Chapter 17:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 3

The Imperial soldiers and their allied guards broke through the barricade we had set-up, all the while the old lady was being evacuated. When they realized our door was thoroughly reinforced and won’t open by simply ramming it, magicians from their side cast a fire spell that melted the door hinges. Once done, it fell in one piece, rendering our obstacles obsolete.

“Attack!” was the resounding order from the commander of the hostile forces, and they rushed into our positions.

However, we won’t go down easily.

Let’s rewind for a bit…

Moments before they broke through, I asked Sir Dane to order his men to line up in a crescent three ranks deep in front of the barricade, with the first line kneeling with their swords at the ready. When this was done, I told the militia captain to keep the swords of the second and third ranks and use their lances instead.

“What?” Sir Dane blurted out, “Are you out of your mind, Sir Kuro? Lances would have a small leeway in this room!”

“We don’t want to give them an inch of our ground, so that, we will do,” I explained, “See, the second and third rank of your lance-armed soldiers would deal damage to the enemy from a relatively safe distance, and your first, kneeling rank would take care of those who would get past the spearheads of the second and third lines. The crescent formation would ensure that none of the bad guys get past our barricade, or this would be over.”


“Come on! This isn’t the time to doubt me unless you have a better plan on surviving!”

After a few moments of silence, Sir Dane saw the practicality in my suggestion and had his remaining men armed with their lances. As they had their shields with them, they could use them to support their spear-arm and thus, not get tired easily.


And, of course, I reloaded my gun. I would shoot from a safe distance.

The guard Roland stared at me as we anxiously waited for the door to be broken apart. His eyes had that ‘contempt’ in them as he sized me up and my weapon. I didn’t have a sword; and the only thing that was close to one was the bayonet on my gun, and the dagger strapped on my chest.

“…” Oh well, this wasn’t the time for an argument. We needed to survive and kill every enemy we could.

The magicians outside began chanting the fire spell, as evidenced by the stench of molten metal and the eerie voices on the other side of the door. Our side had seven soldiers standing side-by-side per rank, and Roland and Sir Dane supported the flanks. I took a chair and stood on it, behind the frontline facing the front door.

I think the 24 of us will hold the line for some time…

And then I remembered something important.

“Sir Dane?”,

“Yes, Sir Kuro?”

“By any chance, have you got any plans for a fighting retreat once the injured are safely evacuated?”

Hah? I thought you also got that covered, Sir Kuro?”

“Alright, we’re dead.”


“Attaaaacccckkk!” was the resounding order of the enemy commander from the other side once the big wooden door finally fell down.


The enemy rushed towards us like a tsunami. On and off they tried to contest the ground where we stood. Fortunately, the door of that bedroom was a natural chokepoint—the sturdy wooden frame was firmly nailed into the equally formidable stone wall. They were confronted by our lances and the pile of furniture we used as a makeshift defense.

“Those are only a handful of old men and children!” a shout of encouragement rang from behind, “You’re among the best this land can offer!”

“Destroy the Barbarian Princess! Kill all the barbarians!”


Someone then let out a thunderous war-cry. It further galvanized the enemy’s morale, and their resolve became ever fiercer! Like in a frenzy, they ran towards our spears, and some even used the bodies of their dead and injured comrades to deflect the spearheads waiting for them.

But on our side, we’re as determined to hold our ground. If for them, winning meant they get to capture or kill Lily, the Iron Princess; for us, winning meant we get to live.

Who, in their right mind, would never want that?

To reach us, the attackers would have to climb the unstable barricade and jump—or fall—straight into our waiting spearheads. If they got past through that, the first rank of sword-armed infantry would finish them from below.

From behind, I shot at the enemy—magicians first, for they could strike us from a distance. They even tried to blow off the makeshift barricade in our direction, but luckily, we have our magicians on our side. They would put up a counter-spell long enough for me to finish reloading and shoot at the target.


The blood would spurt from my victim as he fell down in the sea of armor, rushing in our direction. I felt my stomach churn. I almost vomited, but I need to hold back and steeled myself, for if I failed here, I could get our entire party annihilated.

Search for the target. Never contemplate on his life. Pull the trigger.

“That’s an excellent weapon, Sir Kuro!” I heard Sir Dane praise me, “Keep it up! Destroy these bastards from afar!”

“Kill them fuckers!” some of the other soldiers heaped their encouragement for me.

I guess when under fire, chivalry would be lost to the chaos. Hearing the knights urge me to hit from afar was something new to my ears. But I needed to do it as soon as I gained the enemy’s position, or I’d hesitate on shooting.

