Chapter 2:

Quite the development.

I can stop time so I do not have to worry about deadlines.

Am I gonna be transported to another world? I mean, that’s how it works right? My eyes open and after a good look, the hospital room around me seems to disagree. Any sane person should have expected either this or just dying. But with all the manga I read, and anime I watched, the sort of eight-grade-syndrome seems to be having an internal dilemma. Dang, I wanted to wake up in that medieval-esque world with magic and big-boobed-animal-girls. And maids, of course.

Wait, which hospital am I in? And what time is it? I have work, fuck. Argh, I can’t move my hand, it seems. I look around more and I see that some sort IV needle is jammed up my arm. And my right leg is hoisted up with some sort of cast on it. Shit really went down that night.

A few moments pass as I wait in silence trying to reflect on what happened. It didn’t really concern me on the state of my body, but what concerns me more is the amount of time I have spent lying here. I can’t help but worry about the bills I have to pay as well, how much work do I have to do to pay them all back? Shit…

A nurse finally comes in, maybe to check up on me, so I try to call her but I am so tired that my voice can’t escape my mouth. It didn’t help as she probably thinks I am still asleep. But all is well, because she looks very beautiful, like those stereotypical nurses in erotic scenes. Her black hair tied up to a bun that adorns her delicate face. Cute. Too bad I can’t talk to her yet.

She probably doesn’t notice that I’m awake, because the following will probably traumatize me for the rest of my life: what she does next is she strips me down to my boxer shorts that I still wear since that incident. It’s all good, though. It seems to be clean, still. Might be because I haven’t abused it yet. But what that nurse does is then wipe my body down from my chest to my waist then between my legs. She shrieked aghast because I squealed despite having no voice when she got close to my crotch. Being the virgin that I am, I cannot be more than nervous of a woman’s touch.

“Agh, you’re awake??” She asked me, still shocked.

I sigh and try to swallow some of my saliva, making myself let out a voice. After a while, I managed to reply: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just surprised.”

Her beauty doesn’t really help me with this conversation. I don’t know where to look. “It’s alright, is it okay if I continue?”

The answer was easy: “Yes.” Of course.

I wish I can stay like this forever.

Though she skipped cleaning more of my sensitive erogenous zones, to my disappointment, she left momentarily only to come back with who seems to be the doctor in charge of my recovery. He gives me a brief rundown of the injuries I suffered and it seems that I survived by a miracle. Thankfully, I don’t suffer much broken bones, but I was sure that my limbs were as flimsy as those as octopus’ tentacles. Apparently, my leg will be fine after a week and I have to stay at the hospital for two more days as they will watch over my recovery. Then I have to stay at home for a few days to rest.

I don’t know what to say, but the doctor then says: “It’s been only a day since the incident, I can’t believe it, but your recovery is just too fast. And don’t worry, your bills are paid for by your company’s insurance.”

That’s good, I guess.

The nights I slept at the hospital were the greatest, they soon removed my cast and the beauty that cleans me every now and then stops by and chats with me. Probably part of her job to check up on me, but with that, I learned how to talk to women a little bit better during my stay. So, in the end, I feel like I didn’t really waste any time.

It’s the first day of work after my stay in the hospital. My colleagues seem to be concerned about me. I expected Hide to ask me if I’m okay and I guess getting hit by a truck pulls some heart strings with most people. So everybody else being nice to me is to be expected. However, I didn’t expect even Sasaki-san to be concerned. I thought that he only cared for himself, which is something I cannot say about anybody but him.

At four o’clock, I realize that even if he might be concerned, he still can be the bane of my existence. The lazy bum invited some clients to secure some deals without knowing what kind of deal he’s going to propose and how he wants to schedule the rooms. Instead, he left early and told me and Hide that he trusts us with making the visit “work”.

Well, you can never be proud of yourself, if you laze off. So, I immediately came up with a work plan with Hide. He would write the specifics of the deal and I would schedule the rooms and work on “small things” related to the meeting such as making sure that free coffee is available. Things didn’t go smoothly. Hide found out that Sasaki-san did not inform the departments involved and that the higher-ups from those departments didn’t have their say yet. So Hide needed to make dozens of calls and note down what they discussed. Meanwhile on my end, I had to work around the fact that the regular meeting rooms were already booked. So I had to do quite a bit of paperwork and spend a bit more time coordinating with my colleagues.

