Chapter 33:

033 – Scar

Rainbow of the Horizon—Illuminating Our Darkened Path | Our World

‹Ginji›Bookmark here

On the first week of September, year 2017… I was involved in an accident.Bookmark here

It was an ordinary day in the mall, and I was just purchasing supplies for school. No alarms were sounded, but there was a pick-pocketing thug.Bookmark here

In spite of the lack of security, civilians tried to stop him. And so he attempted to escape to the nearest exit. A brave middle-aged man tried to stop him. But then the criminal took out a knife with him.Bookmark here

Contrary to the man's bravery, he was actually just a coward who hid his tail when in danger.Bookmark here

I was just passing by at that time. Little did I know that my arm will be pulled as the criminal was about to slash someone. The coward man strongly pulled my arm and hid behind me, as if I was a human shield.Bookmark here

I wasn't stabbed. But the criminal haphazardly swung his knife with such force, slashing me from my right shoulder down to my left side near my hip.Bookmark here

As though the world’s time slowed down, I fell prone to the floor. The passersby were just watching in panic as I see my own blood flowing out. Not even the thought of me finally giving up my life came to mind. But it went empty, and all my delusions can see is only darkness.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I woke up to the blinding white lights while someone watched my eyes opened. It was a man with kempt hair that is showing signs of aging with how it is already turning gray; he wore a pair of rounded glasses; and he sported a fairly grown beard. Surprisingly, it was the all-famous doctor in Orio—Rishou Kagetora.Bookmark here

Apparently, he had business in the family hospital in Sector 527, and it just so happened that he was near the scene when he saw me bleeding out on the floor.Bookmark here

But I was not in the same hospital. I woke up in a rather big hospital room in Maris Institute in the Capital. He explained to me that I was asleep for three days. As I stabilized, I was transported here because the small hospital in Cotona can't treat wounds a foot and a half in length.Bookmark here

"It seems that your wound will leave a long lasting scar," he said to me. But he followed up with a pained face, "I hope that you won't be discriminated, just because of that…"Bookmark here

My legs were paralyzed for two weeks because of stress in my brain. But to my surprise, my overall recovery went quickly after that. I regained the functions of my legs and feet, and discovered that I can do much more than a normal human can.Bookmark here

After my therapy, I got discharged with a healed wound. We insisted to pay him for all the trouble I have caused, but he demanded not to.Bookmark here

He kindly said, "I promised that from now on, I will save children without asking for anything in return."Bookmark here

I realized what he meant with those words, as I discovered midway my recovery the Medical Children Program where he claimed that he killed all of the hundred children that were deceived by his desires.Bookmark here

Aside from the improvement of my lower extremities, I also set myself to strengthen my upper body now that my wound is healed. It honestly had no purpose aside from balancing my body strength.Bookmark here

I have lived my life being falsely judged because of the scar I have. The only way to free myself from hatred is to move away from those unreasonable people.Bookmark here

I came to a new school, and my environment drastically changed. No one is insulting me for this scar, and it made me happy that I kept this a secret.Bookmark here

But this day came, December 7 of the next year after the accident. My emotions have started to swell with my secret being exposed, seen by a student who is looking at me with an extremely frightened expression.Bookmark here

This is the first time that someone looked at me, and my scar with fear.Bookmark here

"Gin… This…"Bookmark here

He shut the door of the dressing room and locked it. With just a blink, his expression and the trembling of his body stopped. He was as calm as a lake in the middle of the forest. And his right eye… resembled the water of the lake a lot.Bookmark here

"Close the curtains properly, G. Sure it won't hurt to skip classes just for today."Bookmark here

As he instructed, I closed the curtains, so much that light doesn't pass through. I was also getting cold, so I wore back my undershirt and changed to my long sleeves and blazer.Bookmark here

Even with how much his frightened face was nowhere to be found, I was still left with unease.Bookmark here

"I guess I owe you an apology for reacting like that after seeing your scar. I didn't mean to scare you and myself," he explained.Bookmark here

"Uhh… S-So you got scared…?"Bookmark here

"I was. Not because of the scar itself, but the fact that you have it.Bookmark here

To tell you the truth, I could have ignored that huge scar you have there in most cases…"Bookmark here

"Woah, you cereal, Gin?"Bookmark here

"I'm cereal, G. But my word… so you really have a scar with approximately 42cm in length that extends from below collar bone to before the pelvis. That's extremely unprecedented…"Bookmark here

"H-Huh?! When did you even measure?!"Bookmark here

"Wait, so I'm accurately right?"Bookmark here

I facepalmed, "Heck, that's spot on, actually. What are you a human ruler?"Bookmark here