Hey, I never enjoyed killing, but if I’m going to get mercilessly murdered, I guess they’d have to pay dearly for my life.

Once the urgency to use the bayonet presented itself (the reload time was way too slow), I mindlessly rushed forward and blindly flung the blade forward.

Goodness, I must’ve looked pathetic. I mean, I’ve never killed a man before, though I shot one at the tourney in Fen (he was alive in the end).

“Hahahaha!” I heard Sir Dane’s triumphant laugh, “Look at the fools! Come at us, you cowards! You won’t destroy our line!”

He slashed two or three more enemies, who tried to push their way on his side. I saw the archers on the enemy’s rear, but the hallway was so narrow that they couldn’t aim at us without shooting their men first. I think the magicians were already injured, or dead, for I couldn’t see them around anymore…


The enemy tried to steamroll on our formation again and again, and each attempt was repulsed with heavy losses. The narrow hallway outside didn’t help their cause, for they could only bring to bear a few men, so their numerical advantage was negated.

“How’re the ladies?”

“The grandma has been successfully evacuated!” someone answered.

“Get to the missy, quick!” Sir Dane shouted.

“Here they come again!”

The enemy this time had thought of a way to render our lances useless. They took the heavy wooden door and deployed it to push our formation back. And this time, it was the highly disciplined Imperial soldiers who led the attack.

Roland and Sir Dane tried to stop the wooden shield by attacking the flanks, but their initially successful efforts went ineffective eventually, for those who fell were quickly replaced by their waiting comrades.

“Magicians! Fire into the door!” Sir Dane ordered. The soldiers who were relatively well-rested (the kneeling first rank) uttered the fire spell.

“!!!” It was then that I realized that this was an enclosed space. “Wait! Sir Dane, don’t—”

“Fire!” was the thundering command of their captain once the spell chant was finished. The wooden makeshift door-shield burst into flames in a blink of an eye and the Imperial soldiers who carried it were forced to retreat with severe burns.

“Yyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh!!!” our group celebrated the victory.

But I think we celebrated early…

Soon, our side quickly fell silent, as they realized the smoke from the burning door was being blown by the enemy magicians back to the room we’re in, using wind magic. Not only did our formation dispersed in a panic because of the soldiers suffocating, but we also could see nothing in front of us.

“Damn it!” I quickly rushed to Lily’s side; whose rescuers lost consciousness because of the thick smoke. By this time, the flames reached the makeshift obstacle defense we erected, mostly made of wood, and the carpets also burned.

Sir Dane and the other soldiers lie unconscious on the floor. Though I wanted to help them, my priority went to Lily. I’d try to come back for them once I put her to safety.


Good lord, the smoke’s thick by now. If this went on, I was sure we’ll die of asphyxiation before we’re killed by the sword. With no other alternative in hand, I grabbed a nearby flower vase, poured it all over Lily, summoned all my strength, uttered a prayer, and then…


I ran towards the flames, relying on my adrenaline to carry Lily over to the safer side—which was towards the enemy. The flames singed my clothing, and I could feel the painful sensation of second-degree burns eating my body. However, I couldn’t think straight anymore; my primary concern was to escape from suffocation. It was only then, when we’re both out and away from the dangers of the fire, that I realized, we’re falling on the swords pointed at us by the waiting enemy…

“!!!” I tried to turn and keep the injured Lily away from the bladed weapons, falling with my back towards the hostile blades…

Oh, well…I hope I’d live again for the third time.


Desperate to escape the suffocating smoke our enemies had turned against us; I took Lily out of the room we’re defending and jumped towards the safety of the outside corridors.


However, outside were our enemies, waiting with their swords drawn and ready to pierce us. But well, since my purpose was to rescue Lily, I tried to keep her away from the danger by fronting my back towards their blades.

I guess it’d be painful—being skewered with those sharp, pointy things, but please make my death fast.


A rush of flaming air from Lily blew the enemy soldiers who were waiting on us to fall on their weapons, but it also hit us and threw me off a bit. As a result, an unfamiliar pain hit my back the moment I fell on the hard, stone-cold floor. However, that wasn’t what I was concerned about right then…

Where’s Lily?

Frantically looking around, I found her already standing on her feet, a few meters away from where I fell. I rushed to her side, “Hey, you’re okay already!”

