Chapter 1:

The Red Room

This God of Another World

Key- *Sounds* [Thoughts] "Speech"

[Waiting ... waiting so long that it feels like forever. My mind is slipping into the abyss. Every second eating away at my very soul like a swarm of bugs devouring a corpse until]


"Class dismissed, all see all of you once Monday comes around."
Our teacher Miss. Yanchick she's a kind young woman with short blond hair and glowing green eyes.

After that a group of four kids, two guys and two girls, come towards my desk. The shortest one of them even jumps another kids desk on his way and wraps his arm around my shoulder.

"Long time so see aye J!"
Peter aka Pete the shortest guy in the group, age 16, with buzzed brown hair, and brown eyes. If you couldn't tell from him jumping over a desk to get here he has quite the energy in that short body of his. Oh, J would be me Djinn aka J average height, age 15, long black hair, and deep blue eyes.

"Peter, um stop please you don't have to get so close to him."
Laina age 15, she looks like younger version of Miss. Yanchick only with longer hair. Well it makes sense since she is her younger sister. Laina is quite shy and doesn't like it when people get to physical near her.

"Hey lil Pete she said stop, up you go."
Dian, she's a tall girl slightly taller than me even, age 16, short light brown hair, and pale blue eyes. She might be a little over protective when it comes to Laina and she loves to mess with Pete. Even now she's picked him off me and put him in a choke hold.

*Cough* *Cough* "Specs help me you bastard!"
Pete turns to Joshua aka Specs for help. Specs is the tallest in the group, age 17, short dark brown hair, and dark green eyes covered my his glasses. Specs is a man of facts and very, very few words. Needless to say he did not want to help.

"Um Dian please stop, you might hurt him."
As Dian drops Pete he turns him self and they scowl at each other, Laina doing her usual um looks between the two unsure of what to do, and Specs turns his head to the side as if to say he didn't want to deal with it.

[Looking at those two and there height difference it's actually pretty funny]
"Ha haha hahahahahahaha"
I end up laughing so hard my eyes tear up and I close them while I wipe them. As soon as my laughter stops silence remains. Not just quite, it's silent, no clock ticking, no chairs moving, no distant birds, no wind, no doors opening or closing, no sounds that anything at all exists in the world at this moment, except for me. I can hear it all the sounds that the human body makes, the ones drowned out by all the usual background noise but not anymore. Every breath I take, every heart beat, every swish and swash of fluids running through my head. So loud, so maddening. It felt like an ocean was in my head, a gale beneath my breath, and a volcano in my chest. I was lost in this noise for how long I do not know, but I try to organize my thoughts.

[ ]
It was no use, but then an idea stuck me, not a very good one, but it was a start.

[Noise That's It That's It Noise I Just Have To Make Some Make Some Noise Some Noise But How But But How How HOW SOMETHING ANYTHING ANYTHING] *BASH*
Losing patience with myself and how disorderly my thoughts were at the moment I smash my head against the table. Rolling onto the floor I felt non of the pain that I should have been feeling instead I just opened my eyes.