Chapter 0:


Unbound Zombie Apocalypse vs Fragile Innocence

"Yoritomi! good morning" a bright expression emerged from my senior face I slowly walked to my seat and placed my belongings down and flashed a smile back at her
"good morning senpai, i said it was ok to call me by my first name" I corrected my senior while getting my books for the class

"hey yori-" she coughed and corrected herself

'i mean misa"

she chuckled and gave nervous grin and decided to change the tense atmosphere with a different topic

"hey misa did you hear what's going on with japan government apparently they made a deal with America and conducting some sort of experiment, good grief"

she let out a sigh and kept yapping on and on... when is she gonna stop i smiled and nodding every time she spoke

"i see.. well lets just hope the best for japan"

i gave a nervous smile and focused on the lesson instead

After a few hours it was already free period one of my classmates turned the tv on

"guys i don't think the teacher would be ok with that.."

i was worried if we would get in trouble if our teachers found out

"come on misa !~ don't be a loser" they were switching to the channels and the remote stopped working and we were stuck on a new channel it looks like it was in America. why is an American new channel on?

i was interested and closed my book and paid attention to the channel

"everyone there seems to be an outbreak in japan please seek shelter. this will be solved soon do not panic and hide the army will be there soon." even though they said not to panic everyone in my class and other class were screaming and trying to leave

what did they mean by OUTBREAK? they weren't focused on that word but i was so i ran out of the class before they could realize but it seems like one person knew i was gone...

"i might be overthinking this but if the army is coming then I'm sure right.." i thought to myself and quickly looking for a place where i can find shelter. i went to the staff room

i ran passed the other classes which seemed to be barracked already i stopped myself in my tracks looked outside.

what is that?. i squinted my eyes and saw a person walking kind of funny he looked like my gym teacher.. my home room teacher tapped on his shoulder i couldn't hear what they were saying even though my homeroom teacher was yelling and pointing to the school.

before i could react my gym teacher who wasn't acting like himself attacked my homeroom teacher and bit his neck i saw some of the other staffs running outside to get the teacher off of him but they got attacked too..

"now i see what they meant. its an apocalypses." i gave a slitght smile while i trembled in fear trying to hold my ground and quickly ran to the staff room

i couldn't get that image out of my head my kind homeroom teacher bloody corpse and everyone else

i felt like i was on the verge of puking but i held my ground and reached the room and locked the door shaking and trembling trying to get the image out of my head

before i could relax i fell to the ground but then I vomited out of shock in response to the unbelievable sight I had just witnessed.

I found myself repeatedly puking while simultaneously weeping uncontrollably, as I could not believe what I was experiencing was really happening. Overwhelmed by the unbearable sights and the stomach-turning reality before me,

I began to vomit and sob uncontrollably. My eyes filled with tears as my body convulsively hurled up its contents, overcome by the unimaginable horror happening before my very eyes.

"shit.. how the hell am i suppose live. i should've listen to mom and signed up for clubs and stupid martial arts." i couldn't stop crying i was wondering where my parents were i just wanted to go home and make dad homemade miso soup

damn.. I'm sorry god what did i do to anger you like this? damn..

i cleaned my tears i tried my best to move a bookshelf to barracked the door

i remember my classmate they might've not understand the situation already i hesitantly try to open the door so i could warn them but i stopped myself.

"no i shouldn't they never once helped me when i got bullied. or when others were purposely leaving me out." this is karma for them i began to push the bookcase to the door it took alot of energy i couldn't bare to move another inch.

but i stood up and looked around the staff room to see if there was anything i could eat sleep or anything

i noticed a mini fridge a microwave and a couch. not much but good enough

i tried to look for a blanket but there was none. i tried to improvise and tried to grabbed the curtain to use as a blanket but i needed a Stoll and tried to unhook it.

its a bit dusty but its fine. i shivered while i tried to make myself comfortable

before i could do anything i saw a bright blue screen what the.? i saw a speech text

"hello i noticed you a lot of gods did we took a liking to you." i hear an eerie voice coming out

"what the? what's going on.."

"we'll make your life less difficult if you accept the gods help."

"wait stop stop. explain what's going on i know there an apocalypse going on but what are you. and what's your purpose?"

i hear a scoff from the blue screen and the screen got bigger "i told you we are gods and we are the ones who started this apocalypses. cool right."

"well why did you? and why did you appear now.." i said with a trembling voice

"we got tired bored of mortal humans like you always asking and never giving us good entertainment." the mood got super tense while they said this final sentence

"we wanted to make you guys earn for the powers, knowledge and everything we give you."

i scoffed "powers don't exist your crazy"

"this is exactly why we like you human your stubborn you see a blue floating screen and chose to believe what you believe" i hear a bunch of snickering in the background

"your insane for doing this people are dying ! !" i said while trying to stand my ground my shaky voice was raspy

"that's the thing dear human, mortals die everyday by natural cause, animals, and even by each other"

"what's the difference if the gods do it." their voice sounded so confident and commanding. i couldn't dare fight back.

"so what is it you want me to do.?" i said hesitating with a hint of suspicious

"pick a god to guide you throughout the journey and remember we will watch your actions 24/7 we can also give you items to help you. and can also take it back if we don't like what your doing"

blue cards were floating around me with some gods names that were interested in me i can even read their description's

i opened a god card to see "Alessandro." i see their nature is being kind to animals and the nature they seem like a doormat.. next i swiped their card

i saw another card "Fiamma" their temper seems bad but their very wealthy so they can give me anything i want but since their temper is short they can also take it quick;y i swiped their card

i read through everyone cards and i noticed the many flaws with them and i looked at the blue screen with the other god

"do i have to pick a god that's presented here or can i choose any god?"

"oh?~ do you have a god in mind Hera? Ares or Zeus." seems like this mortal is the same as everyone and only wants to choose popular gods tsk.

"these are just the gods that are inserted in you but if you have another god in mind you can choose them but i doubt they'll pay attention since they didn't pick you."

"then i want you to guide me." i said while looking at the blue screen

"eh me?" the god burst out laughing "i suppose why not i never guided anyone before and not many people know me they all died long time ago~"

as soon as i said that another screen popped up and it said Helios has guided you

"so thats your name? i wouldn't have thought you were a sun god" i looked at the screen

"we're gonna have so much fun together !~"

i gave a nervous laugh and was wondering how my journey gonna start with this lunatic of a god to guide me did i make the right choice?

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ALSO when the mc got that blue system messaged everyone else did too by the same god she is guiding from.

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