But much to my surprise, Lily never answered. Instead, she just turned her head towards me…


…and the first thing I immediately noticed was her eyes. Those beautiful light-brown eyes of hers had turned into deep crimson, as if blood and rage filled them. On her left hand was a severed head of one of the enemy soldiers killed in the battle; on her right was the bloodied dagger that was supposed to be strapped on my chest. She licked the blood from its blade as she glared menacingly at me.

“K-Kuro…go away!” she coldly ordered.

And then I realized…

She’s using the Bloodbath spell!

Damn it, if she used it, she might turn into that bloodthirsty monster once again!

“Hey Lily, stop that! Don’t activate that skill!” I tried to talk her out of it.

“I’ll kill them all…” was the only word that Lily told me as she walked away, limping, “…don’t get in my way!”


During the lull in the fighting, the Imperial soldiers—who were standing back at the lower floor, prepared for their last assault on our positions. However, just as they were getting into their formations, Lily stood in-between them, armed only with my dagger.


Yes, if I don’t stop her right now, it’s going to be suicide…

Though, I am not sure whose side is going to commit that.

Then I heard a voice—possibly their commander—speak, “Alright, men, there standing before you is the legendary Iron Princess of Nerfes! Our emperor would be happy if you capture her; otherwise, it would also do us good if you kill her as well! Swords at the ready!”

The Imperial soldiers went into their battle stance; that was, their swords in ‘thrust’ position over their heads. Even though they didn’t have their shields, they were pretty much capable of turning their limbs into something that protected their bodies.

A pretty impressive and brave display, if you ask me. But hey, this wasn’t the time to be admiring the enemy!

“Attack!” the order was then given, and the Imperials marched towards our position. Lily also went to her battle-mode as well and was about to dive head-long into the approaching enemy—


Lily screamed, “What are you doing?”

“Stop it! Calm down, Lily!”

I quickly moved to restrain her. If she went berserk here, then it would surely be a massacre, and we may get out of this predicament alive. However, it may also be a point of no return. The Bloodbath curse could permanently activate, and Lily would end up insane…

…just like her ancestors, which I won’t allow to happen!

“Let go!” Lily ordered me, for she would never calm down. The sight of blood made her way too excited, like a hungry, wild animal, and she thrashed around as I tried to restrain her supposedly weakened, tortured body. And the injuries I received from the flames earlier didn’t help me either, for I couldn’t properly get a proper grip on her. I guess some of my fingers partly melted?

For goodness’ sake, now this is what that Bloodbath’s ‘supernatural strength’ meant!

“Lily, if you’d just calm down, it would surely do us good—”

I was interrupted mid-sentence when I took her punch to my face. But yeah, I won’t let go of her, even though she flailed, box, bite, and hit her head against mine.


Uh…please, let this end already. It’s not good at all to become a punching bag of the Iron Princess…


Lily was literally out of her wits because of the ongoing violence and death around her. And with the Imperials were nearing our spot, the stronger that she struggled. She wanted to bring the fight to them; and flailed her arm, holding the dagger, wounding me in the different parts of my body. Not only that, but my grip was also at its end. One more jerk and she goes free.

What do I need to do to make her stop?

A scene from an old ‘anime’ show I watched back when I was in college flashed through my memories. It’s about a pretty, and eccentric girl who suddenly gained the power to make aliens, time-travelers, and ESPers to exist, and the misadventures of the unfortunate normal human boy she forced in tow.

I remembered that there was a time that she went on a rampage as well, personified by a translucent giant, wreaking havoc in an empty city she also inadvertently caused to exist. And the solution?

My eyes fell on Lily’s lips. I could feel my cheeks get flustered.

Uhh…, do I have to do that? Anime is anime, and reality is reality. There had been no psychological explanation that connects such an act to calm down a person!


And, of all situations, why do I have to remember it now?

Well, I guess if you’re desperate, you’d try everything you’d think of, even if it’s stupid. Alright, here goes nothing…



At that point, I took a deep breath and held her tight. And then, summoning all my strength and courage, I kissed her gently…on the forehead, of course!

“Please, Lily…Maddie and I, we missed you! Come back to your senses already!” Desperate, I uttered that half-prayer, half-plea to her.


There was a moment of tense silence between us. She still attempted to break free, but Lily’s tortured body quickly grew progressively weak as she returned to normal once again.


Oh…it worked!


However, the Imperials were closing in on us. Their march had gotten faster, perhaps they were encouraged once they saw Lily calm down. I tried to search for my gun, but all I have within the reach of my hand was the dagger that Lily took me.

