Chapter 31:

031 – G

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Well, well. Who would have thought that I'd have a chapter for me? I'm still astonished.Bookmark here

My name is Ginji Satoshi…Bookmark here

I am not the fastest man alive, nor a spider person, nor a being that was collecting intergalactic stones, and especially not someone that can leap as high as he can and threw a C4 with badly broken arms. I am not something like that.Bookmark here

I am just a normal person. Seriously, not like those cliched stories where they turn out to be abnormal because of certain situations in their life. I have nothing like that.Bookmark here

But as much as normal one can be, there will be at least one thing that sets them apart… or frankly speaking, the antithesis of normal. Well, I can at least say that I have a few screw losses when I am with my friends.Bookmark here

There's that concept, but what if what's around you is the thing that is not normal? Although, I have no way to prove that. It's just a feeling, so let's just set it aside for now.Bookmark here

I guess I could tell you my life, as plain as it is.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

I was born in the 3rd day of December in the year 2001. Woah, I just realized that Akira was born the day before I was.Bookmark here

Speaking of him, it would be a surprise that I casually mentioned him right now, but that's just because I got along with him now as he visits the club even when he's not a student.Bookmark here

I got distracted. Sorry.Bookmark here

Y-Yeah… that's the day I was born, so that's out of the way. We currently live in Sector 527 in Cotona, in the very quiet White Street. I have been living here for the rest of my life, and I have also been experiencing flood ever since first grade. It isn't a good experience. If you're thinking of living around the neighborhood, you should at least have ten years’ worth of patience, and more years to come!Bookmark here

We are a family of four in which I have an older sister who is seven years older than me. Life still goes on.Bookmark here

As far as I can remember, Blue Ink High School is probably the fourth school I have attended. I studied preparatory when I was five in a local private school, attended elementary outside Ginga, moved up to junior high school to another local high school and left that after graduating. And then I transferred to probably the best school I've attended, at least subjectively.Bookmark here

Preparatory is of course a no-brainer to have no problems since I was a snotty brat. Elementary was okay, but junior high school. Yeah, nothing happened. NOTHING.Bookmark here

Just a bunch of drama and how I realized that youth in my generation is… I guess almost towards the road to hopelessness when it comes to values and ethics.Bookmark here

It wasn't a good experience. At least for me.Bookmark here

That is why Blue Ink in my eyes is like my hero, my savior. My way of thinking links up to the system of the school. Why? Because what ought to be a good idea in the past was not as good anymore in the present times.Bookmark here

The mind of humans revolutionizes too. Either for the good or for the bad.Bookmark here

And so, Blue Ink came with the mission of prioritizing a balanced education and human values. It was a nice breath of new air.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Hello? Ginji? Are you here?"Bookmark here

Along with the continuous knocking of the door, a calling of my name was also heard.Bookmark here

"Oh? You guys. It's been a while, huh."Bookmark here

"Yeah. Long time no see, Ginji."Bookmark here

In front of our doorway are four people at my age. They are my friends at Mykes.Bookmark here

One, an ambivert who is a moderate anime watcher but recently got hooked in reading manga. A guy. His name is Iura Yakumo.Bookmark here

Two, a wide guy who is a step to be living in a gaming cafe. He'd rather put his bike in ICU instead of himself if ever he got in an accident. We have mutual beliefs, and he wasted his talent in science yet he still has them. He is Nico Shinbou. I wonder if he's related to Poru in our class.Bookmark here

Three, a glasses guy and is good at math. Also a moderate otaku but the discussions go for an eternity when you're with him. It's always fun near his proximity. The name's Guren Haruno.Bookmark here

But I guess we're not in the same level as the 'otaku' who has social standing like Gin's circle.Bookmark here

Lastly, another otaku which became a f-Bookmark here

F…Bookmark here

F-Fu…Bookmark here

F-F-F-F…Bookmark here

Fuuuuuuuuu-Bookmark here

A fujoshi. Of course, a girl. She's also good at math. Her name is Shuri Kagaki.Bookmark here

"It's rare that you guys are the ones visiting."Bookmark here

"Anyways, are you free today? Wanna go to the usual?" Iura suggested.Bookmark here

"Good idea. I'm feeling cold anyway. I'll go get changed."Bookmark here

"That's good. Can we wait inside?"Bookmark here

"Go ahead."Bookmark here

"Excuse us."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"I'm done. Let's go."Bookmark here

"…"Bookmark here

All it took Ginji to change was three minutes. It was not the case that he is on a rush, but it is just how he dresses up. As much as the four are already aware, they can't help but feel amazed.Bookmark here