"Not at all. I just thought that you would be more surprised that aside from scaring myself, I wasn't the least bit bothered by your scar, unlike how others treated you."Bookmark here

"How in the world did you know that, anyway?"Bookmark here

"The principal primarily and secondarily checks the background of his students, as long that it is under the privacy conditions.Bookmark here

In short, he… or his secretary conducted investigations and even went as far as going to Mykes to gather primary data. Don't worry, any information will never be disclosed. We'll even burn it if you ask."Bookmark here

"I get that, but… it's as if you're directly affiliated with Principal Juushiro."Bookmark here

"Let's just say that I'm the 'behind the scenes guy,' or the alternative eyes of the principal. It just so happened that we share the same eccentricity."Bookmark here

"I also get the eccentricity part, but scrap my past. What in the world happened to your eye?"Bookmark here

"Ohh… I didn't notice. You see, this is a proof that I was Child, and that something happened with my head in the process."Bookmark here

"Hmm… so why does Ken don't have something like that?"Bookmark here

"Nothing happened in his head, obviously.Bookmark here

So you've made contact with 086. You're surprising on your own ways, G."Bookmark here

At this point, I've finally accepted that I'm in the proximity of abnormal people.Bookmark here

"Your way of transitioning is so bad…Bookmark here

But I met him in Doc's office. And I think I know something about him that you do not," I proudly smiled.Bookmark here

"I see. I kind of understand because Exiles wish to hide their identities even when they are free now."Bookmark here

"Seriously, just how much do you know?!"Bookmark here

"Ahahaha. I don't really get to make my brain let loose like this so it's kinda fun. Sorry."Bookmark here

"Anyway, he put on his mask… then he saw the records of my wound. I didn't see his face, but I feel like he made the same face that you did."Bookmark here

"Understandable. That's because he knows to himself that he had seen that scar already."Bookmark here

"H-Huh…? You're not making any sense, Gin."Bookmark here

"Ugh… It's a pain when it's this cold… Well, close your eyes, G," I did what he said. "Oh, can you also hold your pair of earpieces for five seconds?"Bookmark here

I then gently pressed the earpieces on the bone of my ears for the said time… and the noise and any sound became absent.Bookmark here

"What the… I can't hear a thing."Bookmark here

"Meeehhh… I don't even need to muffle G's ears for this. I just want to add to the element of surprise."Bookmark here

I felt that something touched my ear, and so I took it as a signal that I can reset my hearing. Without asking, I did the same procedure and my hearing came back.Bookmark here

"You can open them."Bookmark here

The lights weren't blinding at all, but I immediately saw Gin standing in front of his chair with his clothes changed, and wearing an unbuttoned long sleeves.Bookmark here

The opening was wide enough to see the irregularity in his body. At this time, I began to understand what Gin felt when he saw my scar…Bookmark here

Because he has the exact same scar that I have.Bookmark here

"Wh… What the… How do you have that scar… Gin?!"Bookmark here

"The information about you didn't have anything regarding how you got your scar. So I could ask you the same thing again, G.Bookmark here

I suggest you tell me first before I tell you mine. I believe that it's for the better."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I told him my story in every detail, but he was left somewhat unimpressed. But with what I have heard, his emotions are suppressed so it could be that he can't show them.Bookmark here

"Hahaha… I guess you're much of a better person than I am.Bookmark here

There's no use in hiding it. G, you got that scar from a knife slash… Well, I slashed myself with a knife."Bookmark here

"…?! You're joking, aren't you…?"Bookmark here

"I can't joke with things like this. Also, I got this hair from mental overload. I was broken, even before I got the chance to grow properly as a kid but also a birthmark. The roots of this scar originally came from the program. At some point last year, I've gone insane and did that to myself. Thankfully, I finally got my head sorted out recently."Bookmark here

He then stared with a display of surprise, although minimal.Bookmark here

"Well, well~ I guess we're quite the same in some aspects. You don't even look so bothered after hearing all that."Bookmark here

"Even I wonder why."Bookmark here

"But hey, I don't think that just saying all that won't equate to what you just told me, so I'll fill you in with a secret of mine."Bookmark here

"You sure are full of secrets, Gin… Are you sure, though?"Bookmark here

"I trust that you won't tell anyone anyways. And now I'm realizing that you live quite close to Queen Street."Bookmark here

"Speaking of, surely you've heard of the accident there. It was quite the news when a minor got badly hit by a truck and went missing after being transported by an ambu-Bookmark here