Well, of course, against the well-trained Imperial soldiers, I would be stupid to hope that I would win. But, if only I could protect Lily…I think that would be good enough.


I took the dagger and raised my arm against the onrushing Imperials. I could feel my body shiver as I contemplated my mistakes that led to this…

I didn’t want to die like this. However, if this would be the consequence of my errors in the past, I guess I’d have to face it with grim determination.


However, a few feet from me, the Imperial soldiers suddenly stopped marching. Full of discipline, they stood with their guard up as their formation slowly parted at the middle to reveal a middle-aged man walking towards me.

“…” though I was shaking in fear, I tried to face him without showing my real feelings.

The man smiled at me, “Oh, I believe this is the first time we talked.”

“Yes…?” Well, I knew it’s pretty awkward, but I answered him, “Did we meet somewhere?”

“For you, it’ll be our first time. But this is the second time, Fist of the North Lands.”

Fist of the North Lands…that stupid nickname. I didn’t expect to hear that in this place, and surely, I didn’t expect to hear it from a stranger.

“Of course, with those conditions, you won’t know. However, I’m sure that you still remember that I tried to have you eliminated in that tourney before.”

At first, his words didn’t sink in. And then, as I tried to recall the events of that death-game, it finally dawned on me, “You’re the one who had my neck slit!”

“I’m impressed you got the connection,” the man then continued, “By the way, you may call me the ‘Traveler’, for that’s what I am.”


The Traveler’s expression then changed from amused to annoyed, “Come on, aren’t you afraid for at least one bit?”

“I am afraid, of course. But what do you suggest I do, panic and cry?”

“Well, you have a point,” the Traveler then proceeded to his goal, “Ah, anyway, if you’re wondering why these guys stopped short from making a bloody mush out of you, I ordered them to.”

“What do you need?” I asked, even though I knew I might never like his proposal.

“That girl in your arms,” he pointed out, “The Iron Princess of—”

Fuck off. She’s non-negotiable.”

“Well, I’ll let you out here alive, along with the others inside that room.”

For a moment, I hesitated. Sir Dane and the others were left unconscious inside the bedroom, and they needed immediate medical attention as soon as possible. However, the reason I was even here was because of my search for Lily, who was now with me.

“K-Kuro…” I heard her softly speak, “T-The o-others…d-don’t mi-mind me…”

“What? You’re alright with being captured?” I asked her.

Lily then nodded, or at least tried to. She’s too weak to even do minute movements, “B-bloody Wi…W-Witch…con…s-sequence…”

“So, you’re saying that it’ll be the consequence of your past as the Bloody Witch?”

Lily’s eyes stared at me with conviction. It’s as if she’s telling me she’s willing to sacrifice herself since she had already accepted that her fate was to end up a slave to the Empire.

“Well, how about it, Fist of the North Lands?” the Traveler said, trying to convince me further, “You go safely, and we’ll get the Iron Princess. I’ll also put a good word for you at the Emperor’s presence so that he’ll let you live.”

With Lily decided, and with a promise of safe passage, I put her down at my feet, “Okay, I understand,” I stood up, “She’s all yours.”

The Traveler signaled his men to take a hold of Lily. He then took my dagger and had one of his soldiers pick my gun. After making sure the bayonet was removed and the barrel empty, he handed it back to me, “Just like what I promised,” he said, “Safe passage for you and your friends. I’ll also have their injuries attended to.”

Ah, thank you!” I offered the Imperial guy a handshake, which he gladly took.


“Is it what you want me to say?”


I pulled him over towards me and brought my gun crashing down on his skull. Well, it showed the difference of training between us…he narrowly avoided my surprise attack, and he quickly countered me with a punch to my stomach.

“Guoh!” The air was quickly sucked out of my lungs, and my legs wobbled from getting weak. However, I tried to stand my ground and attack the soldiers who were now holding Lily. I think I only made one of them took his hands off her.

But another soldier took over and pushed me away from Lily, kicking and sending me writhing down on the floor.





Everyone in that corridor—including me, turned around and were flabbergasted by what we’re witnessing.

I heard the Traveler utter in shock, “That’s the…”

Damn it! This was the situation I fear the most, “…Bloodbath!”


It’s Bloodbath, the skill of the Iron Princess!” I continued his words, for standing in front of us was Lily. Her eyes were of blood crimson, and on her hands was a pair of swords taken from the fallen Imperial soldiers tasked to rein her in. Her weakness dissipated, and she walked menacingly towards us.