By the time that we have to leave the office, we could thankfully make some finishing touches at home and finish the preparations first thing in the morning. Hide compiled all the conditions and feedback of our colleagues. All that’s left is turning those into clear instructions for the meeting attendants and one final check-up tomorrow. As for the meeting rooms and the “small things”, I already have a schedule which works and the other departments are on the same page. I just need to instruct the people involved in my department tomorrow morning.

As I go down the stairs with Hide, I notice that he’s obviously at the end of his wits. So I tried to confirm this by asking him for news on Aina Suzuki. He replied: “Just voice acting in new anime.”

This is bad. Hide would rather die than not share the most minute details about his oshi’s life. If he was feeling well, then he would not leave it at “Just voice acting”. He would list every single anime by name, premise, how “Ainya” got the role and why she’s suited for the role (at the very least). If he does not take a break, he will be physically unable to stay upright and collapse.

“Hey, let me finish the preparations for tomorrow’s meeting,” I said.

“And leave you to do the work? No man, you deserve more than your friend ditching you.”

“Look, you shouldn’t ditch normal people. But I am a super robot, remember?”

I got a judgemental look from Hide.

“Just trust me alright?”

Hide just laughs.

I’m in a laughable situation alright. It’s twelve in the morning and I still haven’t reviewed the agenda for tomorrow. At least I have an agenda and plan for tomorrow, but I can’t shake the feeling that the agenda could be better, the instructions could be clearer etc. However I’m too sleepy to notice what that is.

My thoughts get all over the place when I get sleepy, by the way. This time, my thoughts decided that the very idea of consort Yu’s second ascension would do me well (that bare hourglass figure shaded by toi8). Maybe that nurse had something to do with it or… I don’t know, It’s just me being sleepy. Maybe I should use a few minutes of my time pleasuring myself instead of reviewing the agenda.

Oh well, it won’t be a disaster, if we work with this agenda. I also recall that I once recovered from a really bad day after masturbating. I thought that if I could feel good when everything went wrong, then no situation is hopeless.

I lie on my bed and start touching my crotch. Then I fondled my nipples. It feels good. The idea of a beautiful person violating my nipples and the image of consort Yu drawn by toi8 is synergizing in my mind to become !幸せ! (!shiawase!) It’s drowning out the shame I’m feeling, which was caused by my thoughts on work synergizing with me pleasuring myself.

Even if this is my internal dialogue, what happens is too private to mention even in my thoughts.

I still need to smoke. I have accepted that it’s an addiction and sometimes need to smoke lest I suffer withdrawal symptoms. So I go to my balcony, light my cigarette and notice some things which could only be hallucinations.

The smoke from my cig is not rising and the fire from my lighter is not going out. I reason that if I wait, the smoke will eventually rise and the fire will eventually go out. I stare at my cig for what feels like two minutes until I get tired of waiting.

“There’s no way that it takes two minutes for my lighter to go out!”, I thought to myself.

So I took my phone and set a timer, but the timer does not start.

It seems like time has stopped, but there’s still the possibility that my phone’s broken. In order to confirm this, I looked outside. A civil servant cleans my street at this time. If time truly has been stopped, then he would not be moving. He would not–

Wait... Everyone around me is still, the more I look around. The woman walking her dog on the other side of the street. The civil servant. A boy who seems to be coming home from a friend. A police officer doing his nightly walks. And the bird in the sky that just is on the same spot, not flapping its wings.

What the actual–

I can’t believe it. I truly have stopped time. So this isn’t like those “Isekais” which are all the rage these days. It’s more like Yu Yu Hakusho.

I have always wanted to have more time. Most notably when I once had to finish an essay in college, I couldn’t take a break, if I wanted to finish the essay. I needed to forgo eating or even sleeping and even then, I could not be satisfied with the essay I wrote. My sleepy mind then entertained the thought of extending time so I could finish the essay properly, but I eventually reserved that for my chuunibyou fantasies. It got to stay there alongside my delusions of knowing how to use a sword and having a bankai.

Now I have more time and I do the one thing that I usually want more time to do.

I have a good night’s sleep

Ana Fowl
Jio Kurenai