Chapter 2:

The bird

Stories that teach you about life( a collection of short stories

I was gazing through the window as I saw a bird with beautiful blue wings an white spots. It seemed to be carrying something in its mouth As I was gazing out the window I saw that it was carrying a worm in its mouth.The mother was heading to her nest, a place full of growing childhood memories. It felt as if I was seeing a tiny me, in the past, The bird mirrored my mother, for she had cared for me, and taken care of me dearly, and I was always the helpless child.
The baby bird had just started to live yet it was also very demanding, and required a lot of attention, just like any human child needed. The parents also had to stay awake for long periods of time, taking care of their newly born child.
As the bell rang that day, I decided that I would be watching that bird grow, as it reminded him of his life and gave him a chance to reflect.The following day as he sat down in his room, he saw the mother bird coming back and forward, getting worms to feed her dear offspring.It was like a frantic other who was trying everything to please her child. As her work was doubled, she had to keep going and pushing through, her attempts to persevere for her child, was truly endearing, it reminded him of his mother who had done that for him as well, she gave up on her dreams, on her career, she gave up everything for me, she tried everything for me, she was willing to do anything and everything to ensure i had a good life ahead of me.
I felt as tears started to well up within me, I felt that it was enough observing for the day and soon started to pay attention to the class.I could not concentrate as I had a strong sense of nostalgia and longing to keep watching the birds, but as soon as he had decided that he would watch them once more, the bell rang, He thought to himself, if only I had watched the birds just a while longer.
As a week passed, there seemed to have had a growth sprout happen to the little newborn baby, his eyes were now open, and he now had a few feathers, they were the same beautiful blue color that his mother’s feathers had.
As I was watching them it reminded me of my childhood, I had just started to develop my mind and as well as my body and emotions, it truly was a great time, I saw the mother birds start to flap its wings as if it was about to take flight, that's when the bell started to ring, I had to get gooing, then a few weeks later, the baby bird had turned itn=nto a fine bird, his wings and feathers a beautiful blue color with white spots, it was just about to learn to fly, I was praying that it would all go well, as it reminded me of when I was just starting to get independent, and just as it started he had got it right and started to fly, his indepence was true, then a few days later the bird was gone and now only the little bird remained, as I stared at the window it felt right to ask , are you proud of me, mother?Bookmark here

Ana Fowl
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