“S-Swords at the ready!” the Traveler ordered his men. I could sense panic in his voice, and so was the sudden wavering of his soldiers’ morale.

But there’s something different about Lily’s Bloodbath this time. If I could describe her right now, it’s like she’s terrible, yet formidable at the same time.

“I don’t know who you are,” Lily spoke to the Traveler, “But the moment you hurt my friends is the moment you’ll die.”

“Surround her quick! We still have the advantage in numbers!”

But Lily would never let them take positions; she made a quick work of the soldiers who tried to overpower her. Her swordplay caused many of their necks to be slashed cleanly, which nearly lopped their heads off.

It is a sickening sight.

However, contrary to what I feared, Lily was consciously attacking. I could tell because her eyes—as bloody red as it was, had a sad expression on it. And unlike from what I read, her attacks were precise and toned-down, proof that she’s holding back on going berserk.

“What happened?” I asked her, “You’re not berserk right now, are you?”

Uh…I am not!” Lily answered, flashing me a reassuring smile, “And the fact that I could talk to you normally like this means it’s true. But yes, I’m using the Bloodbath skill!”

The Traveler dove towards me, who was equally surprised by his sudden movement.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“If we can’t defeat that princess directly, help me take that man hostage instead!”

The other soldiers wasted no time in following the Traveler’s frantic orders. They moved to overwhelm me, but I desperately fought them off using the butt of my matchlock gun.

Yes, for short, I’m not going down easily.

“Alright, boys! If you want to defeat the Iron Princess, you’ll have to kill me first!”

“Attack that idiot!


That further emboldened my enemies. Taking it as a challenge, rather as a desperate bluff, they lost their cohesion as they ran headlong into me.

After all, for them, I’m just a sitting duck.


But Lily would never allow the Imperials to just attack me freely. She hurried in to take care of most of the soldiers, and I went in for those who got past her.

The Iron Princess and the Fist of the North Lands.

I think it’s the first time that we’re called like that by our enemies.


The Imperial armed line converged upon us, and though she was using her Bloodbath skill, I could tell that Lily’s hard-pressed. For one, her body’s full of injuries from the torture she suffered, thus, even if her spirit’s willing, her physical condition was already limiting her.

The extremely close-quarter nature of the fighting was preventing me from reloading my gun and properly taking aim. My bayonet and dagger were taken off by the Traveler, and so I could only use the matchlock as something like a club, at which I had a small leeway for a full, powerful swing.

Just as they were about to crush us with their numbers, a powerful wind spell burst from inside the room.


“Yes, that’s it, Sir Kuro!” Sir Dane’s thundering voice emerged from the room with renewed vigor in his eyes. He survived the thick smoke and regained consciousness, “Keep the girl away from here!” And with that simple advice, the boisterous commander and captain of the Sekhtem militia dove straight into the Imperial line and wreaked havoc.

Ah, so that’s how it is, isn’t it, Sir Kuro?”


Turning around, Roland also got out of the room, dragging his sword with him, “I finally witnessed what it means to be a real man.”

“Ha?” I asked him, bewildered.

“Well, protect Miss Lily for me, alright? She remained faithful to you even though I tried my best to court her,” the young guard gave me a tap on my shoulder before diving into the fight together with Sir Dane.

The sight of those two knights destroying the Imperial battle line with everything they’ve got was a welcome sight, and it’s like they gained newfound courage. Soon, the other soldiers who formed our defense line went out and bravely attacked the enemy.

At first, I was bewildered, confused at what’s happening. Surely, my eyes won’t lie to me when I saw Sir Dane, as well as the others, unconscious after inhaling that thick smoke that nearly killed us. But just how were they able to continue fighting if they inhaled deadly amounts of smoke back in the room?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing that they survived. However, how did they get up as if nothing happened?

Ah, long time no see, Master!”


From the corner of my eye, another character came out of the room. With the familiar wolf ears and five tails displaying all their beautiful, fluffy glory, I was sure I would never mistake the Beastman Saint, Ruro of the Wolf for someone else.

Oh, good job on finding the Nerfes Princess!” she exclaimed once she saw Lily in my arms, “Though I’d say, she’s pretty much banged-up.”

“Your Fluffy Holiness! I didn’t know you could also heal?” was the first thing I blurted out.

“What are you saying? Of course, I can’t!” Ruro laughed, “I didn’t heal those guys fighting over there! Haven’t it occurred to you I’m with her?


