Chapter 12:

Data Files: Noah 3 Stats

Arc Incidents

Considering the ship has launched in Chapter 2, it's time to look more at the details of the ship the crew is flying through space. Here is the data for the Noah 3 if you are interested.

Ship Name: Noah 3

Ship Shape: Grey Metal Rectangular Prism

Ship Dimensions:
-Data Unclear, Ratio of 5L:1W:1B
-L: Length, W: Width, B: Base

Ship Population:
-2000 Command Personnel
-50,000 Civilians in a city

Media for Consumption:
-Everything is digital and holographic from a larger server room.
-Thanks to the FTL core whatever media created on Earth makes it to Noah 3 fast.
-Data FTL is  very fast. Old data does get deleted after a few months unless personally archived.

Power Sources:
-2 Fusion Cores
-One to operate the ship
-Another to handle FTL travel and communications or back if the first one fails

Engine System:
-Ion Thrusters
-FTL (Jump Space Drives)

Weapon Systems:
-5 Different Mining Lasers
-High Powered Flack Lasers to Clear Space Dusts
-Fission Torpedoes when necessary, but kept in storage

Other Systems of Flight:
-300 Space Fighters
-20 Shuttle Crafts
-100 Mining Ships

Civilian Living Situations:
-Everyone has an apartment complex to live in

Civilian Infrastructure: Like a small city!
-Small Tennis Areas
-Work Out Areas in each Small Complex
-Small Convention Center
-Small Swimming Pool Areas
-Small manufacturing facilities (civilians can work with engineers and where ships can be repaired)
-Refining Areas for materials brought in the ship
-Small Growing Areas for Fresh Vegetables and Fruit (most food is created through food replicators)
-A Few Small Movie Theaters
-Multiple Restaurants and Cafes
-Officer Training Program when needed
-Piloting School takes up school building late at night

Officer Accommodations:
-Captain: Captain’s Larger Room and an Office for Personal and Business Meetings
-General Offers: Smaller, but comfy rooms
-General Crew: Bunk Beds, Cafeteria, gym, and all sorts of lounge areas

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