Chapter 0:


The Relaxed Overpowers

"Ehh... what happened last night?"
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That's right, me, Niko, and Lakzu went out drinking again. How wasted did we get last night, I can't even remember it. My head hurts, my eyes hurt, and my body feels so numb. I guess I'll just sleep a little bit longer.Bookmark here

"Oh Shiro your awake." Bookmark here

"Hmm... can you see I'm trying to sleep again."Bookmark here

"Ahh. Sure, but do you remember anything last night?"Bookmark here

"No, so shut up" Shiro said with his eyes still closed.Bookmark here

"Okay fine then, enjoy sleep with those lolis laying all around you."Bookmark here

"Wait what did you say?"Bookmark here

"oh you mean the 5 lolis laying around your bed?"Bookmark here

"Hmm... good morning, master." The loli said right in front of his chest.Bookmark here


"Last night remember."Bookmark here

"NO!"Bookmark here

"You know how you and Niko can get into giant arguments about which is better, flat chest or giant titties."Bookmark here

"YEA!?"Bookmark here

"Well when you two were drunk to shit you guy decided to prove one another wrong, so Niko got a bunch of lolis hookers and you got a bunch of thick ass tittie girls, 5 each to be exact"Bookmark here

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!"Bookmark here

Another scream came from next door. Lakzu and Shiro ran as fast as they could.Bookmark here

"What happened?" The two said.Bookmark here


"Oh that, yeah its quite simple. You know how you and Shiro can get into giant arguments about which is better, flat chest or giant titties."Bookmark here

"YEA-"Bookmark here

"Ok no time for explaining let's just get these ladies out of this place first then talk about it later."Bookmark here

Lazku and Niko looked at Shiro and understood. They got started to clean up and started to wake up the women in their respective rooms.Bookmark here

Shit I can't believe that I slept with a bunch of lolis, I feel so shitty.Bookmark here

Shiro then wakes up the girl that was on his chest when we woke up. Then he realized that she is the youngest looking one out of all of them.Bookmark here

"OY Lakzu, how old is this one."Bookmark here

"I'm 100 years old, thank you very much" she said with a pout.Bookmark here

WHAT THE FUCKkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!Bookmark here

Shiro then started to walk towards the wall and started banging his head on the wall creating a giant hole in the process. Blood streaming down his head.Bookmark here

"Fucking kill me already!" he yelled while his wounds were disappearing.Bookmark here

 "Pffff hahaha... Shiro you can't die remember, you're a immortal," Lakzu said laughing,
"Now live with the burden of sleeping with lolissss hahaha." Bookmark here

Shiro looked dead in the eyes of Lakzu making him shiver. Shiro then raised his hands point his figure towards him.Bookmark here

"Ah shit, not this again."Bookmark here

A great power of negative and positive magic was getting concentrated on Shiro's pointing finger. The room's atmosphere turning dry, then he pointed his figure towards Lazku's chest.Bookmark here

"Wind magic Yosta."  Bookmark here

A tiny bit of wind shot straight towards Lakzu's chest instantly launching him towards the wall, breaking it in a flash. Lazku started flying across the town and then ended up breaking the castle's front second floor and entering inside a room.Bookmark here

"......Well I did see that coming.....ouch...."Bookmark here

Lakzu turns around then sees a girl in front of him. She was getting change, practically naked. Lakzu stared at the girl for a couple of second then they both looked at each other directly to thier eyes.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"...Hi?..."Bookmark here

"aahhHHHHHHHH"Bookmark here

"Well this is a shitty start isn't it."Bookmark here

*SLAP*Bookmark here

After that, they learned it was the Duke's daughter and so they later apologized for the commotion they have caused, as well as owing the Duke any service he would like from the them later in the future.Bookmark here

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