At that very moment, the beautiful, silvery-blue-haired Human Saint, Madelaine Ann Rubinforth, made her presence known. She had a grim expression on her face, which turned even worse when she saw the extent of Lily’s injuries.

Oh boy…this isn’t good,” Ruro quipped.


With her eyes closed, Maddie began chanting a long spell. The gentleness of her voice masked the intense rage that was overflowing from her; but I could still sense it. A terrible aura of dread and suffocating miasma then surrounded Maddie as some unreadable runes appeared all over her body.

“Master, I would try to get away from her if I were you!” Ruro suggested and pulled me towards her, “This is going to be nasty!”


And then, once she finished, Maddie uttered the keyword that released the effects of that magic she had carefully built up and nurtured…

“Paralyze with fear, feel the great pain…Strike my enemy and let suffering rain! BLACK DEATH!”

The dark miasma that was swirling around Maddie then shot towards the fighting soldiers. At once, every enemy in the vicinity dropped dead, with grotesque, dark tumors quickly appearing on their bodies. All happened so fast and sudden that those who were afflicted had their eyes still open in sheer horror and realization of their cruel demise for earning the divine wrath of the Human Saint.


Sir Dane and the others were unnerved by such a sight…


…and so was I. This was the very first time I saw the normally nonchalant and spontaneous Maddie so enraged she eventually killed someone. During that moment, I never saw a trace of holiness within her; only pure, raw human anger and the desire to avenge the person she treated as her friend.


***At the underground dungeons of the Hagena Castle***

Baron Sir Nathan Willis Gray never stopped his feet from running. Following him behind closely was his secretary, Hanson, who was trying to keep up even though he’s encumbered with treasure chests his lord had tasked him to carry. The sounds of the battle upstairs could be heard in the entire compound, but the noble wasn’t interested in its outcome. He only had one goal in mind, and that was…

I need to escape from this scary place!

With the news that some trespassers let out the Bloody Witch, Sir Gray wasted no time to decide. He quickly surmised that his life was in utter danger since he earned her wrath by torturing her. And so, by hook or by crook, he’s going to run on his way to freedom!

“Hurry up, you foolish man!” Sir Gray called out to Hanson, who was trailing behind. The secretary was untrained for anything physically demanding such as this, and he had to stop from time to time to catch his breath.

Milord, please go on ahead! I’ll come after you!”

“What are you talking about?” the lord was bewildered, “What would I do without my treasures? If you want to die that bad, then at least, hand me back my jewels!”

“It’s good that you’ll join your secretary in a place such as this, you know, Sir Gray!”


Sir Gray and Hanson were both astonished to see Her Holiness, the Saint of Chersea, appear in front of them amidst that dark tunnel. At first, they thought they’re just hallucinating but…

“No, you’re not,” Maddie answered, “I’m all right here, in the flesh!”

Sir Gray, upon realizing the Saint’s presence, bawled like a child and fell down on his knees, pleading, “Y-Your Ho-Holiness! Please, my life is in danger! The Bloody Witch is alive, and she’s out to kill me!”

Hanson also desperately asked for her protection, “Y-Your Holiness, please protect us from harm! That she-devil is somewhere around this castle!”

The sight of two pathetic, crying men only amused Maddie, who never attempted to even hide it from them. A nasty smirk appeared on her lips as the poor souls realized something was off, “Oh, you fear the Bloody Witch, are you? Let me tell you what…”

“Y-Your Holiness?”

“I am more horrifying than the Bloody Witch!”

Sir Gray and Hanson were both dumbfounded by what Maddie had said. Thus, they just stared at her as she uttered the keyword on her spell meant for them…

“Variola tu Vibrio!”

At once, painful skin lesions and blisters appeared on their bodies, accompanied by extremely painful sensation in their stomachs. Soon, they both vomited uncontrollably.

Maddie then uttered another spell, which caused them to be enclosed in a stone chamber. Their cries were horrendous to anyone’s ears; fortunately, the Saint was the only one around to witness such a scene.

“Don’t worry, you won’t die easily,” she told them, “I intended for your sickness to be light, so you’d slowly waste away. And please, scream all you want, for no one would hear your cries for help. Have fun agonizing in that chamber I made especially for both of you!”

Author's Note:  (1) Variola is the name of two virus variants of the Smallpox pathogen. These are variola major and variola minor.

(1) Vibrio comes from the Vibrio Cholerae, the bacteria responsible for the Cholera disease.

So yeah, basically, Maddie double-murdered those poor sods with smallpox and cholera.