadn’t even lasted so much as a month before they were crushed? That’s a new low…” The apparent subject of the conversation, General Ciddeth, stood center stage directly in front of the monarch.

“I’ve been made aware of the situation…”

“Then you understand why it may be an issue, correct?”

“That I do…”

“Then make sure the situation is handled… I can not allow another failure to pass.”

The Garsalan crossed his arm over his chest, speaking once more.

“I assure you, actions will be taken with haste.”

“Is that so… Then we’d best see some results.” Ghokkis responded.

“Yes, your Imperial Majesty…”

With no more words, the General began to exit the room… The situation he found himself in was less than Ideal, the feelings that burned within him were not positive, not by any means. Humiliation, from having such failures exposed, and anger, at his foolish subordinates who brought the humiliation upon him. Just what was that fool Darzell Zu Meni doing in that system? Given his line’s history, there was no way the General should’ve put him in control of anything, especially if he wasn't being kept under tight watch… Regardless, his failure would be rectified. And the situation would be handled, one way or another… In a short time, one of his many Servants came to his side. A garsalan with Blue-tinted chitin. Moving in step with the general.

“If you don't mind me asking, How will you handle the situation, my lord?”

“The answer is simple, Zel’Jo… It seems that some of those occupation forces need to be reminded of the fact that they’re on a battlefield. And the Fi’Gas needs to be reminded of how a higher lord should conduct themselves.” So that was the solution… Whether it would work or not was anybody’s guess.

Opening 2 - Fatally, Kotoko


On the Juzumaru, where the occupants were not privy to the conversation concerning their action, things were as normal. With nothing else to do, the pilots had once more gathered in the common area. Enjoying each other's company, well, as much as one could for a number of people who were just above being strangers. “So, we’re heading to Mariseau next, eh.” Haemon commented, gaining a nod from Andrew.

“Yeah, apparently the Garsalan have set up some bases there. If we don’t take it over now, we’ll probably be seeing a new occupation zone.” Though they’d only vaguely heard about the occupation zones, what was known by most people was that they were the areas the Garsalan lords attached to earth sent their families, for the most part, and that humans were mostly expunged from those areas. In addition to this, they were strongholds of Garsalan power, and served to further tighten their control over earth.

To no surprise, there was very little contact with those within, if there were any left at all. Likely they were living simply to avoid detection, and stay alive. And it wasn’t as if the garsalan who’d gone to live there were exactly telling their ways of life, and what kind of defenses they had to them. The current zones, which consisted of what was formerly Iran,The Central Regions of Former Mexico, The now much more habitable remnants of Antarctica, or specifically, the eastern isles. and the Island of Madagascar. These were more than enough to serve as a roadblock to the UFE. Another one in the center of a major contributor to the war would only make things significantly worse.

“Going off what we know, then it only makes sense that they’re sending us to take care of things… The successful establishment of a new one would put any plans the big-wigs might have in jeopardy.” Andrew noted.

“Makes sense.. Either way, I don’t think we’ll be there for a while. This ship can only go so fast.” Takeshi responded, with a hint of annoyance in his voice. He could only guess what was happening in the city right now, and whatever plan the roaches were cooking up right now. Apparently, a sentiment that was shared by the rest of the pilots. Well, most of them, whether Han, who was currently out participating in his normal antics was included, was unknown. BUt one who did agree for sure, was the Juzumaru’s resident mechanic, who was, at the moment, stuck with trying to upgrade the repair bots once more. Something that was routine or someone of her skill level, and frankly, it was boring her.

“Something needs to happen, and soon… If I'm gonna study the Machina beyond what they told me, i’;m going to need more data… So many black-boxed schematics, so many unknowns. It just won’t do, not for me!” Was what she recorded even the machine’s full capabilities, she couldn’t even confirm that much. It was a frustrating situation, yes, but one she planned to fix. To that end, she got up from her seat on the floor, and began exiting the bridge, ignoring the conversation between the pilots as she did so. She was a woman on a mission, and didn’t plan on being distracted.

“Man… They couldn’t have given us anything better than these? Their AI is still running on WaveX of all things… Even a Civilian OS would be better in this case. I don’t have the materials on hand for that. I don’t have the materials to handle that on hand… I’ll need to visit a Radio-Active the next time we touch down… They have locations in the USE, Don’t they?” It was something to think about for sure, but for now, she would continue picking the machine’s apart. In a short time, however, a distraction was making its way toward her, in the form of Kanta, who herself, eyed Kyoko. Truth be told, she’d never really had a conversation with the mechanic, something she wanted to rectify.

“Kyoko!” Kanta called. The girl perked up at her name.

“Kanta? What is it?”

“I just wanted to talk, that’s all.” She responded. That much was… Unexpected to Kyoko, but herself always being more on the insular side, seemed somewhat hesitant to take her offer up. And, truth be told, Kanta wasn’t exactly sure how to continue the conversation, a social butterfly that she was, but she knew well that the same couldn’t be said for the mechanic. Perhaps a simple start to the conversation would be best.

“So… How did you end up in the UFE?” She asked slowly. At the very least, this got a response.

“Because I wanted to study the Gaojinizer… Think about it, almost nobody knows about the inner-workings of the Machina, not even me, and I’m the one doing the repairs… I could not by any means call myself my father’s daughter if I didn’t become the first to figure that information out.” Kyoko stated, puffing out her chest a bit. Her demeanor even seems to change, and not by a small bit, either. To Kanta, herself and her brother were somewhat outliers, while the pilots had a burning desire for revenge, and were ready to rush into combat, Kyoko herself apparently had a legacy she wanted to keep alive. Though, her and her brother were fighting in their own way. They likely would’ve never met each other had the Garsalan never invaded Earth. But to her, that just went to show the profound effect they had on the world.

“Ah.. Well, I wish you good luck in that regard. I’m sure you can succeed in that.” With that much said, the woman began to walk away. For the moment, it seemed as if the ship’s trip would continue uninterrupted, with casual conversations and whatnot happening among the few members of the crew there was. Though, to no surprise, the same could not be said for members of the UFE that lay elsewhere. In the target region they were headed to, combat against the rapidly advancing tide known as the Garsalan continued. Whether it be from the infantry and armor battling in the small towns, or the attacks on Garsalan warships, which rained down fire from above.

Though the standard ground combat was considerably more equal, at least, when infantry was confirmed, the same could not be said otherwise. At this point, even old mothballed Vanguard Armors from the early Three-States period were being used. After all, the UFE had to use anything they had if they were to attain victory. They surely didn’t have quality, not at the moment, so they would have to rely on quantity. In one of the many battlegrounds, a small village now finding itself bombarded by railguns and beams of particles alike, a squad of the UFE’s soldiers were holed up in one of the many buildings, a house that seemed to have long since been abandoned.

“So, you all heard, that those new machines, the Machina are coming this way?” One questioned. Gaining a raised eyebrow.

“The VA’s that killed that big ass worm, destroyed the Garsalan, they’re real? Thought they were just propaganda to keep morale up. Wouldn’t be the first time...” Another responded. Leading to a third leaning back into his chair.

“Yeah, they kept saying the Hawk of Ceres was back in the cockpit and destroying Garsalan ships. They really expected us to believe he was conveniently found, and decided to come out of retirement? Let alone a man over 90 piloting a Vanguard armor.” It was well known that the all-famous ace had disappeared long before the Garsalan invaded, something which led to the attempted boost to morale working for a short time, but fizzling out soon after… But, some among their regiment had come to believe that this time, the apparently legendary aces, were anything but legendary. They could very well be en route, and break the slog that had formed.