Are you telling me that you're the victim?! Ah-"Bookmark here

For a moment, I shrieked and covered my mouth immediately.Bookmark here

"I was a bit loud, sorry…"Bookmark here

"You came to the most accurate conclusion."Bookmark here

"Actually, I was a witness when the min- when you suddenly flew away. I didn't see your face since… you're bleeding everywhere… and your limbs are improperly bent…Bookmark here

How did you survive that?!"Bookmark here

"I survived because of irony. Just earlier, I was whining how Kagetora made me an empty existence but I was saved by him in the clutch moment."Bookmark here

"You mean… Doc was the one who saved you?"Bookmark here

"No. But the people who treated me said that I saved myself. Although I believe that I can't save myself without Doc."Bookmark here

"Make a sense already."Bookmark here

"Alright. Because of the experiments, my body underwent several changes, especially to my bones. The truth is, I can regenerate my bones theoretically fifty or a hundred times faster than anyone."Bookmark here

"What the… Nico told me about Bone Regeneration, but your healing rate is simply off the charts by tenfold."Bookmark here

"I don't know what sort of drug he made for that to happen, but my shattered bones healed in eight hours, although incomplete. I needed a few years for it to recover back."Bookmark here

"Wait, wait, wait…!Bookmark here

So you're saying that you were transported to another world after being hit by Truck-kun?! Then that explains why you were five in the program but now you're 19…"Bookmark here

"G, easy-"Bookmark here

"Surely you had to stay in that world for at least two years to recover. How in the isekai genre did you get back?"Bookmark here

"Step on your brakes, whippersnapper," he landed a heavy hand chop on my head.Bookmark here

"Ow…!"Bookmark here

"You read too much light novel, young 'un. At least stick close to reality. It's true that it took my body to completely heal two years, though."Bookmark here

"Then it wouldn't make any sense why you're 19."Bookmark here

"Watch Dr*gon Ball Z again, zasshu."Bookmark here

"A time chamber…?Bookmark here

And are you seriously referencing F*te too?"Bookmark here

"Hahaha. It doesn't matter but I can't tell you any more details aside from that. I hope that I satisfy your curiosity."Bookmark here

"At least… I'm realizing something very certain."Bookmark here

"Hmm…?"Bookmark here

"I figured that there's a need to tell you this since I think you're the only one that will believe me."Bookmark here

"Uh-huh…?Bookmark here

(!)Bookmark here

I can hear someone."Bookmark here

"You sure? I can't hear anyone."Bookmark here

"Let's just say that I clearly heard everything you talked about with your friends in the cafe.Bookmark here

I can hear footsteps forty meters away from our west."Bookmark here

"I'm not even surprised anymore. So? What do we do now? I don't want to delay myself from telling you this."Bookmark here

"I'll unlock the door. Open the curtains wide now. We'll escape and go out from there and continue our conversation in the rooftop.Bookmark here

Tsk. Poru is talking about something indecent to the ears again."Bookmark here

"We better hurry then."Bookmark here

"Let's run from the back and make our way to the stairs. That's the fastest route."Bookmark here

"I don't need that, Gin."Bookmark here

After getting out from the window, Gin was about to run as he planned. I wanted to make things quick, and so I made a shortcut and leaped to the protruding concrete on the walls.Bookmark here

He just watched me as I climbed, but I heard him chuckle.Bookmark here

"I can't believe you have that mobility…Bookmark here

But you still have a long way before you can catch up to me, G…!"Bookmark here

While I seem to effortlessly jump my way up to the rooftop, Gin overtook me with suddenly launching up without any support from the walls.Bookmark here

"Seriously… who are you, Gin?" I bitterly smiled.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

What is it? Did three seconds really just pass and we're on the rooftop now? Well, the high-flyer with me only took him a second to cover that height.Bookmark here

"Brrr… It's still cold…"Bookmark here

"Do you wear trench coat when coming to school, G?"Bookmark here

"I just bring a thick jacket with me. I don't think I can move around with that."Bookmark here

"I only use a scarf that Rin gave me."Bookmark here

"At least don't brag in front of me, riajuu. We're losing track of what we're talking about."Bookmark here

"Yeah, what is it that you want to tell me?"Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

For starters, I think it's appropriate to call me something like… a natural coincidence."Bookmark here

"A coincidence…?"Bookmark here

"A coincidental existence, to be more specific.Bookmark here

You start walking with stepping with the right foot first, whenever you crack your bones in your fingers, you always start with your thumb and you leave your ring and pinky finger untouched, when using a mechanical pencil you click thrice, you also have a fairly big writer's bump on your middle finger on your right hand, and the way you write is slanted but you can't right in cursive…"Bookmark here

"Uhh… I guess that's my habits, and you even noticed my writer's bump?"Bookmark here

