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Aspiring Game Designer and writer who loves it when games and stories get married to create an experience.

Criticism of my work is definitely welcome, so long as it's constructive!

I'm also looking forward to reading what you write! ;D


As of September 30th, "Parable of the Renegades" has made it to the #1 spot in the Monthly Rankings!

As this is my first web novel, I can't ever hope to describe how ecstatic I am! Thank you to all my readers for the rad comments, which I always make time for to read. I hope I can continue to write prose that makes your already satisfying day even better!

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    Parable of the Renegades

    Updated: Jan 26, 2020
    Chapters: 43

    Hidden within the population are rare subspecies of humans called “Renegades.” Information on them remain scarce and the planet had been in a state of caution ever since they were first revealed to exist. Sheltered High School student Lucas Thorne only wanted a thrilling experience or at least...

    Volume 1 Cover


    For your Smile, My Sweet Little Girl

    Updated: Oct 02, 2018
    Chapters: 1

    Hiromi Kobayakawa, a girl who is loved by her parents and fond of the gothic lolita fashion, narrates an unhinged story of her attempt to win a costume contest in a Halloween festival. This is my entry for Honeyfeed's Halloween event. I decided to challenge myself by completely going in the op...