A bit longer than the duration of how he change his clothes, they reached a local cafe at a time where not much customers were inside, thus, making the interior quiet and having the ambient music clearly heard.Bookmark here

"I'll get the usual peppermint mocha."Bookmark here

"The big one, I presume?" the waiter weirdly asked.Bookmark here

"That's the only thing I prefer, right?"Bookmark here

"Say no more."Bookmark here

This cafe is pretty much our comfort place to release some stress when we really need to. Aside from the coffee that courts my coffee palate every time, the pancakes and strawberry crepe cakes here are meta. It's so good that I can be fist pumping together with ants.Bookmark here

"Have you been back here after you transferred…?"Bookmark here

"Not even once… That's why I'm making it count."Bookmark here

"Another big one, huh… Are you seriously not German?"Bookmark here

"Stop with the jokes, Nico. You're making me sound like a drunkard."Bookmark here

"Well, with coffee, you are."Bookmark here

"Anyways…!" I stretched out my arms. "We haven't met after the last time in April. How's Mykes these days?"Bookmark here

"Same old, same old," Nico sighed. "Yeah, a lot of our former classmates aren't there anymore, so there's a change of environment for me, at least. There's less drama, though."Bookmark here

"In my case, there are more girls than boys in my class, so it's kinda chatty everyday," Iura followed up.Bookmark here

These two guys remained in Mykes, still bearing the 'drama' that can never disappear in that school.Bookmark here

"At least say something that's not about that."Bookmark here

"Well… Calculus is always hard. Help, Guren. And there's research too. Ughhhh…" Nico cried.Bookmark here

"Thank goodness I changed courses."Bookmark here

"Good for you, Ginji. Blue Ink is the only school in the country that does not implement generalized strands. It's almost like you're in college, huh."Bookmark here

In Mykes, or in any other schools or universities aside from Blue Ink, traditional senior high school system is being used. Nico took the STEM course even with his wasted scientific knowledge and he still hates the honors system as much.Bookmark here

Hahh… this guy… At one time when we were joking around, he said 'physics powers’ instead of 'psychic.' He goes mental when he's full of energy.Bookmark here

"I didn't choose another optional course, though. I don't see myself studying anything aside from arts. But there's surprisingly a good amount of students that do."Bookmark here

"Now that's something. My strand's assignments are pretty much what you'd expect."Bookmark here

Iura, who also remained in Mykes took the ABM course.Bookmark here

On the other hand, Guren and Shuri left the school after graduating junior high school and went to universities in the Capital. Guren takes STEM and Shuri takes ABM.Bookmark here

"Here's your order. One peppermint mocha, XL. Don't get excited since that's still hot," the waiter came and left.Bookmark here

"Oh, Ginji. How about your injury?"Bookmark here

My eyebrows rose upon hearing Shuri's question in surprise.Bookmark here

"Huhhh… It's pretty much healed for so long already. Why ask?"Bookmark here

"Ah… It's just what I heard about you from last year wasn't something I expected."Bookmark here

"Well, I get that. But don't think about it too much."Bookmark here

I guess it's necessary to point out the injury we're talking about. Basically, I got myself badly hurt around last year and that's the reason why I was confined in Maris, where Dr. Kagetora took care of me until I healed. It was quite a struggle since I can't move a whole lot.Bookmark here

But that is where I found the first thing away from my normality—which is my body. I went through therapies since I experienced quite the physical trauma, and accidentally discovered that something is weird in my body.Bookmark here

Let's… just… say that my body is more enhanced than a normal one. One example, I guess, is fast replacement or healing of torn muscles. Nothing really groundbreaking, though. But I'm sure you've already known that I jumped quite a height when I sneaked in to Gin's yard. If not for that Exile who jumped so high like it's no one's business, I may be self-proclaiming by now.Bookmark here

"Also, Ginji. I've heard that Dr. Kagetora transferred to a hospital near here. Is that true?"Bookmark here

"That's right, Nico. I've heard that his decision wasn't favorable, so I don't know how he got here."Bookmark here

"Going back to the topic… Blue Ink, yes. Are you sure that you're really safe in that school?"Bookmark here

Ginji didn't expect Guren to specifically ask. A little time of silence came while the door chimes continue to sound.Bookmark here

"Hahh… You're in STEM so at least trust world class engineers for providing countermeasures for the amplification."Bookmark here

"The amplification… is it really possible that that phenomenon would be naturally occurring?"Bookmark here

"Never heard such a thing happened so this might be the first time… or not. I can't think of a natural occurrence to produce extremely high frequency of waves that can fry your head once it has resonated.Bookmark here