"Nope. Never saw them. But to make you understand a bit… there should be papers that the club stored here, right?"Bookmark here

"Below the bench we're sitting at."Bookmark here

"Let's start with writing a letter of apology."Bookmark here

"Ah… right. We're basically cutting classes."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Only the sound of scribbling could have been heard as the gentle blow of the wind disrupts us from writing what ought to be written. As if the sunlight is like a dying bulb, it appears and goes from the scattered clouds. The silence was then broken with us finishing.Bookmark here

I am quite sure that Gin had never seen my handwriting before…Bookmark here

"Oi, oi… What's up with your handwriting, G? It's like I wrote it myself."Bookmark here

"Even Mato-sen was confused of this. He has no way to distinguish who wrote what since we pretty much share the same penmanship.Bookmark here

That's what I'm trying to make you understand, Gin. All that habits I mentioned about you, I also have all of them. What I meant about coincidence… is that I'm someone whose existence coincides with yours.Bookmark here

Aren't the exact same scars we have enough to convince you? Then, when was the time you slashed yourself?"Bookmark here

"I'm not so dumb to say that it happened at 0215… but if I convert it…"Bookmark here

"Before August ends… nearly the first week of September last year. How did you come up with that conclusion?"Bookmark here

"I just observed, so I can't give you an answer. But I'll give more examples: I was born December 3, while you were born October 27… and then you came to a time chamber for two years?"Bookmark here

He nodded.Bookmark here

"Then you're still a 2001 child, maybe not in paper anymore. Let's see… I was born at around 9 in the morning, cesarean delivery."Bookmark here

"Th-That's basically the same as mine…"Bookmark here

He paused and breathed deeply. Still with the black and blue eyes, he looked at me without surprise, but with a stern gaze.Bookmark here

"This will be enough to believe that you really are what you call a coincidental existence if you answer this…Bookmark here

G, did someone die when you were born?"Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

I was told that my uncle from far away died at the same day."Bookmark here

"…!Bookmark here

I-Is the cause of his death… colon cancer?"Bookmark here

"Y-Yes…"Bookmark here

The wooden bench, although still sturdy, creaked even when Gin tried to stand up as silently as he can. Bearing it no mind, he walked towards the railings of the edges of the rooftop and leaned forward with his arms rested on it.Bookmark here

It was not apparent as I just saw his back with the black and gray hair of his that is tied; but it seems that he was looking way further in the distance.Bookmark here

Ironic as this may sound, he caught my attention and gazed upon the fogged and unsaturated blue horizon that is being adorned by a clear arc of rainbow over it.Bookmark here

"I'm now convinced. It really does seem like our existence is somewhat… perhaps not connected but congruent. You've already assumed that I am the reason to the parallel events in our life…Bookmark here

But I hope that this will not discourage you to live, even being aware that you are a… paraphrased existence, so to speak. Please live your life with your own choices and decisions, G."Bookmark here

He sounded serious, as he was probably talking about having a life being restricted to things or events that should not have happened in his life. Even if I was not aware of how he lived his life in the past, I know that we were drifted by the same wave.Bookmark here

"Even if you don't say that, I'm already working on it."Bookmark here

"That's good to know…Bookmark here

Then I'll expect that you wouldn't go after Rin."Bookmark here

I take everything back. That stern tone wasn't even going to make up with how much he just picked a fight with me.Bookmark here

"Hahh… That's not going to happen, Gin. You know, I have better tastes than you-"Bookmark here

His hand is so big that he literally grabbed my face.Bookmark here

Help… Can't breathe…Bookmark here

"So this is where you are, Potato!"Bookmark here

As the opening door of the rooftop sounded, a voice… Ringo's voice exclaimed, a bit angrily. Together with her are the other friends of Gin.Bookmark here

"I don't even see a reason why you would be skipping classes-Bookmark here

Oh, you're with G. What in the flying apples just happened for you to be grabbing his head?" she sarcastically asked.Bookmark here

"We're talking about love and stuff, and then he said that he has better tastes than mine."Bookmark here

She pouted and bitterly spoke, "Is that so. Then please break his skull."Bookmark here

"Mmrhf…! Wwwmf…! Hhhrmf…"Bookmark here

To translate, what I just said was: "Please spare my life…!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I was released before I nearly passed away from asphyxiation. I should have expected this since Gin had already been in a situation where he was in front of the death's door…Bookmark here

"Then, tell me what qualities of a girl do you like!" I just hurt a maiden's heart… somehow. And Ringo is now emitting an ominous, dark aura around her.Bookmark here

What a coincidence, I finally understand how terrifying women are, just like how Gin understood.Bookmark here

