Chapter 4:

16 April 2017

My Not-So-Perfect-Life

I woke up on 7:30 today,can you guys imagine it!! i mean 7:30 on a sunday!!
now the question is why did i wake up so early?
you see our family was going to see the FAST AND FURIOUS 8 today
did i introduce my family?
okay then you have it now!
i have a sweet little family consisting of 4 people? yeah 4 atleast thats how i see it though i have brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles who really love me but still i like to keep the intros short so lets start from my mum
My i dont know how to describe her i mean mum's mum right?..anyway i will try to make it as simple as possible without ranting and blabbering the hell outta myself..okay so-
mommy is one of the best things that happened to me! i mean literally though she does not confess and nor do i ,that much now-a-days i know she loves me! she is the one that takes care of the house i mean if she is gone , work cant happen here..whenever we have to go on journey shes the one who shouts her mouth off so that we can get ready and reach the place faster, mainly its our homeland which is 12 hrs away from our place so its mainly dark by the time we reach there..though once or twice or thrice of whatever they say with 4' i ranting?..ugh!!
okay so she is really sweet and cooks awesome food..she cares for me like every other mommy and always takes the path of justice(its my dad thats unfair)
well her side of family that is my maternal family is fun too! i mean i like every second i spend there(exaggeration lol!) everyone loves me..i am the oldest child there btw.

is it enough?honestly guys i just have to tell you mom is mom so yeah
moving on to dad(not like i am leaving mum,she will always be there)(there=my heart)(not trying to sound cheesy)
so dad-
dad is good,not that bad i suppose..well he's intelligent(not like my mums not intelligent she awesome actually..just not shows it[not like my dad brags about it okay? hes good])
he just takes side of my younger sister Devi ,the one to go to the bathroom after me..remember?..yeah that stupid brat!
anyway we will discuss her later now about daddy
so he is good..he likes music and has a great taste of films! he is the one who should be given the credit for my madness for films! I love them, well provided the music is good(if there is any), the story i.e the plot should be good and the acting should be nice yeah that's it! well my dad usually takes my sister ,devi's side all because she is just in 5th grade and is really small and i am in 9th grade and i am really big(sarcasm to be noted please) i mean dude! she is 10 years old! i was a big girl when i was 10 years old!
anyway overall he's good

now my one and only sister-
3rd person POV
"hey Lara! what do you reckon it is going to be a boy or a girl?" a woman with curly hair,pale complexion and a baby bump asked a 4 year old girl
"i want a girl! i dont want a boy! he wont play with me then! i want somebody to talk to!"said the little girl who by her words seemed lonely
"okay! okay! as you wish!"said the woman
"you know mommy! my katerina is going to come! my littlle baby sister is going to look just like the baby catepillar! " exclaimed the child
"katerina from oswald you say?"asked the woman
"yeah! and i will take care of her just like madame butterfly does!" the child said

you know whats funny?..i ended up having a sister who wants to play with me,heck she even looks like a catterpillar when she is crying! i mean i am not a hard-core believer of god but yeah sometime things happen exactly the way you want them to and then you dont have to ask 'if god is real or not'
yeah so um my sister
she is dense maybe?
well she is really good if you try to understand her but usually she acts as if she does not give a damn and she cares about herself and only herself(yes she does care about herself over all others but she does not care ONLY about herself,that i know)
shes good!
heck now you would be like 'hey! everyone in your family is 'good' man!' but yeah they are not just GOOD..its just that i dunno how to talk about them 14 years of my life and time with this people still i dunno how to describe them..yeah now you will be like-'girl,then what did you do when in 2nd grade they used to ask you how your family was?eh?'
girl the truth is we all (well mostly everyone) write total shitty lies in there..that whole is passage the way you are feeling at that time about your family.Your mom scold you before going to write that she always scolds you,your dad didnt buy ice-cream last night?'ll write he doesnt give you anything!.. thats how childhood was babe!..nobody wrote 100% truth on those Describe your -- questions.
Anyway my sister is really good at heart it just takes the right person to see it
you know when i went for a 6 day trip with school?..before going i had written a thought-a quote on her blackboard..she did not erase it until the day not even the day,until the evening i was returning,she ofcourse being the gracious person she is didn't tell me , mom told me that..
my sister's sarcastic , fun, she criticises a bit too much but still she's my sister right! i have to get on with her!..well earlier when i used to beat her up(for a reason-dont think i am a bully or something) she used to beat me and i wont fell hurt that much now shes grown stronger man! it hurts!

any way moving on with the intros

so we were as usual late for the movie..we went for the 10:00 am show and that's the reason we are hurrying up. now it was 10 mins to 10 and we missed the turn, we had to go all the way round to get in the right track anyways we reached in time and the movie was AWESOME! it was just wow! did i mention it was 3-D
so in mid-interval i lost my 3-D glasses,so me and mum took turns wearing hers..sometimes i feel sorry for her i mean all those things she does out of love! we had lots of nachos and popcorn and samosas and i dont know um..pepsi? yeah pepsi
So when we reached home KAABIL(a bollywood film) was going on so we were entertained by that.
Hey! did i mention that we will be travelling this summer?..not whole summer but some of it! our hometown, to a religious place,to my maternal hometown..yeah so we needed to pack, the rest of the day practically went like that..packing and all..(in which mum had to call my name many times cause i always went to do stuff on the computer lol!)..hey and did i mention i ate a watermelon!..i love fruits,i hate veggies but fruits are my life! especially in summer!it helps to prevent de-hydration!!and thanks to my dad we ordered a pizza for dinner! j'aime la pizza(i love pizza)!
so yeah thats it! my day was not-so-happening btw..well i did have loads of fun!

hey just a quick thought-it does not take a roller coaster ride or a whole million dollar world tour trip to make a person happy ,it totally depends on the wanna have fun ,you can find it in the simplest of places!!and that's practically what i discovered today!

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