I didn't bring the 'earplug' but it's super comfy."Bookmark here

"Is the murder in your school really true?" asked Iura.Bookmark here

This time, it finally sounded like they've heard of the news from gossiping.Bookmark here

"Sadly, it's true. I actually have a classmate from that former class, and it seems that he played a part in the investigations.Bookmark here

And it seems that it happened because of the same atmosphere as our class last year. Well… trash, frankly. When one tramples over the other's pride, they retaliate, just… in the worst possible situation.Bookmark here

There was apparently a movement to somehow change them for the better. A fire prank almost happened but the administration took huge measures to prevent that. Thus, the offenders were suspended. But then, the class representative died at the next day.Bookmark here

I can't forget what my classmate told me with regards to that. 'It's so unfair that a life was exchanged to change the many,' is what he said."Bookmark here

"Woah. Are you sure that it's not some adult that told you that?" Iura doubted.Bookmark here

"Nope. But he's 19 years old who has wisdom."Bookmark here

"I can't believe that I'm hearing that word used in its right place…" Nico grumbled as a memory passed on his mind. But the four agreed mysteriously.Bookmark here

"Hey, Ginji. Knowing you, surely you've seen the guy who entered earlier."Bookmark here

"This is a cafe, so guys and gals will definitely enter here, Shuri."Bookmark here

"Are you joking? So you didn't even notice him with that hair? Granted, he was wearing a cap earlier, but he took it off.Bookmark here

To dye your hair gray, that's so flashy."Bookmark here

"Gray…?"Bookmark here

I turned around and looked at where Shuri pointed at. Two tables were our gap, and there sat a girl and a man with gray hair that is starting to fade off from new growing black hair.Bookmark here

The four were actually talking about Gin and Ringo.Bookmark here

"…!" I tried to crouch, but I ended up hitting my shin on the corner of the foot of the table.Bookmark here

"Urgh…! That hurt…!" I 'shouted' as quietly as I can.Bookmark here

"That shin hit gave me the creeps…" Guren shook.Bookmark here

"What just happened, Ginji?"Bookmark here

"Ahh… That was just pure instinct to hide for no reason, Iura. That guy with the silver hair is actually my classmate."Bookmark here

"Wait, really? He does look like he's a university student."Bookmark here

"Man… I really hope Gin can't hear their blunder."Bookmark here

Ginji is unaware of Gin's sensitive hearing. Thus, he was at least confident that they can't be heard as they lowered their voices, which is not the case.Bookmark here

"And apparently, his hair was not dyed but natural."Bookmark here

"Huh? How am I supposed to believe that?" Nico was unsatisfied with the reason.Bookmark here

"I guess he is a good example of 'my hair will whiten out early because of stress.' Now I can say that's true, but in his case, he wasn't aging fast."Bookmark here

"Uh-huh… But still, he looks-"Bookmark here

"I'll have peppermint mocha. Can you make it so that it is on a big glass?" Gin from the distance took his order.Bookmark here

"Yes, we're capable of that. Then, XL?"Bookmark here

"Hmm… Can you do bigger than that?"Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

Sir, you are going to make history," the waiter smiled and left.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Nico was unable to finish and Ginji fell to worry.Bookmark here

All at once, they're heads banged on the table.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"Anyway, is the girl also your classmate?" Shuri changed the topic.Bookmark here

"Ah, yeah."Bookmark here

"Hmm… She looks smart. I bet she's an honor student," Nico intently stared.Bookmark here

"Stop that disgusting look or I'll seriously poke your eyes, Nico.Bookmark here

…!Bookmark here

Wait, have I not told you yet…?"Bookmark here

"Huh…? Told what?"Bookmark here

"The ranking and honors system are absolutely nonexistent in Blue Ink."Bookmark here

In an instant, Nico teared up.Bookmark here

"Tovarisch… you've made the dream come true in my stead… If only I was there to be a support."Bookmark here

Transferring schools in the middle of senior high school years is rather difficult. Especially for students who have had given exclusive scholarships, just like Nico.Bookmark here

"About the school's system, I'm glad that I transferred there. It's as if a breath of clean air suddenly came to a wasteland. I can now say that my school life is relaxing.Bookmark here

You're sometimes stressed out, but it was worth it since you love what you're doing. That's probably the best thing that the school offers. And also, I can already see that they're already making students not as intellectuals, but humane people. There's the issue of the principal seemingly 'hiding' in the past, but he turned out to be a very respectable and wise man. He's amazing, not because he's some kind of gifted, but because of how much he shows his experience through his actions."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Wow… you've gotten more perceptive, Ginji." Guren astonishingly asserted.Bookmark here