"Well… I'm specifically showing interest on Yui."Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

Hearing that, Gin, Ringo, and even Shiro drooped to their knees with their faces completely covered with their hands.Bookmark here

"Uhh… You okay, there?"Bookmark here

Having Gin and Ringo ignored, Nagi only asked Shiro who unexpectedly rode the other two's wave. For the reason why they did that, it would be safest to assume that they are just keeping it to themselves.Bookmark here

I may be Gin's coincidence, but I don't manifest the sharpness of his mind.Bookmark here

"Let's just leave it at that… G has something to tell us all."Bookmark here

"Oi, Gin. Ringo is granted, but is it really okay to tell them?Bookmark here

Not that I'm against of it…"Bookmark here

"Relax, even I have one last thing to tell you. I'm sure it'll be music to your ears."Bookmark here

His other mates made a "Huh?!" face without any hints that I could probably catch.Bookmark here

"G's question goes around to you, Gin. Is it really okay to tell him?" asked Jean.Bookmark here

And just like that, they are communicating as if this is telepathy.Bookmark here

"It's fine. But G goes first."Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

I explained everything to them. Up to the point when I was unjustifiably slashed until the how's of becoming an existence that just so happens to coincide with Gin's life events.Bookmark here

In general, everything that I told Gin was recited again to Ringo and the others.Bookmark here

They have astonished and amazed reactions with my story. The rate of it being believable rose up with Gin's support, as I am assuming that he had experiences that are more unbelievable than mine.Bookmark here

But in the midst of the mood, Jean's face, for at least a second turned grim.Bookmark here

"G… while we're on the topic of coincidences, the knife that the thug used… do you remember what it looked like, by any chance?"Bookmark here

"Heck, even when I was in extreme pain, I can never forget how the knife looked like.Bookmark here

I even know what the name is—49URV which was unveiled in 2015, a one of one knife in the world which the handle is made of purely natural hide and a part of a trunk from the sturdiest wood in the planet. Its blade was carefully forged and treated, and it makes a typical rainbow shine when hit by light, similar to the gamer's collector knives.Bookmark here

But apparently, the blade has an engraved signature of the blacksmith who forged it. Its whereabouts is unknown, aside from the fact that it's the one that slashed my torso."Bookmark here

Surprisingly, Gin made a strong fist pump while Jean's heavy breathing was relieved.Bookmark here

"Hahahaha. G, little do you know, but you just gave one of the greatest intel I've gathered. Seriously, our coincidences lead to one place."Bookmark here

"Ehh…? You're suddenly talking like you're some kind of a big gun."Bookmark here

"Don't be so ambitious, G. I'm not something like that.Bookmark here

"Hey Jean, make my hand swell, alright?"Bookmark here

A very loud whack suddenly sounded in the rooftop, but as bad as it may sound, it was just Jean that slapped Gin's open palm with all of his strength.Bookmark here

I was worried for a second that it made Jean enraged, but it turns out that it was perhaps the happiest he have been.Bookmark here

"With this, we can finally establish a proper investigation with this very huge lead. Jean, we're one step closer to getting Alex out," Gin motivated.Bookmark here

Except for Ringo who currently has a big smile on his face, the others do not know what is happening and what is making the three so overjoyed.Bookmark here

"This is good, then. The mood is very fine to tell you, G."Bookmark here

"Oh, yeah. You still have something to tell me. But it seems that I'm the only who doesn't know."Bookmark here

From the pocket of his black slacks, he pulled a neatly folded white handkerchief.Bookmark here

"Hmm? What's that, Gin?"Bookmark here

"Versatility," he vaguely answered.Bookmark here

He shook it off until it unfolded, and somehow snapped in place until it kind of solidified to create some kind of a convex shape of a sheet that gradually shone a reflection on the outside.Bookmark here

Whatever object it is, it did not make any sense at first, but after he suddenly wore it on his face, it turned out to be a faceless mask.Bookmark here

"Allow me to introduce myself again, G. Bookmark here

I am Exile—a faceless that prevented a massacre from a C4 explosion and guarded two destructive kicks that can destroy the skull."Bookmark here

"G-Gin… You're that person…?!"Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

Irregardless, the day ended with me discovering that I just played a big role to unfolding more of the corruption inside the police aside from Detective Juno Artecus's project of unraveling unjustified policemen by dividing and conquering.Bookmark here

And aside from that, I brought forth relief and happiness to a friend, whom his older brother was falsely accused of murder and got jailed.Bookmark here

If I was not slashed by that criminal… there might be no way for these things to happen.Bookmark here

Surely, Gin has thought of the same thing.

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