Chapter 0:



authors note: i had extra time after spending multiple nights of doing homework so i completely redid the prologue because i didn't like the previous one. it didn't really make sense, and it felt rather weird. but uhhh, enjoy the new one! Bookmark here

I yawned, then smacking my lips together. I looked down at the bagel that was in my grip and opened my mouth, taking a bite of it, then pulling away as I chewed.Bookmark here

There were the noisy sounds of cars, people, and footsteps that surrounded me as I walked in the street, and I didn't feel anything but light-headed and anxious amidst them. I was never one to like crowds. In fact, I'm introverted and a little of a sociopath. I don't talk much, and I don't like the presence of other's.Bookmark here

I've learned to shut my mouth and keep my problems to myself, therefore, I won't have to worry about others knowing my secrets. And so far, it's worked like a charm.Bookmark here

One thing I've learned over the years about other humans, is that they'll always lie. They're a selfish, and an uncaring species. They hide that side of them to try to seem lovable to others, and they'll do anything to conceal that bad side about them.Bookmark here

Actually, people hide many things. They keep quiet about their true thoughts about the world because of the fear of losing their cherished ones. That is why, you can never tell when someone truly respects you. Because of how accustomed people are to hiding their genuine selves, they will try to lie to keep you happy.Bookmark here

But, the truth is never satisfying, and the lie is always disappointing.Bookmark here

If you could read the minds of others, the world you used to call majestic and beautiful turns into an unforgiving and cruel one.Bookmark here

That's why I've learned to not trust others. Realizing how humans truly operated with each other, I decided it'd be best for me to not associate with them any longer. I refuse to be hurt. I refuse to be left.Bookmark here

Relationships are, and always will be, fragile. When one person leaves, the rest follows. One person is what it takes to ruin something valuable.Bookmark here

I breathed out, only to feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I slowly pulled it out to check who it was.Bookmark here

Himari IwasakiBookmark here

There was a feeling of regret and displeasure as I eyed the name that was in my screen. I didn't answer, but simply stood still on a sidewalk and patiently waited for her to stop calling.Bookmark here

Then, after a few minutes, she'd finally stop and sent a text message.Bookmark here

Okumori-kun, please answer me.Bookmark here

I raised my fingers up to the text box, but lowered them a few seconds after. I took another bite from my bagel before I turned off my phone and shoved it in my pocket.Bookmark here

I don't want to answer her.Bookmark here

As I stepped forwards, something hit my shoe. I blinked, moving my bagel to the side as I looked down.Bookmark here

There was a... Small brown teddy bear... ?Bookmark here

It sat beside my foot peacefully, which caused me to rapidly ask questions in my head.Bookmark here

Then, there was a giggle, followed with rapid footsteps.Bookmark here

I looked over, starting to assume that the owner was coming to retrieve its belongings.Bookmark here

Though, as I looked over, there was a baby girl that had been running across the street. Bewilderment filled my head, with the questions of:Bookmark here

"Where is her parents? Is she alone? If so, how has nobody spotted her and tried to find her family?"Bookmark here

As I watched her, I noticed the pedestrian light behind the little toddler.Bookmark here

It was a hand with all five fingers raised, with the color being bright red.Bookmark here

And so, it hit me like a ton of bricks to what was currently happening.Bookmark here

The pedestrian light is red. There is a kid running towards me. There are cars passing by.Bookmark here

I moved my eyes to the right and saw a truck driving, which erupted a loud, blaring horn as the driver spotted the girl.Bookmark here

I dropped my bagel, and instantly rushed forwards. My steps were practically long strides, and it only took me four steps to reach the girl's distance. I crouched down and shoved my hands under her arm pits, lifting her up.Bookmark here

The baby let out a squeal, then a hiccup once I raised her up. I ignored it, turning around and trying to run back.Bookmark here

But, I slipped. And once I felt this misstep, my heart sunk like never before. It felt like an arrow struck me. Bookmark here

There was only one question now in my head:Bookmark here

Am I going to die?Bookmark here

Then, my other foot lunged forwards from pure instinct, as I used my remaining strength to pull my remaining foot away from the trucks' path. I dived forwards, landing on my front with the baby still in my hands.Bookmark here

A hefty sigh of relief exited my body, followed with heavy breathing. I groaned and rolled over, looking at the kid that was in my grasp.Bookmark here

It looked down at me with a blank expression, then proceeded to release a fart along with a giggle.Bookmark here

"... I hate kids." I sharply muttered.Bookmark here

I rose from the floor and eyed my clothes, which were marked with gray and brown dirt. I then looked back up at the girl, who had her head tilted and observing me.Bookmark here

In response, I looked at her back with a sickened look.Bookmark here

She soiled her pants, didn't she? That fart of hers didn't sound normal.Bookmark here

I lifted my right hand and placed it on the back of her shirt and raised her using my index finger and thumb, distancing the two of us. I then kneeled over and grabbed the teddy bear that was on the floor and handed it to the baby.Bookmark here

She laughed and wrapped her arms around it, hugging it tightly.Bookmark here

"Hey! What are you doing with my child?!" A voice shrieked.Bookmark here

I looked over and felt relief. But, as well as slight anger for the person's poor parenting.Bookmark here

"Are you abducting her?! I'll call the police!" She yelled.Bookmark here

I shook my head to her angered claim calmly, trying to keep myself under control. Bookmark here

Hearing her yell at me already aggravated me. I wanted to insult her and scream at her about how terrible of a parent she was. But, I knew it wouldn't make the situation any better, so I kept quiet.Bookmark here

"Stop lying to me! You're just trying to kidnap her, aren't you?!"Bookmark here

I shook my head once more. This time, more firmly.Bookmark here

"Shut up! You're just a freak! You're terrible! Pedophile!" She pointed at me.Bookmark here

I bit my lip in anger, so hard to the point where I could taste the metallic blood that came out of it.Bookmark here

You're the one who's terrible. You can't even manage to watch your child. You have no right to call me, the one who wasted his time, saving this sorry excuse of a life. You disgust me. I loathe people like you. People who blame others without any explanation and just out of spite infuriates me.Bookmark here

However, once more, I kept silent with these insulting words. As annoyed as I was, I didn't want to make this situation any more complicated than it already was.Bookmark here

I then realized that multiple people were starting to surround us, whispering insulting things about me.Bookmark here

But, this confused me. Did no one see me save a child who was about to get run over? Did no one hear the loud truck blaring?Bookmark here

I pulled my teeth away from my lip and sighed, approaching her and handing her the baby.Bookmark here

"Shut up already. You piss me off." I angrily muttered at her, giving her a vehement glare.Bookmark here

The woman's expression changed to a frightened one as she held the baby in her arms. She didn't speak a word, only staring at me in horror. Bookmark here

I stepped back, then turning around and walked away from them. Bookmark here

As I stomped my way, there was something that I remembered.Bookmark here

Ah, that's right.Bookmark here

It is inevitable to be hated. Bookmark here

No matter how much good you do, and how hard you try, people will always find a way to have a disdain for you, even if it is something minimal. Bookmark here

As I recognized this, I also remembered how much I hated the world. Bookmark here

As elegant and grandiose this world may seem, it is just a simple disguise to how the inhabitants of this planet really are. It is nothing more than a world of hatred, hostility, resentment, and disfavor.Bookmark here

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