"I now get what you mean, but we're talking about the girl, right?" Nico forcefully changed the topic, which made Ginji palm his face.Bookmark here

And a cold stare from his eyes directed to Nico.Bookmark here

"Oi… Nico. If you want to live a long life, you better shut your mouth."Bookmark here

"Eep… What the…Bookmark here

Ginji, do you like that girl? She's your classmate, right?"Bookmark here

"Hah? No, I don't. I'm just warning you that if anyone tries to hit on Ringo…Bookmark here

Omae wa mou shindeiru."Bookmark here

The four shuddered in fear, even if it was just a mere joke.Bookmark here

"I guess those two are on a date today."Bookmark here

"Ahh… so that's his boyfriend…" the three guys lost hope.Bookmark here

"So… that silver-haired guy doesn't-"Bookmark here


"Awww…"Bookmark here

Again, this girl is a f-f-fuuuuu-Bookmark here

Gin in the distance almost spewed his drink.Bookmark here

The thought just came… how come Gin somehow behaves like some kind of a ninja in school? His presence just disappears even when he's just there.Bookmark here

Maybe…Bookmark here

He learned from Dr*x?!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Please stand by.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"From what I've heard, those two are a power couple even just after a year. Their friends are pretty proud of those two because of their relentlessness."Bookmark here

"Oohhh… That's quite surprising to know."Bookmark here

"Yeah, idiots only last a month or two, but it's already been a year. Quite rare, I'd say."Bookmark here

"Well~ how about you, Ginji?" Shuri then asked in a teasing manner.Bookmark here

Ugh. I expected this to come.Bookmark here

"Nah. Of course that's not the case for me. But I would take the opportunity whenever it comes.Bookmark here

It's just that I'm still worried if they found out what happened to me," his expression turned sour.Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

S-Sorry for accidentally bringing that up…"Bookmark here

"That's fine. I brought it up to myself."Bookmark here

Of course, there is a reason as to why I reacted like that. Regarding the injury I had, my final year of junior high became rough. No-good people spread baseless rumors like it's the wind. And because of countless rumors, I drastically lost my social interest, and I was influenced by hatred.Bookmark here

It was also one of the reasons why I transferred. Students and even teachers just do whatever they want. It was not a good environment. I've had better days. It's just majority of humans have become… unbecoming.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

To the four of his friends, they still think that Ginji is still closing off his heart from others. His attitude towards people had become problematic because of that. But it wasn't out of rage, but the pressure of being abused.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

All of a sudden, all of the caffeine from the huge glass was emptied and Ginji stood up.Bookmark here

"Shuri, can we game in your house today?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, my brother would really like to see us all together."Bookmark here

"Ugh… he'll definitely destroy me again…Bookmark here

Ah, Gin…!"Bookmark here

"Yeah, what's up, G?"Bookmark here

"Let's drink more peppermint some time."Bookmark here

"Sure~ Hoping you can keep up with me."Bookmark here

"Hahahaha. We'll be going."Bookmark here

The bills have been payed and the group of five left the cafe.Bookmark here

Ginji's other friends were worried for nothing.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

Uhh… I have the narrations… so why did the setting suddenly changed to Gin's house even when I'm not there?Bookmark here

And am I seeing the historical first kotatsu in Orio?!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Hmm… It's nice to see that G has friends."Bookmark here

"What do you mean, Potato?"Bookmark here

"I asked Secretary Akira to do a background check on him. It's kinda vague, though."Bookmark here

"Fufu… He's really into his job."Bookmark here

"Well. I guess a lot of people really have some things in their lives, even as much as they are normal."Bookmark here

"That sounds like you when you were fifteen."Bookmark here

"Ahahaha. I seriously can't deny that. Now I realized that I was embarrassing…"Bookmark here

"Hey now. I think G deserves the parenthesis in his 'normal.'"Bookmark here

"Woah… didn't see that coming, Rin."Bookmark here

"Potato. Shhh."Bookmark here

Haku who is seemingly snoring, is actually asleep under the kotatsu.Bookmark here

"Yawn~ His sleepiness is… contagious…"Bookmark here

"Yeah…"Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

The moment Yuna came down, she saw the two sleeping under the kotatsu.Bookmark here

"I think I'll go bug him to buy one from Aikiya North. I hope we'll look like that too."Bookmark here

Rin won't catch a cold since there are sheets under the table, and they are inclined to think of it as a myth. Gin will never catch it since he's an idiot.

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