Chapter 0:

Prologue: Warning

The Day the World Fell Apart

For the longest time, the radar had remained unchanging. Watching the screen for hours on end was a tedious task indeed, but it was on that day that things took a turn for the worse.Bookmark here

“Chief, I really think you should come and take a look at this.” The scientist was deeply concerned, something had gone wrong.Bookmark here

“What is it?”Bookmark here

“One of our satellites just picked up several large objects heading straight towards Earth, Sir.”Bookmark here

Multiple red dots began to appear on the bright green screen. It started off with one, then two, four, and before anybody else knew what was happening there was a full cluster of dots making their way towards the planet.Bookmark here

“Could it be meteors?” the chief asks in an attempt to quell the man’s worries.Bookmark here

“It doesn’t really seem like that sir, meteors aren’t typically identified by the radar since they are burnt up before they can be recognized. Even if they are meteors, this is nothing like I’ve seen before.”Bookmark here

Sirens went off in the facility and everybody began to run around frantically. A voice over the intercoms orders everybody to stay calm and exit the building immediately. This was quickly becoming a problem that wouldn’t be solved so easily. A panic ensues as everybody attempts to get out of the building as quickly as possible. Screams echo throughout the corridors as people are trampled in the hysteria. The chief grabs the man’s shoulder and holds him back.Bookmark here

“Quick, send an order to Telescope and the Superhuman Organization and tell them to ready their defenses, we need to identify and neutralize this threat. If my hypothesis is correct, this could be a much greater problem than any of us could have predicted.”Bookmark here

In a hurry, the man nods and rushes towards the quickest communications device to do what he was told.Bookmark here

Alone with the alarm and flashing lights, the chief thinks to himself for a moment. “I guess the ancients were right, we should prepare for a full scale invasion… not that any amount of preparation would help.”Bookmark here

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