Chapter 0:

A very special announcement [Prologue]

Honey's Anime

A young woman shyly combs her fingers through her vibrant honey-colored hair. She's so lost in thought that she doesn't notice she's mumbling out loud to herself. A white flying creature that resembles mochi approaches her.

"Ohayou, Honey-chan!"

Honey's antennae perk up as she is startled by the greeting.

"Mo-chan! Don't scare me like that!

The squishy little moth giggles and replies:

"Just relax and everything will turn out great!"

Honey chuckles nervously as she briefly checks the connections of the camera and lights in front of her. Seeing that everything is in place, she taps the record button on the camera and positions herself next to Mo-chan. Her nervous attitude completely changes in a second, being replaced by a bubbly and bright smile that lights up the atmosphere.

"Hello everyone! I'm so happy to see you! Today, I've got a very special announcement to make!"

Mo-chan smiles and nods confidently at the camera. But Honey-chan's burst of confidence was short-lived, as she starts to blush and stutter a little.

"A-actually it's a little embarrassing, but... But... Um..."

Mo-chan turns to look at Honey, a little confused about what could have triggered her change. Honey's antennae shoot straight up as a single thought throws off her composure.

"O M G! What if senpai sees it!? Let's... Um... Y-you. Me... together! I-I mean I'll try my best! What I'm saying is!!"

At this point, Honey is completely flustered. She covers her bright red face with her hands in an effort to calm down. Mo-chan tries to soothe her while panicking herself.

"Don't panic! Honey-chan."

The nerve-racking scene is interrupted by a chibified character with long, purple pigtails and a rambunctious-looking bee who suddenly jump in front of the camera. The energetic tan-skinned girl shouts at the top of her lungs:

"Honey's Anime is getting its own web manga!!!"

Joining her hype, the bee-looking creature fist pumps, and shouts:

"Heck yeah!"

In the background, a jaw-dropped Honey and Mo-chan can be seen, not believing that the spotlight for their 'very special announcement' has been stolen from them!