Chapter 1:

Lara Angel

My Not-So-Perfect-Life

Hello! I am Lara and am currently 14 years old!...
I don't really socialise and am normal looking, i don't excel that much in studies, am not that good in sports, my figure is not that good, I lack of a few skills that my peers can easily all sense of the world I am an average teenager!
Whats interesting in my life?...well there are a few people I like to refer as "choices".They are everyday good looking passers..the difference is that they are connected with me In a way, for example, there's a guy I like to call 'red shirt' cause he wore a red shirt when I first saw him!(because of stuff like this,sometimes i think i'm insane).he's a 10th grader and looks so good!..god! those hazel eyes kill meh!
Though I get to see my 'choices' not frequently but once in a few weeks. they really do have a portion in my life!
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